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  1. always a pleasure to see the mig!!...excellent photoshoot too
  2. looks amazing ...especially for a hand painted one!
  3. smashing build!!... I love the new age fighters...
  4. Actually...I saved a pair of those for the next version I'll make some day Thanks for the appreciation!!...
  5. Dec0da

    CJP 2019

    These look good man!
  6. Made a simple Base for this one.... Scratch Built the Tug Pilot, Crew are Hand sculpted!! You can see the sculpting log here :
  7. A Test Shot : For more images...Head on over to topic :
  8. Day #4 : Painted, matte varnished Visor and goggles made by mixing clear epoxy glue and transparent inks of different colours Gloss Varnished And Done!!!... This turned out a fun little project Next up... base setup
  9. Day #3 : completed surface details... forgot to log ehh...Primed and ready for paint I Say... feeling good about these!!
  10. Day #2 : Last Night I added the rough details to the two figures used old credit card pieces to make a remote for the tug Pilot Mask hose is actually a Guitar String Looks good so far... Now to tackle today.... See ya in a few hours...
  11. Day #1 : This was done Last Sunday, Made some armatures with florist's wire. initial layering done
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