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  1. What? Clunks, but no Voodoo? Revell's 1/72 kit, with Belcher Bits decals as I don't quite trust the kit decals.
  2. They used to have a set AMLA72089 for the ICM Ju-88. Looks to be discontinued, however so it depends on available stocks with Big H or similar
  3. Yep, although the one I found (yay!) is AML's boxing of the same.
  4. Not really. The O/P/Q Schlachtkreuzer line stems from the pre-war Plan Z and were gradually resized (smaller) in order to allow for a faster build time - not that it ever came to that. The turrets however were supposed to be the same as KMS Bismarck's so there's that at least.
  5. Only one, from what I've read. Which makes it interesting. And yes, this boxing contains all three variants - and it's a domestic market boxing so great fun decyphering the destructions
  6. And we're off. Relatively simple kit, but needs a lot of cleanup and alignment of slightly warped pieces. I've stuck the fuselage halves in some warm water and they're now cooling off with some weight on top to reduce the banana effect (which created a big split in the top fuse) Otherwise, wings, tail surfaces, engines all together either awaiting putty & sanding or dolled up in RLM66.
  7. Heh As long as the missus doesn't feel stubble, it's good.
  8. Great got my hands on the Camel a while back, to replace the one my late dad built in the 70s. Even with the odd scale, they do make a nice substantial model once finished.
  9. Putting my oar in I recently found the remnants of a previous attempt in my youf so why not use this opportunity for a do-over? The 1974 Revell Ju-88C-6. Some slight warpage in the plastic, but nothing that can't be fixed. Oh, and flash. Another sign this box is from a different era : While the markings match those for Major Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein's final flight with NJG.2 and even have rudder adornments, they are quite yellowed and cracked. They probably will need replacing - haven't made my mind up yet with what There are earlier schemes depicted for a Ju-88C-6 with the earlier FuG 202/212 radar set, which could be available from OWL. Fortunately mounting the antenna is one of the last steps in the build sequence anyway.
  10. Parts of MJ271 corroded spars were subsequently repurposed as buttons for polo shirts. I'm wearing one
  11. I'm aware of them and wouldn't touch those with a 10ft bargepole. And I have some ESCI boxings in the stash, I just want some more. Weird huh?
  12. C'mon Italeri, get those ESCI NF-5s out like you've promised for years now.
  13. True. I believe the 'rule' is there must be viable constituent parts used matched to a dataplate or manufacturer serial number to be able to claim it is a restoration or rebuild (as opposed to replica)
  14. Insert obligatory remark about running unsupported operating systems - Windows 7?
  15. Prerequisite thread with useful Sea Hornet info interspersed And seeing as @David A Collins supplied info on that I'm inclined to say it is a better starting point.
  16. No love for the Sea Hornet? Conversion work for a F.20 would be needed (wing fold lines & tailhook) but there's a good Hornet kit as starting point.
  17. Returning from a break and have found a jar of mojo \o/ This is Fujimi's C6N kit with parts that include the sole turbocharged C6N2 prototype - next to the B7N another one of the lesser known IJN aircraft. The C6N proved to be the fastest Japanese plane, matching the F6F Hellcats and therefore making it almost uncatchable when doing its recce job.
  18. Dammit! See what happens if you check out for a couple of months? All sorts of nice goodies! For me, this is a welcome release, considering the less than ideal first A they did. Good thing I held off on building that one, now the Chilean ex-KLu decals have a more worthy place to stick on to.
  19. I think the purpose of this particular policy is more to prevent/reduce/limit people from NOT sharing content here but instead getting them to like & subscribe to their (income generating) channel/blog/website. Putting website links in a post wel within the context of the discussion should not raise the ire of the admins I'd guess - otherwise they would have more than a dayjob checking every link to many a site or blog that members here already frequently use to share interesting knowledge ( http://www.aviationofjapan.com/ or the Tailspin blogs for instance)... As with any forum (and I used to be moderator on a tech board) it's a grey zone in which admin discretion is paramount - but you need such a policy or guideline to have tools to hammer out the excesses sometimes. Usually there's no real problem until some enterprising soul tries to stretch the boundaries a bit too much
  20. I think a more thorough explanation is given in this thread. Personally, I have a dim view of people purposefully using this (or any other forum) as their personal recruitment tool, especially if there's a financial incentive at play. Call me old-fashioned, or overly principled. IDGARA.
  21. What the blazes do you guys do with them? I've got mugs in use that date well from the previous millenium.
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