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  1. I am indeed more fired up for it now yeah! I will be sure to check out the store too, cheers
  2. Not sure if it is available in UK yet? Anyhow, thank you so much as I saw a clip of that some time and forgot about it. I am off to pursue a way to view it now as it looks very, very interesting!
  3. I am not overly competitive or bothered when it comes down to the finite details of the models. I can see they have updated the model kit I have several times since 2002. Yeah, if I was a bit more clued up back when I bought it I probably wouldn't have bothered but I am still getting back into the hobby after a long siesta so I will build it and paint it up anyway. I have already started building the base and wheels so it's too late to sell on and I am not a fan of wastage. I can always make it a wreck...you know for historical accuracy's sake and all! OR I could remove the turret and convert it into a Czech fire engine lol Scale-wise, I (pretty much) completed a 1/48 German Panther tank and really enjoyed it but I thought I would try out the larger scale as I enjoy painting in lots of detail. The painting is the part of the hobby where I get the most satisfaction after all. Again, I am new so not rock solid in my commitments to either scale, brand or really anything at the moment. It's all just one big happy experiment to me lads!
  4. Thanks guys appreciate the responses, even if Das Abteilung's was brutally up front! LOL Speaking of which... Would you say I would be better off with the 1/48 Tamiya T-55 over the 1/32 T-55A kit?
  5. Hello folks, I have been on and off with building my 1/32 Tamiya T-55A for so long now it is getting embarrassing. Anyways, the search tab isn't coming back with much so I was hoping folks could share pics of T-55 tanks (any scale) which they have built in the past (or are building now) to give me some inspiration to light a fire under this project's butt and get it moving. Any interesting reference pics that you have laying around would be great too as I have not even decided on what style I am gonna go with. Was thinking maybe Syrian, Czech or Egyptian... TIA
  6. Jeez, you'd think they could just categorize the WiP and RFI sections to match the discussion area no?
  7. How would I go about filtering out which kind of models I want to have a look at in the WiP and RFi sections? Say I want to only look at ready for inspection WW1 aircraft...how do I filter that section of the forum? I can find loads of discussion using the sub categories in the discussion section but not in the others. Nothing seems to come up when I search a tag term such as WW1 or WWI.
  8. Hi Anybody got any idea where to source decent resin figures Between 1/12 and 1/6 scale please? Google has a habit of throwing up a load of nonsense. Looking for any military stuff from Ww1 to present day TIA
  9. Tank is still being worked on but got myself a static grass applicator and a load of different grasses to go with and built this diorama base for it to perch on when complete. This hobby is starting to get expensive
  10. Well, i had a good go at it today and am much nearer completion now. Did some oil dot filtering for the first time (and loved it) and then set about weathering/dirtying the model. Still got exhausts, some small detail parts and hatch cover to finish but mostly there. Varnish is still drying and will get a second coat no doubt but yeah please let me know what you think as it's my first!
  11. Thanks, i will look into those paints as currently using Vallejo Model Air
  12. Stunning, how do you get the yellow so bright and pristine. I'm fairly new to this and messed up the yellow painting on my last german aircraft build. Do you paint it white first and then yellow?
  13. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a tank having gotten back into the hobby a short while ago after MANY years absence. Previously i had only painted LOTR warhammer miniatures for my brother to game with though now i find myself looking at aircraft, tanks and trucks (and diorama!). Anyways, i bought an airbrush and set about building and painting this chap, it is coming along but still has a long way to go with weathering (can't decide how severe or in what fashion to do it atm.) and washing/highlighting. The tracks have been preliminarily weathered but will have work done to the wheels and then possibly blended with a small diorama style base eventually. Really great to be back at it and comments welcome.
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