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  1. All the one's in the photo - yes And still have some wriggle room if needed in the nose cone. But, at the moment, weight and balance looks good to go... Undercarriage will be made up from soldered brass tube - so should be up to the job - I hope! Iain
  2. Wheel weights not as good as the old lead ones (they were, obviously, a denser material - and could be trimmed/shaped fairly easily) - but they are useful sizes - 5g and 10g - and have an adhesive foam backing that sticks like crazy! Which makes a lot of sense as they're designed to survive on car wheels I got this batch off Ebay - for a very reasonable £16.50 inc. postage. Not bad for a pack that weighs 6kg! Iain
  3. Thanks for kind words - appreciated But beauty? Not yet - maybe one day... Iain
  4. Got some work done belore Telford - foam keel bonded in place in starboard fuselage half - followed by floors and cockpit bulkhead. Have also reinstated the missing jointing tabs with thicker styrene sheet. Rear floor bonded - and automotive wheel weights used to keep flat whilst the epoxy goes off: # Fuselage dry assembled with spar - so we can work out the amount of weight needed to prevent Connie being a tail sitter: Balanced on a pair of upturned mugs - with another as a tail support: *Lots* of weight needed (this is in addition to what's already been added internally! We have balance! Weights packed in behind cockpit bulkhead - all will be hidden: And underneath: Have fun! Iain
  5. Splurged out on some killer aftermarket that arrived this morning... 4 more A3 sheets of 80 thou HIPS and something weighty Iain
  6. Unfortunately it wouldn't cut it... Going to replace with flat sheet superglued in place and sanded/polished back. That's the plan anyway. Iain
  7. OK - some photos - please excuse the dust - and the close-ups show some messy stuff that really doesn't show 'at scale' - if that makes any sense? Seats - almost there with basic structures/cushions/headrests - need to make the stand for engineers seat from brass rod. I'll finish detailing then paint them up and add Radu's superb straps later in the week: Cushions are loosely placed - to be fitted after paint and straps: Flight Engineers station - almost there: Where we're at - not that I've lost a bit of photo-etch from centre console - to be fixed: Doesn't seem a lot - but on downward slope from here on interior now. Have fun! Iain
  8. Parked for now whilst I get my enthusiasm back... Been working on one of my motorcycle restorations instead. I will come back to this - probably after Telford now. Iain
  9. Cheers Viv! Meanwhile - there have been strange goings on in the dead of night... Iain
  10. Don't know what it is about models - but sometimes stupid things happen that spoil the flow - and enthusiasm soon wanes This is where we're at - note lines in second window from left - cracks/flow lines are all the way through and radiate from one of the plastic sprue gates: And front end at present: Iain
  11. I'm stalled at the mo - in a Slough of Despond - the side windows (4 each side) have moulding cracks/flaws in them which show up in certain lights... Am now in a 'do I bother' replacing carefully with clear sheet after cutting out, go with 'as is', or bin. We'll see... Iain
  12. But still leaves the fuselage with too much of a coke-bottle shape in plan. Iain
  13. Gotta love a comedian! In further news - she's twisted! Just 'tack welded' with a little cyanoacrylate for now whilst I build the engines and intakes so I can compare with images like the one above before fully bonding in new position and blending in. But it has worked it would appear Iain
  14. Here ya go Prowler - this is what I'm aiming for with the 'twist': Image from militaryworld blog. Iain
  15. In breaking news - fuselage is joined and should be ready to do 'the twist' in next few days Iain
  16. Oooh - no I haven't! Off for a look-see - I thank ewe Iain
  17. The fuselage isn't 'bent' - it's perfectly straight - that's the problem! Fuselage/rotor vertical centreline is something like 2.75 deg (I have exact figure somewhere...) off that of the nose - not a lot - but because the twist takes the canopy out of line with the engine intakes it's noticeable (also - the wing tip pylon sits lower to the ground on the starboard side than the port.). Been discussed widely in the past - you'll see what I mean later in the build... Iain
  18. And some paint type stuff - the interior turquoise is my third attempt at matching the Eduard colour - think I finally got it!! Mix of kit and Eduard... Kit seats - straps to come: Getting busier! Interior roof - not much will be seen - doors closed... Almost ready to close up... More soon - have fun! Iain
  19. OK - some progress: Image above - note razor saw cut on floor lower middle of image (repeated other side) - to allow interior to do the twist later Initial marks for exterior cuts: Back in a mo... Iain
  20. Presenter was awful... For some reason Raymond Baxter popped into my head - he'd have been perfect! Iain
  21. Progress made - interior parts assembled and initial cuts for twist made - have thought through a couple of routes but think I've got a route that will produce desired effect without too much remedial work needed. Lots of other components - tyres, drop tanks, wings etc. assembled and prepped. Part etched sets would be nice - but already have Eduard and, with a little additional work, should create an OK effect. This model won't be a 'bells and whistles' production (too many other projects to crack on with) - the main focus will be on getting it neatly built and presented... Pix at the weekend. Iain
  22. Excellent project Will! Iain
  23. Peru - the scheme used on the later Mil-35s - not just the sharks mouth - but the bright camouflage really suits the Hind IMHO - and looks *very* different Iain
  24. This is the plan - I've been collecting images over on Pinterest.com (a brilliant way of collecting web images for specific projects 'coz you can save any images from multiple web searches in one place for later use). If anyone else is on Pinterest and wants to connect - just shout... I fell in love with this scheme as soon as I saw it a few years back: Yes - I'll be doing the fuselage 'twist' - and looking at rivets (maybe)... Iain
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