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  1. Looking forward to the AZ Models kits when they arrive (I think the rest of my flying club is too ) I took some photos for the AZ team when the project was first mooted - take a look here. Iain
  2. Thanks folks - there *may* be another update in next few days - no guarantees mind... I've said it before - but interest/support from everyone is *really* appreciated and helps spur me on - at my admittedly glacial pace! But she is progressing. Iain
  3. Magic subject! Have you seen the one with the huge sharks mouth? Iain
  4. Thanks for interest guys - and thank you to whichever mod moved the thread into it's proper home, rather than the long defunct Malta Group Build. Iain
  5. Some more progress on my 'therapy' build... Studying the photo of Griffin and comments on other fora, it appears it represents an earlier version that that kitted by Tamiya - without the exposed rivets on the hull and track covers. In the photos you'll see I've carefully removed those on the r/h side of the hull and side-skirts - l/h side still to be done. The area below the drivers vision port has had material removed and re-profiled using a dental burr. The front edges of the upper track guards have had the moulded cut-outs filled with styrene sheet. Bronco tracks assembled and able to fully articulate - very fiddly and 142 pieces per side. Also - the slots in the rear of the hull for mounting the external fuel tank have been filled with styrene sheet and dressed flat as 'Griffin' didn't have the tank, or associated bracketry, fitted. That's all for now folks, Have FUN! Iain
  6. In shock news - I've spent some time on Soya - another 10 hours over the weekend - getting there! Taking a break and doing something that involves less eye-strain! Iain
  7. Have put a slideshow together on my new website if anyone's interested - should auto-run. Any and all feedback appreciated (photos and website!) One of my favourites: Iain
  8. Ah - larger version of artwork - looks even better!! *want* Iain
  9. I soooooo want one of these - been waiting since first mooted - lovely box art! Iain
  10. Cheers Grant - hopefully we'll be invited back next year - feedback was pretty positive - just lot's of gags about new frontline kit for the RAF Iain
  11. Apologies - slideshow was broken - if anyone's interested take a look at the slideshow direct. Still learning new package - please don't adjust your sets! Iain
  12. Indeed - I believe it took off from North Weald. Iain
  13. We were invited to fly the RAF Halton Balloon Club balloons during the second half of the proms - when it's too dark to fly the collection aircraft, but you can 'fly' hot air balloons on a tether. In-between balloon duties I was able to get some shots of the balloons using my new Canon 70D which handles low light far better than my other bodies. More images on my new website - any feedback appreciated (photos, site etc. - Lightning stuff to hopefully appear soon!) Hopefully the balloons looked OK as a backdrop on the evening. Iain
  14. I think the CAA statement is perfectly fair and reasonable at this stage. The CAA are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place at the moment - I think we should cut them some slack whilst everything investigated fully. If they hadn't taken this stance I fear calls to ban altogether would have grown and grown - so I think they've probably taken the best route they could at this difficult time. And, just to add, most people I've met that work at the CAA are also enthusiasts just like the rest of us - but they do have a job to do. Iain
  15. Lovely photos - was a great event. Tutor pilot was Jim Schofield - also flies F-35s - quite a difference! Balloons - that was us that was I have some photos if anyone interested in balloony things... Iain
  16. Another one resurrected from the depths - could a kindly mod please move to the relevant 'in progress' area of the site please After a looooong delay I think I've identified most of the changes required to build 'Griffin' so will be making a start on some of the mods this evening. In mean-time - I've actually made a start on the kit! Please be gentle as Tanks are a different world to me... Have fun! Iain
  17. I still have a dream - Victor and Vulcan (and Shackleton) in 1:32 Iain
  18. Cockpit... Coaming in place and painted: The upper floor has been trimmed back a little to fit one of the vertical panels that I'm fabricating - so ignore the dust and detritus! No further progress on seats - although I've found some cracking photos of the real seats that are helping hugely - more news in next update... Happy Modelling! Iain
  19. I mentioned the nacelle fairings last week - and here they are... Have made a start on one of the inner gear-bay sections in terms of neatening up the basic shape as much as I can. At this stage it looks like it needs lengthening and deepening a little at the rear. Once I've got one done - the opposite number will be modded/shaped to match. Oh - and if anyone wants copies of the tip tanks for their Connies please let me know. Have fun! Iain
  20. Thanks Rich! Photos as promised... Firstly - moulds after patterns removed - these are a fair size and took a lot of rubber! Initial resin pours successful: And one of the tanks assembled - not perfect - but not too shabby either! Making the tanks has been a great learning curve and opportunity to use the vacuum and pressure chambers in anger. Great experience for the Lightning parts which are also coming along slowly... Iain
  21. Thanks folks - it's comments like these that help keep me going on this - all really appreciated! In breaking news: Tip tank patterns have parted from the moulds - so ready to cast resin - probably tomorrow... Made a start on shaping up the parts that will form the nacelle/undercarriage fairings on the wings that I removed way earlier. Best described as 'interesting' at this stage. A little more progress on the cockpit - coaming done, seats 'in progress' and further additions to Flight Engineers area. More photos next few days... And isn't this weather just ace! Iain
  22. Weather is pretty poor today - British summer - grey cloud and rain - so the patio, ahem, 'production hall' not available for large stuff. So - indoors it is - and hopefully an opportunity to do some more work here: That's about if for this batch of 'progress' - there may be more later depending upon how the rest of the day pans out. Iain
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