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  1. Little to report but this will be back on the table now my airfix Blenheim crumbled.......one question, I was planning a captured ho 229 as per the Richard A Franks book. Would Raf markings on the topside be red and blue or would they be late war upperside roundels?
  2. I have this kit in stash and agree with Troy. Less is more. My early getting back into this hobby efforts I have weathered my models overdone 1969 Battle of Britain gun movie stains etc but I’ve learned to use restraint. On my wingtip navigation lights I haven’t used any colour on my hurricanes as they are hardly noticeable in this scale to me. As for weathering Here is my mk2 and I used a dark wash to bring out control surfaces along with a bit of pastels and eyeliner make up to simulate weathering. A Few panels have been picked out My Burma hurricane is a bit more battered Not greatest image but metal parts are slightly different finish to the fabric parts. But yours looks good and don’t forget to stop once in a while and look. If it looks like it’s too much it probably is!
  3. Looks good to me. Here is Birmingham museums Mkiv lights. Not great shot but position looks like both Chris and yours
  4. Also had the revell airacobra. It has a removable panel for the engine. It is basic but I enjoyed it when I built it.
  5. I’m replicating the panel lines by rebuilding the entire skin with self adhesive foil and plasticard. Why do we do it to ourselves....
  6. You can mate. I am in a similar quandary over my old airfix Blenheim as I messed up the scribing and cracked the fuselage. I’ve put it aside for another day to build a mojo restorer. If you can, get yourself a hobby boss quick kit. They fall together and look great.
  7. Looking good! Only seen one in the flesh at the elmdon airport 60th anniversary open day when I was a 16 year old pup. It was leaking fuel on the day!
  8. Arrived today. Pricey but priceless in its value building spits!
  9. Just got the vintage frog mk 1 and airfix mk4 so watching this with relish!
  10. Blame exposure on iPhone! Canopy is on. Hobbyboss give you two canopies. A single piece that is too rounded and a double piece that exposes the beautiful interior details.....I used the open option to model as a closed canopy but the canopy has the correct feature that it portrays the flex of the open canopy. Problem is it neither sits over the dog kennel or sits flush when used in closed position. I sanded the windscreen as that sits to high anyway and fettled down the rear section. And that didn’t fit. I tried my revell canopy and that was too short so have stuck with the I’ll fitting (featureless) canopy. I will post up some images tomorrow on VE Day!
  11. Great work on this. I struggled with this back in 1997 as a 14 year old and regret trashing it.
  12. Almost complete. Got a load of superglue on port wing but sanded back and resprayed the tip. No landing lights as the wing is one piece and I didn’t fancy the surgery. After struggling with the decals on my revell spit 2 with airfix markings, I bloody love xtradecal markings even though I managed to break the squadron codes on this. Weathering fine with oils and pastels with airbrushed exhaust stains. Used hurricane at war by Ian Allan as a reference point and, as I couldn’t find definite reference for bomb racks on this aircraft, I left them off. Just wanted to thank @Troy Smith for his encouragement and encyclopaedic knowledge and never being disparaging with his comments. This hurricane will be done in a couple of days and I’m possibly not going to build another mk IIc in a while.....
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