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  1. I've spent last weekend cataloguing just the aftermarket resin, vac canopies and PE bits. Still need to do the decal sheets. Then a median price to all the items
  2. I'd suggest making that a 74(F) Tiger Squadron GB proposal for 2023 - fits nicely with the 95th anniversary of the first combat deployment in March 1918. I mean: look at the opportunities! Avro 504K (Jul 1917 – Mar 1918) Sopwith Pup (Jan 1918 – Mar 1918) Sopwith Scout (Jan 1918 – Mar 1918) Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a (Mar 1918 – Feb 1919) Hawker Demon Mk.I (Sep 1935 – Apr 1937) Gloster Gladiator Mk.I (Mar 1937) Gloster Gauntlet Mk.II (Mar 1937 – Feb 1939) Miles Magister Mk.I (1938–1944) Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I/Ia (Feb 1939 – Sep 1940) Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa/IIb (Jun 1940 – Dec 1941) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb (May 1941 – Mar 1942) Hawker Hurricane Mk.I/IIb/IIc (Dec 1942 – Sep 1943) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb (Sep 1943 – Apr 1944) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc (Sep 1943 – Apr 1944) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX (Oct 1943 – Apr 1944) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXe (Apr 1944 – Mar 1945) Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe (Mar 1945 – May 1945) Gloster Meteor F.3 (May 1945 – Mar 1948) Gloster Meteor F.4 (Dec 1947 – Oct 1950) Gloster Meteor T.7 (1950–1957) Gloster Meteor F.8 (Oct 1950 – Mar 1957) Hawker Hunter F.4 (Mar 1957 – Jan 1958) Hawker Hunter F.6 (Nov 1957–1960) Hawker Hunter T.7 (1958–1966) English Electric Lightning F.1/F.1a (Jun 1960 – Apr 1964) English Electric Lightning F.3 (Apr 1964 – Sep 1967) English Electric Lightning T.4 (1961–1966) English Electric Lightning T.5 (Jun 1967 – Aug 1971) English Electric Lightning F.6 (Jun 1966 – Aug 1971) McDonnell Douglas F-4J(UK) Phantom (Aug 1984 – Jan 1991) McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR.2 (Jan 1991 – Oct 1992) British Aerospace Hawk T.1/T.1A (Oct 1992 – Sep 2000)
  3. Too late for ANA The switchover to STD-595 was made in 1956, well before the Aéronavale ordered their (LGG/white) F-8s. The Intermediate Blue is also slighty different between ANA and STD-595 so you can use the others to represent fading.
  4. I doubt it is Burma, instead likely Singapore/Malaya B3-106 (or B-3106) is shown here, that aircraft went with the deployment of 2-V to Kallang between December 9 and December 30 1941, and was lost in combat near Balikpapan January 24th 1942.
  5. Lucky you! This is what they're apparently going for these days.. Free shipping? They'd better!
  6. Recently did a KP La-5 with winter camo, and used AMMO Washable white out of curiosity. As it says on the bottle, you can wash it off with water, or once completely dry, polish it off partly to good effect.
  7. alt-92

    Is Modelling Art?

    That might also be a regional thing. Quarter scale & up is standard fare across the ocean, for instance - I don't see mr. Douglas building much 1/72
  8. Really? I figured doing 1/48 is more easy on the eyes so I try and get as much of the 1/72 stuff already in the stash done now. The bigger stuff is for later.
  9. Bit harsh. I'd ask how they want to be addressed.
  10. Yep, low-nickel steel rust (not joking).
  11. ^^ Time permitting however, I see plenty of opportunity to do so this year as far as GB themes go
  12. Seeing as the middle 'fin' seems to be hollow as well, it may be something to ask a 3D friend to help with... (designwise it's getting the shape on one correct and then multiplying that)
  13. A Zodiac series Leo -H popped up. Amongst all the Aries, Aquaria and Gemini ones it's a bit rarer but... it's my sign dammit
  14. Considering the sudden influx of Harriers lately, had to go in and pick up some accoutrements - seats, pitots, internal gubbins and some proper BL755s. How that Viggen got in there? No idea And nearly forgot I had ordered these a while back - but apparently foresighted enough to fit the theme: Aztec decals for.... Harriers Oh and some Mossie bits. All via Blackbird Models.
  15. Beautiful kit. I have the B.IV and FB.VI. Honestly, I don't think it needs all that much.... -- Finally received from Kingkit: 2ndhand Airfix Series 2 Gloster Meteor III and a Heller F-94B Starfire. Counts as import nowadays, so a total 4 weeks from door to door. Meh. And this lot. There's an overtree F4F in the box as well. Happy to have run into the Falklands boxing, as they're not in the current line-up. Esci Shar and a Wessex, yum.
  16. Headphones? Pah! On the stereo and cranked up to 11 ! Some amazing shots in there - and a suitable filter used.
  17. \o/ Joining in here Mine are still on the slow boat I guess, even with a pre-ordered set from my LHS. About the decals: I did the FineMolds Ki-15 Karigane for the Unarmed GB, and was pleasantly surprised with the decals. Didn't even need to glosscoat, just stuck 'em straight on the AK Xtreme Metal paint and it looks fantastic. As long as the paintjob is nice and smooth (satin/semigloss Mr.Color?) it may work without.
  18. BMW/Petronas 109? Missed a chance there, a Fw.190 might have been more logical
  19. Nope Let's take your Vallejo example: BS Dark Green 71.324 for instance. On it's own, or next to Ocean Grey it looks more like pine green (due to the yellow - you can see it on the spoon). That yellow/pine green tint kept me from using it, but when sprayed in multiple thin layers over Dark Earth it does look better than with greys. Still prefer Tamiya XF-81 DG in most cases though. As far as the greys go: Usually I end up with a mix of thin layers of Tamiya XF-82 and Vallejo 71.273. Insta-colour modulation and weathering.
  20. what's even more fun, if you rotate your tablet from standard portrait mode to landscape (i.e. on it's side) you get the normal desktop PC look - provided the screen resolution is sufficient.
  21. alt-92

    Posting paint

    Really. If you don't want to do the work, don't take the job!
  22. Good idea. The slightly tinny sound was what was holding me back from doing something similar. What did you use? I've some old laptop speakers that may be suitable...
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