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  1. Exactly. I will source another hurricane to crack on with as I’ve Learned the hard way on this. I have the images to study of the build of not the kit itself so next one will be better.
  2. Sadly folks this one is over. Had a reaction to the gloss coat with the Matt varnish so cleaned with some airbrush cleaner. It cleared paint off and was excited to then do as option b desert scheme. Sadly the airbrush cleaner I was using ate into the plastic and it remained sticky and as I was cleaning the last of the paint, the detail on kit was destroyed. Not only that the surface was crazed and It is now beyond repair. I’m rather gutted and massively disappointed. But, all isn’t lost. I will keep this WIP open as I source a second hurricane to build. What doesn’t kill you and all that !
  3. Wince


    Hello Kevin. I used to dabble in the mud slingers and still enjoy occasional foray into the world of armour (aviation nowadays) enjoy your time here!
  4. Tamiya brush painting. I shudder at the memories....,,,get the cheapest screen wash you can and lay it on thin. It can be done as I used to use their semigloss black as a lad with great success. But you need to not overbrush it. Great save though. I used to work on converting action figures and used boiling water to fix warped parts. As airfix plastic is softer, could boiling water work? More control and less “gourmet” cooking of models! But well saved. It looks great.
  5. That nose looks like a stick of Brighton rock! I expect if you sliced it open it would say spitfire all the way through! Looking lovely
  6. Wince

    A big hello

    I agree with @Troy Smith. I lurked here for an age and it took me a while to post up my work. Although I’ve been modelling for 26 years, I’ve not built scale models since I was in my late teens and focussing on wargaming and figure painting. Picking up the scale modelling for the last six months has been exhilarating and scary as when I got into this, no Internet forums. Posting work up on here was nerve wracking especially as the wargaming community can be harsh. But here it is nothing like that and any criticism I’ve had in my short time here has been constructive and positive and it’s been uplifting to up my game. And it’s a great community spirit with a wealth of knowledge on here and that enthusiasm is infectious. In fact it has spurred me to challenge myself, not be afraid to try new things and most importantly, have fun! I’ve been made to feel really welcome and I’m sure you will too. So do get involved as much or as little as you desire. We are all friends here!
  7. Quick update, used humbrol clear as setting agent diluted as per klear recipe and it dissolved the tail markings. I had brushed on some clear last night where markings were to go. Patched the damage up with some hand painting.....happily revell decals now are better as my airfix spit had the roundels from the revell one (I spilled pint on the airfix ones) but if I build any older revell kits will replace the decals. I think the ones I have are old stock (dated 2004) but they are incredibly brittle and I have built these kits years ago with no problems with decals. Although revell and matchbox had an uncanny ability to silver. Not added stencils but one thing I wish I had done was put the light on the underside as in the kit this is a decal and looks very flat. On last leg of this now though.
  8. Wince

    A big hello

    Hello! Welcome back into the fold. I’ve returned to my childhood hobby too. I hope you find this forum useful and helpful and it’s great how things have changed but the basics are always a good start .
  9. Is it back on sale in uk? I thought it was rarer than hens teeth now! I suspect that humbrol decal fix is the 30% clear to water mix. I need to add more coats to mine and may brush it on in future builds until I can get the hang of the airbrush. My jet provost was brushed and was a high gloss. It took a couple of coats but is nice and shiny!
  10. Looking the the klear method @Troy Smith I’m pretty sure that humbrol stuff will work. I have to apply the rest of the decals so will give it a whirl. Tonight will be also see me trying to rescue the canopy as It is quite scuffed and crazed. I will dip it into clear to at least get a glossier finish. One thing I will say about revell decals is that they are far more brittle than I remember. Good news is they haven’t silvered though. Humbrol decalfix whilst not to everyone’s taste works for me but will try the clear method.
  11. Thanks for all the comments. There is a gloss cote on but the initial paint costs, when Matt didn’t show the pebbly surface so I think I haven’t quite nailed the gloss through the airbrush as the paint (2nd attempt) was smooth. As this was a very cheap kit that I intended to practice on then I am perhaps being too harsh on myself as this is the first time I’ve picked up an AB. I have been impatient but it has been enjoyable and can’t wait to hone my skills! I can’t try the klear method as don’t have klear but will try using humbrol clear in the spares and see how that goes. i really appreciate the constructive criticism as well. It’s the best way to learn! Edit. I forgot to put more than one coat of clear on! Doh!
  12. Wince

    Newbie Alert

    Greetings from Birmingham England! And welcome back to the hobby.
  13. I hate revell old school decals. I decided to plough on with the kit decals but despite gloss surface and decal fix a plenty they are hopeless........given up for the night as need to have a think. Will pick up the airfix mk1 when I get paid I think.
  14. Wowee that is one nice wimpey there!
  15. Today’s update. Inaccurate camo aside the white stripes are slightly the incorrect size. I say slightly butthey are out by a bit. I’m keeping spirits up and taking this as what it is, a crack at new techniques. The perfectionist in me screams to start this again but I’m forcing self not to as it’s a learning curve. Better care needed in future and also check the references. Or use the supplied decal for the white bits! However, onwards we go. The inside I tried to replicate the hawker interior. I ditched the kits interior and scratched the lot. I have picked a few colours out to add interest. I also found the seat was off so made my own from plasticard. I also rebuilt the control column and added rudder pedals from wire. Bit blurry but best I could get. The Heel boards (??) were scribed plasticard. But on my shelf was this gem I picked up from a charity shop, the Kellogg’s mail away hurricane! Check out them roundels! So, despite the massive mistakes I’ve made, I have a gloss cote on and it’s now time to decal before tackling the bomb racks. Lesson learned, measure better. Cheers for reading
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