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  1. Brilliant to see the photos earlier - and interest in the airframe - always liked the Andover... I remember the sight (and particular sound) of the 115 Squadron Andover E3s from Benson - and am about to start working on a 1:32 3D Print of the Andover (by One Man Model) in those colours. But - I need to find some clear photos/drawings showing the upper root of the tailplane, where it blends into the top of the fueslage - and anything showing the vortex generators. Being the upper surface details of a high tailplane - with dihedral - is proving challenging! Iain
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman... OK - it's been a long time, and the masters have sat languishing in a drawer, but, as some will know, I now have a workshop/studio/bolt-hole courtesy of my day job employers and the exchange of a small amount of monthly rent. Soo - along with a B-24 wing correction (still in progress) I'm back on the Lightning parts. Lunchtime today: More to follow in coming weeks - but note the two test casts of corrected tailplanes - was quite pleased with those! Canopy is priority just now - and I have a little more confidence in my materials/equipment/skills now, having vacced the canopies for the two-seat Spitfire conversion I've done recently. Iain
  3. With some nice weather - and a little spare time: Fill - sand - fill some more - sand - fill again - sand... Followed by another rinse cycle... You get the picture... Iain
  4. Thanks for your kind words everyone - hopefully the person this has been built for will be pleased with it! Iain
  5. I was approached quite a while back via Britmodeller to commission build a two-seat Spitfire using the Tamiya Mk.IXc as a basis. After a long build period I'm calling this done - although looking at the photos I need to dust her again! What is it about model photography and dust? Based upon measurements of a TR. Mk IX fuselage in a jig, along with original Supermarine drawings, she's taken a lot longer than planned - but hopefully my client will like her. Middle and rear canopies vacuum-formed over resin patterns, front cockpit moved forward (as per original) and new interior structure made. Markings are based upon a wartime 'Eagle Squadron' scheme as a tribute to a brave young American pilot with 133 Squadron, RAF, who lost his life days before the Squadron transferred to the USAAF: Gene P Neville Iain
  6. Really pleased - 'C' Class and HMS Renown - can now do two of my grandfather's ships in 1:350. Iain
  7. Hi all, Some really kind person apparently dropped off a big, heavy, sheet of vacced plastic with the moulded shapes for a 1:32 Sänger Silbervogel on our stand at Telford (32SIG/Large Scale Planes) Knowing what it was I 'volunteered' to take it home with me - I feel a 'Luft '46' project coming on. The team didn't know the name of the person that donated it - but if you're out there - thank you! Looks like I'm photographing lots of stuff this weekend - I will post images here. Iain
  8. Hi all, Connie seemed to go down well at Telford - and sparked a lot of interesting conversations, including with Mirek at HpH who's still planning a 1:32 Constellation in the future - in civil airliner guise. Was great to see Tom's Shack up close and personal - we were thinking that it would be nice to display them together - as two Cold War AEW icons - at some point in the future. Always good to chat to Tom - I really like his 'can do' attitude to modelling... Where do we go from here on the project? Well - I have some other projects I really have to crack on with now (commissions and mag articles) - so Connie will get put to one side over the next month. To be fair - I'm looking forward to having a break from sanding dust! Over Christmas I'll finish the fuselage shaping and add the nacelles. Then - get back to drawing up some etch in CorelDRAW. The bulkhead detail on Peter's Firefly project has inspired me to draw up interiors for the gear bays, flap housings and, possibly, flaps themselves for photo-etching - and Peter (Airscale), being the really lovely guy he is, has offered to vet the artwork prior to it going to the etchers (I have 25 odd years experience with CorelDRAW - but I've never had anything etched and want to ensure what I get done isn't a failure because there was something wrong with the output). Plan after that is to try and draw up the cowling panels in Rhino (or similar) for printing - and Tim Perry has already given me a lot of help, training and advice in this area... But she is, as so many said over the weekend, looking like a Connie now - at looooooooooooooong last! As Oddball would say - so many positive waves... *woof* I'll try and post some updated photos of her as she now is at the weekend. Iain
  9. If anyone's @ Telford a very rough and ready airframe is on display on our stand in Hall 1 (32SIG/Large Scale Planes - near the Airfix stand). Come and say 'hello'. Iain
  10. Lots more progress - with wings fitted and bonded with another 2 Oz of 30 min Epoxy - excellent stuff! Need to adjust the mounts for the tip tanks - a little nose high at the mo - but easily fixed! Have fun! Iain
  11. Hi gang - thanks for chipping in everyone - it's the banter that keeps me going - I think... Probably another update tomorrow - deffo on a bit of a roll - so I should embrace the enthusiasm I have - while it lasts! Working on her at the mo - getting wings ready to bond - all gettIng a bit scary - and BiG. Iain
  12. In 'another place' someone mentioned a comparison with the HK Models 1:32 B-17 kits... Please excuse the state of the grass! Connie is about 50% longer, and quite a bit bulkier - earlier photo with Cameron is deceptive as Cam is behind - so this should give a better idea, or maybe not? Iain
  13. Hmmm - dare I admit? Purchased from Hannants Lowestoft warehouse in August 1999 and started shortly after - so, erm, well, about 18 years... In one way it demonstrates a battle between my lack of ability and high aspirations - but I'd also like to think it also demonstrates a little tenacity at least. There are times when she nearly got binned - but I'm glad I carried on. As to completion - depends on whether I can keep the enthusiasm levels going - to have her dry assembled on the table and looking like a Connie has now got me pretty fired up - but there is still a huge amount of work to be done. If there's interest (and we have space) I may bring her to Telford again this year - fully aware that I'll get more 'banter' from people on how long it's taken - but I think this is the biggest single step forward the project has taken to date. Iain
  14. Doesn't look like a lot of progress - but there's a good 20+ hours of work between last week's photos and where we are now. If I'm honest I'm a bit 'sanded out' just now - time for a break. Nose being blended in - still a way to go - but getting there. Circle on top of nose was my pour hole for casting resin (the smaller a 'riser' the other side of an internal bulkhead). Nose was taped in position - adjusted for position/alignment - and then resin poured: Underneath you can see the area I had to fill as our puppy had made some 'field modifications' to the fuselage half: Rear fuselage getting there - some more surface imperfections to deal with: Curve of rear fuselage built up - needs further shaping once centre fin in place: Area ahead of tailplane - removed and rebuilt - again - getting there shape-wise (brown area is polyurethane foam core - soaked in Epoxy): Wings dry fitted. Gaps at root will either need plugging - or root re-shaping - depends on overall span when ready to be bonded - will make that call then: Young Cameron for a sense of scale! Have fun! Iain
  15. Thanks for interest everyone - appreciated! I know, it's been a long time - and glacially slow - but I do think she's turned a corner. I now have a Connie airframe, rather than some disjointed parts, so keep nagging! Iain
  16. Hi all - very long time, no speak - but I thought some might be interested to see latest on this project - fuselage now together - so starting to look like a Constellation! Can you tell what it is yet? Note - wings not fully seated at roots yet as I need to make openings for the flap area. Also nose is dry fitted, but needs a lot of work before fitting - as does the dorsal radar 'fin' which needs to be a lot thicker - so please be gentle with any observations at this stage plaese! And to give scale, an Eduard 1:32 Bf109E: Definately feels like we're getting somewhere at last! Have fun! Iain
  17. Go for it Jamie - I've just started mine (working on hull) - but taking nice photos is a challenge as the hull is so large... This really is a special project - thank you for your help with supplying the Pontos set! Iain
  18. Meanwhile - in a build thread far far away (in the past)... Needing a break from aeroplanes - and with some new nautical stuff having arrived that I'd like to crack on with - I've decided to get this one done and dusted. So - a little more progress (and 10p coin for a sense of scale - really is a tiny model): Unfortunately the previous images are down for now whilst I sort a new home for them (since I took the 'skywriters.net' 32SIG site down). Have fun! Iain
  19. For anyone that doesn't follow some of the dedicated ship forums - the Trumpeter sprue with both the kit funnels is available from Trumpeter via AliExpress for $7 plus $7.89 delivery to UK - so cheaper than casting a copy of the front funnel! Have one on order Iain
  20. One overnight order last night was from me - Option B for duplicate forward funnel frets. Was really pleased to see that option available - and the funnel size looks an easy fix. I'd have thought most people contemplating a 1:200 HMS Hood - with the Pontos set - would have the skills to either cut and splice, or copy and cast! Really excited about this project... And managed to get my Hood for £180 at Telford - which helps reduce the pain a little! Iain
  21. Not quiet where I'm sitting at the mo - just nothing to announce just yet - still playing with/learning about casting nuances - and canopy moulding is proving difficult... Not dead, not dormant, just trying to get to a stage where I have something really tangible to post! Sorry!! Iain
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