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  1. Yeah yeah, gotta love a comedian! Tip tanks... Have finished turning up the patterns on the lathe and these have now been polished ready to go into rubber this afternoon. Like everything on this project, they're a fair size, but I'm quite pleased with the shapes at present. We'll see what they look like once cast and assembled. Back again shortly - and before 2025 Mark! Iain
  2. Connie's very important Tail Feathers... Outer fins and tailplane tips added and seen here being blended in. Some tweaks still needed - but getting there. Central fin will be added after tailplane has been mounted to the assembled fuselage. I'm probably overdoing it - but aim is for a final result that doesn't look like it's a vac/scratch build... Stay tuned! Iain
  3. Wings... Doesn't look like much work - but probably 15 - 20 hours of sanding and fettling here - and still some re-shaping at the tips needed. Important thing is surfaces are now pretty smooth/contiguous. Next step for these is to make a start on the nacelle fairings. Surface detail will be added later - using the overlapped panels technique I was playing with on a Revell Spitfire last year - with access panels scribed. Just thankful that most of the laborious work now behind me on these... Back in another mo... Iain
  4. Delay on images - ran out of filler primer late afternoon yesterday and had to do 40 mile round-trip to nearest Halfords - that'll teach me to pay more attention to supplies! OK - fuselage glazing... As previously mentioned - all polished back - 240/400/600/800/1200/1500 wet and dry - followed by Micromesh - followed by BareMetal Plastic Polish. I little tidying on inside to be done - but pretty well there. Glazings areas larger than they need to be - correct size circular masks will be used when fuselage joined. Back in a mo... Iain
  5. Might have guessed - it's you lot in the cheap seats again... Any more outbursts and I'll have you all escorted from the Coliseum theatre! But please keep the banter coming - it does spur me on in my quest - erm, I think... I suspect Pontius hadn't even thought of becoming a 'Pilot' when this was started Martin! (Old one's are, well, old - and the spelling's different - I know...) Best fighting tin hat on Sir! Now - just cooking a late breakfast - sausage, bacon, scrambled egg - and then I'm back out on the patio 'production line'... But I am once more filled with a mighty resolve to finish Connie and win the greatest victory since the Winchester flower arranging team beat Harrow by 12 sore bottoms to one! Photos later - promise... Iain
  6. That had me stumped for a long time... Nose wheels - based on those for a Corsair - mainwheels based on B-25/B-17 (none of which were available when I started ). Edit - I lied - P-61 wheel rims are correct diameter at 20" according to my refs... Legs are soldered brass tubing for strength - this is going to be *heavy*. Iain
  7. OK - pictures at the weekend - or it didn't happen - right? Fuselage glasings sanded and polished - check Outer tailplane sections bonded in place - check Tail feather root fairings added and blended - check Wings - minor blemishes filled and prepped - check Wing tips resin filled - and upward line under wingtips added - check Wing tips cut back to allow for tip tanks - check Pattern for front of tip tank - completed and ready to mould Weekend jobs - continue with interior details and nose gear bay - plus make start on engine nacelle wing fairings. Pix to follow - promise - but have some momentum rolling again having spent about 10 hours on her in last 5 days... Iain
  8. Ignore last. Aeroplane still on ground at a very wet Halton - we're not going anywhere... Hope tomorrow better at Cosford - post pics please! Iain
  9. Well - weekend plans to stay at home have just gone down the pan... To be replaced with Halton/Northolt families days tomorrow - Cosford Sunday. Look out for Bulldog XX629/G-BZXZ in the static Iain
  10. Thanks guys... billybookcase - not yet I'm afraid - will have pricing sorted as I get moulds done and can assess how much resin/time each cast takes. Still on a big learning curve I'm afraid! Once I get rolling it will get easier for me to add neew items and a lot quicker to price. Thanks for patience everyone - have another two days available mid this week to fettle patterns. New site will have catalogue with stock levels and payment via PayPal - think I've almost got that working now! Iain
  11. Still working on patterns, and website, and, well, lots of stuff - but my Facebook page is live if anyone's interested/wants to follow More news very soon... Happy modelling! Iain
  12. Have given you a mention on the FB group with links. Turbo bodyshell mods not a problem - but the wheels could be a right PITA Iain
  13. Looks good! Presume these will be commercially available? Happy to promote on my Esprit Facebook group and on the Lotus forums... Iain '83 Turbo Esprit
  14. Got my attention choc-ice - what scale? And any chance of a Turbo body and wheels? Iain
  15. Hi Pete, Still sorting that side - and a website. Answer is probably PayPal initially - but I need to be able to manage inventory levels - I don't want payments coming in for items I don't have ready to go. Also sorting out packaging at the moment - but it's all coming together - albeit slowly. Iain
  16. I'm now the proud owner of a small tub of vaselene! (Quiet please you lot in the cheap seats...) Just ordered one of RB Productions riveting tools as well. This afternoon we've done a test pour on the tailplanes - first objects in the pressure tank and the first full prototype parts - and they've come out beautifully considering I'm using old tins of resin at the moment for test shot purposes. Chamber worked perfectly - and not one bubble in the castings - at least that I can see. A few small bits of Plasticine from the mpould making process but that's it (that that should all be gone now). Really pleased with first results: And test pour on the broken nose ring mould - front part of ring has come out perfectly but has shown I need to add some subtle rivet detail. Rear end where it meets kit trunking *not* production quality - but new mould will cure that Hopefully more progress next few days. Iain
  17. Bu**er... Looks like the mould release agent I've used isn't up to the job (BondIt Silicone Release Spray - it lives up to first name - not third it would appear!) and my mould halves won't separate. Solid, impenetrable, inseparable. Never had this before with other silicone sprays? No problem for the tailplanes as they will work as single part moulds - and I've easily extracted the patterns. The nose ring mould however - well - that's had to be destroyed in the process of safely removing the pattern. 2 steps forward - one back. Question for the experts - what do you recommend? Iain
  18. Just degassing this evenings batch of rubber - amazing how it behaves in a vacuum - and how much air is in there!! I know - old news to you hardened casters out there - but still a thing of wonder to this newbie! Iain
  19. Hi all, Promised some photos/update - and nows a good moment before I mix some more rubber Corrected tailplanes - pour stubs added and ready to make two part moulds. Note brass rod - this will leave a 'slot' in the rubber moulds where I'll add more brass rod and embed in the resin - should be strong! Nose intake ring - waiting for first half rubber mould... Cockpit surround - final shaping of spine (now bonded in place). Also new, narrower, coaming panel that fits well - but needs detailing. Area at front of spine will be detailed also. Bottom flanges added to aid fit with fuselage cut out - fits perfectly. Test 'canopy' in place to check sizes/fit and a first play at where the framing goes - more work needed here - canopy pattern needs narrowing a little all round and clear pane 'masks' not right yet.. Basic spine pattern - now correct widths - smooth curves and straight as an arrow! F2A/3/6 fin - corrected shape - front intake added and hollowed out - just adding surface detail. Should be ready for rubber this week. Rear 'cheeks' final shaping complete - adding surface detail: F2A/6 ventral fins - almost ready to cast: First 'test shot' cannon panels - before I had my pressure tank! F Mk 6 ventral tank - nose cannon port castings being 're-purposed' prior to bending in and shaping: Test shot cannon ports in place - first casts quickly removed from pour stubs - not bad for a first go I think! Bit of shrinkage here - modding masters a little to allow - but fit still better than the kit parts - and would have been better if I hadn't butchered the part at rear when removing from pour stub: Sorry it's all been a bit slow - but final quality should be OK! (crosses fingers...) Off to mix rubber Iain
  20. Just playing with some photos taken in the field behind us: Iain
  21. 'Roundel' isn't the RAF colours - it's black/white/red - so unless the guys at MOD have registered concentric circles in all colours... Got sidetracked into going for family walk down by the river at Lechlade - so photo's to follow next few days. Have done a test cast on the gun ports and in process of making the intake ring mould. Horizontal stabs ready to go into rubber - and late fin almost complete. Canopy draft has tape laid on whilst I work out the correct framing positions. Cockpit sill master now has locating flanges and front spine fitted - and coaming being worked on. F Mk 6 belly pack is having gun troughs added and final shaping. Iain
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