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  1. Hi Anybody got any idea where to source decent resin figures Between 1/12 and 1/6 scale please? Google has a habit of throwing up a load of nonsense. Looking for any military stuff from Ww1 to present day TIA
  2. Tank is still being worked on but got myself a static grass applicator and a load of different grasses to go with and built this diorama base for it to perch on when complete. This hobby is starting to get expensive
  3. Well, i had a good go at it today and am much nearer completion now. Did some oil dot filtering for the first time (and loved it) and then set about weathering/dirtying the model. Still got exhausts, some small detail parts and hatch cover to finish but mostly there. Varnish is still drying and will get a second coat no doubt but yeah please let me know what you think as it's my first!
  4. Thanks, i will look into those paints as currently using Vallejo Model Air
  5. Stunning, how do you get the yellow so bright and pristine. I'm fairly new to this and messed up the yellow painting on my last german aircraft build. Do you paint it white first and then yellow?
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a tank having gotten back into the hobby a short while ago after MANY years absence. Previously i had only painted LOTR warhammer miniatures for my brother to game with though now i find myself looking at aircraft, tanks and trucks (and diorama!). Anyways, i bought an airbrush and set about building and painting this chap, it is coming along but still has a long way to go with weathering (can't decide how severe or in what fashion to do it atm.) and washing/highlighting. The tracks have been preliminarily weathered b
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