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  1. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been discussed - but if you wanted to do a Type 45 in 1:350 - where would you start - Airfix, or Trumpeter? Also - any recommended etch? Iain
  2. There will be a proper update sometime next week - please feel free to 'prod' me if you don't see anything here! Iain
  3. OK - just shout Mat... I found an image of the correct fabric (Red/Black) but could be easily manipulated to the green in my grophics progs and printed out. Iain
  4. S1s were tartan - and full leather in later ones was an option (mine's got the full leather). If you can find a clear, oblique, image of the correct tartan I'm willing to have a play with some decals on my ALPS printer (if it still works)? Iain
  5. Halfords Grey Primer for me (Yellow Filler Primer on major reshaping jobs) - straight from the can - and a quick 'polish' with 3600 Micro-Mesh before paint. I've found the Halfords Plastic Primer a little 'hot' on some plastics - I believe it's designed to bond itself to ABS bumpers etc - so overkill for a model kit IMHO. Iain
  6. I do - but mine's a later Jan '83 Turbo Esprit (For Your Eyes Only) - so probably not a lot of help details-wise! Iain
  7. New tool Esprits - how did I miss these!! I'll cross everything - would love to build a model of mine! Iain
  8. Edgar Brooks October 8th 1940 - November 19th 2015 Edgar was a very reserved and private person, so I think he’d be amazed by the reaction to his passing by his friends in the modelling community, the world over. Whilst his interests weren’t confined to the Spitfire, it did become his main focus of research in recent years, so a Spitfire Group Build is a wonderful, and very apt, way to pay tribute to Edgar and one that, I'm certain, would bring out that wry smile of his - usually seen when he’d just found another piece in some research puzzle he’d been working on. From an early age Edgar had an interest in aeroplanes and, like many modellers of his generation, cut his teeth on carved balsa shapes. An early member of IPMS Thames Valley, he was also a founder of Aylesbury Scale Model Club. During the mid ‘80s Edgar became a Civilian Instructor with the Air Cadets up at RAF Halton where, once again, he was able to share the hobby with others and fire many a teenagers’ interest in scale models. It was during this period that Edgar was at his most prolific modelling-wise, with experiments in foiling, larger scale aviation models and a keen eye for cockpit interiors being his forte. Some may remember his 1:48th Liberator ‘The Dragon and His Tail’, numerous Spitfires and a beautiful 1:32nd Korean War Sabre, again, beautifully foiled. Edgar served on the IPMS Committee for a number of years, managing the society’s Technical Advisory Service; a role that fitted his interest in research perfectly. Not one to take it easy, he was also on the organising committee for the very successful RAF Halton Model Shows where he managed the ‘plastics’ side of these extensive and varied events. He never suffered fools gladly, but was always happy to help with fellow modellers’ projects, no matter how obscure the question. With the rise of the Internet Edgar took to online forums like a duck to water and became a font of information for the world-wide modelling fraternity. In retirement he found additional time for his love of historical research and was frequently to be found pouring through documents at the Public Records Office. Whilst known for his interest and expertise on the Spitfire, Edgar’s interests encompassed many subjects and periods, and never seemed happier than when he’d found another piece of a particular research puzzle he was engaged in at the time. It wasn't just us modellers he helped; if you have the latest 1:48 Airfix Spitfire Vb you'll see a note thanking Edgar for his assistance on that kit. He will be sorely missed by those of us that had the pleasure of his company and influence over the years. On a personal note - back in 1983 he introduced me to model clubs, the IPMS, a whole host of wonderful people and my ‘conversion’ to 1:32nd scale aeroplane models in the mid ‘80s. I have a lot to thank him for! Blue skies Edgar - we hope you’d approve of the tribute build here, and on other sites. The projects are a reflection of the fondness, esteem. respect and affection with which you were held. Next Sunday - Edgar’s Wake A quick reminder that his local model club, Thames Valley Scale Models Club, will commemorate Edgar's life with a wake and Bring a Spitfire party at the clubs' venue on Sunday 13th March, from midday to 4pm. Liston Hall, Liston Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK. Edgar had no family: in effect the world-wide modelling community was his family. His friends at Thames Valley have set up a Just Giving Page in aid of Cancer Research in Edgar’s memory. Iain
  9. Great build - looks very good - and probably more accurate than the Heller kit! Iain
  10. Oh dear - I *may* have to temporarily change scales for this one! Iain
  11. Just a little something for the weekend John! Have also found suitable packaging - and the grey pigment paste - progress being made. Will *try* and post some update images over the weekend too... Canopy is giving the most grief! Iain
  12. OK - BiG tub of silicon Rubber has arrived - should keep me quiet for a while. Have also updated the modelling page of my website with a bit of an update. Iain
  13. Hi John, There'll be news on my new website as well once we're up and running (click on logo in my sig ). Just ordered 5kg of fresh rubber - should be here next week Plan now is to release parts as and when I have them ready. Apologies for delay! Iain
  14. The single pack foam is next to useless IMHO - can have curing/expansion problems and is nowhere near as strong/useful as the two-pack polyerethane foam. Take a look at the Alec Tiranti site. Iain
  15. Bog - we could have dropped into Nantes on our club exped the other year - do they allow GA? Nice Noratlas!! Iain
  16. Isn't that gorgeous Mark!! I'd get shot by the Memsahib if I built two Connies though! Iain
  17. The project continues - but hearing the HpH news did make me wobble a little! And thanks guys - hopefully getting the fuselage buttoned up will inspire further progress beyond that! Iain
  18. As an aside - HpH have let slip that they have long-term plans for a resin/fibreglass 1:32 Connie. First thought was to bin this and wait for theirs - but it won't be cheap, won't necessarily be any better when complete than this *could* be and I've invested far to much time and research in this so far to bin it. What would you guys do? Amazing what's coming out/planned these days!! Iain
  19. Hi Mark, Sorry I missed you! Probably not shopping - most of that was done Fri night/first thing Saturday (and I wasn't planning on buying anything) - but that very naughty Andy @ Antics kept putting temptation in my way... And I'm sooo weak... My *small* haul - mainly from Andy comprised: 1:32 Tamiya Mozzie 1:32 Italeri Mirage IIIC 1:32 Trumpeter Ju 87A 1:32 Kitty Hawk OV-10A 1:32 Revell Ju 88A4 1:32 Meng Me 163B - for one of the mags. Manic weekend between stand, judging, photographing all the large scale aviation models in the comp and show, talking to manufacturers for an LSP forums news report, magazines about some potential features and, well, just catching up - it was just far too short!!! Iain
  20. All the one's in the photo - yes And still have some wriggle room if needed in the nose cone. But, at the moment, weight and balance looks good to go... Undercarriage will be made up from soldered brass tube - so should be up to the job - I hope! Iain
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