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  1. my provider is a french one: casimages.com. Nothing special with him..i don't understand.
  2. i agree.....decals from Ultimate Sabre kit were amazing !
  3. ah ? strange...you're the only one apparently.
  4. hi all. Here is my last build from the Royal class box. Nice kit but decals were a nightmare : falling apart....i had to buy some extra decals form DRAWDECALS to achieve her. Anyway , here are my pics : i hope you enjoy.
  5. I totally agree with you, one way to scratchbuild this plane is to use the MC202 as a basis, with some parts of the Spitfire mkXVI. I Saw a VG33 done like this at 1/32 scale, she was very accurate.
  6. hi guys here is my last work. This is a whatif for his fictional plane, based on the prototype VG33 , produced only in few number just before the fall of France in 1940. if she were produced one or two years before, she maybe would have equipped some squadrons. she wears the colors of a Curtiss H75 of GC I/5 in the beginning of 1940 ; the pilot was Edmond Marin La Meslée. i just improved the kit, the interior cokpit and some details. the worst part came from the canopy wich was completely unusable....yellow color. i spent a lot of time to vacufor
  7. Nice and clean work ! The grey and blue grey colors are so difficult to find...only one thing is false : french Mirage never hold Exocet missiles , only the greek air force did.
  8. nice project. Beware with the decals....very thin and fragile. you should use some liquid decals film to protect them before use. i had big issues with them....i had to give up my project for the same plane.
  9. very nice build, presentation and pics ! exactly what i like !
  10. Thks to all of you. I must apologize, of course it is the academy Sabre....i don't know why i wrote hobbyboss....probably because i'm building a Mirage IIIB now....hybrid hobbyboss / Heller...yes the Pitot Tube is not correctly glued, i Saw it too Late. Concerning the painting : first coat of Mr Surfacer black primer 1500. Then Tamiya spray TS17 , then panelling with Vallejo Métal and AK Xtrem métal. For the decals i wanted to use them from the box, but they proved to be impossible to conform correctly to the wings and fuselage. So i decided to paint the yellow and black markings and use decal
  11. Hello my last work : and the real one : thanks for your comments.
  12. Hi guys. As a french modeller i Can Say that it is difficult even for french modellers to find a correct color to paint the Mirages 2000. Grey and blue grey camo are very difficult, and green and grey too. WE generally make mixed colors depending of the scale...it is not easy...
  13. Beautiful job ! If we could have a new model on 1/48 scale...
  14. woah ! so much work, so much details...a real amazing work of patience !
  15. Omak

    Hi all

    Hello Joel yes you can see one , just take a look here :
  16. Thks jean, no the Martel Comes from the Mirage F1 Kittyhawk same scale.
  17. thks 72modeler. all versions of the Mirage III are in my todo list. my WIP is a Mirage IIIB same scale.
  18. thks Maetbox8. Concerning hydraulic fluid leak, i htink it was more the mecanics working like pigs....just take a look at this real pic below :
  19. very nice build ! at that times she was called FALCON, not VIPER, only recent Block70 are called like that.
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