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  1. Feel a little guilty as this was started ages ago - not a lot done and the mods have very kindly allowed me to play! Hoping this GB will be the encouragement I need to crack on... There may also be a second build from me as the SCW is facinating and I'm drawn to these subjects like a moth to a searchlight! Iain
  2. Gimme a specific serial and I'll see what I've got in the decal stash ) Iain
  3. Mark Manwaring (now Wg Cdr) is the O/C of our flying club at RAF Halton - great bloke... Knew he was a Tornado F3 man - but didn't know he was ex. Phantoms... Iain
  4. Thanks Smeds - normally I'd have bitten their arm off but... a. like most - money is tight and a hundred quid is a lot of sponds and b. I'm waiting for the Revell one which will be cheaper and probably the better of the two... Am sure I'm not alone - and I'm not a Trumpeter basher - I've got a loft full of 'em! Iain
  5. Thanks again for kind words... Don't really enter competitions - I think it's a confidence thing - but we were short of space on our stand at the Torbay show a few years back so I put this model, along with a Ki 84 in the competition. I was pleasantly surprised to win the larger scale aircraft class (the Ki 84 came third) Iain
  6. Hi Tony, Also have an ALPS MD 1000... I use CorelDraw as vector images are a lot better for this kind of work and are infinately scaleable. CorelDraw also makes the layers easy... I draw to the size I want - in mm - by taking the original design size and dividing by scale I need. I then zoom in and add detail that can be absolutely tiny. In my experience - the use of 4 x end size drawings harks back to drawing stuff by hand - pre computer graphics - that I suspect my have continued in some circles as a legacy - but not really necessary. Remember - layers are everything and make sure everything CMYK + and whites, silvers, golds etc... These were all done on the ALPS: There is a good ALPS users mailing list that may be of use if you haven't found it already? Now - I just need to find my stash of white cartridges and the printer lead as I've got to print some decals off for someone... Iain
  7. Ooh - I *love* the 'zapped' USMC bird - me wants to do that in 1:32 now! Iain
  8. BTW - yes - agreed - a 'Straight from the box' build would be good - I've had most fun (amd most AMS relief) recently from trying to build out of the box... Iain
  9. Well - if I had the time I'd be in for the HP and Canberra GBs with 1:32 models (OK - vac - and from ID Models - Hampden, Halifax, Canberra and B-57 - all sat in loft gathering more dust) Iain
  10. Doh! Apologies - missed that completely - I blame the chemicals!
  11. OK - As I've got too many in the to do pile - I'll dive in too (providing I've got somewhere with the JU-52 in the Spanish Civil War GB)... Perhaps an SM-79, or Hampden... What are the dates for this GB again? Iain
  12. If anyone wants to use my lathe at any time - you're more than welcome to call by Iain
  13. Hmmm... I sold my plastic Unimat - useless piece of junk IMHO for anything that required precision... Now have a solid steel (and heavy) HobbyMat Universal Iain
  14. Cheers Les - although I'd argue it's not a power ranger suit - it's a 'retro' bargin Hein Gericke two piece... If you really wanna see the one piece 'power ranger' outfit - just shout! Have had too many offs without leathers to mean that I always tool up when I ride these days Whatya working on atm? Iain
  15. Thanks FalkeEins - good links! Thanks Houston! I think it's great that we have some 1:32 French subjects these days - must crack on with the MS 406 and Bloch at some point... Iain
  16. Exactly! Flying Tigers are a great subject Iain
  17. Thanks All! Always liked the lines of the MiG 3 - kinda '30s racer with guns... The Trumpeter kit really is *very* good! Iain
  18. Thanks all - I rather like the Rata - have done since I built the old Revell 1:72 kit in '76 (I was 10). And Spanish Civil War colours suit it... May have a go at another soon - but would really like to do a 1:32 I-15 or 153 Iain
  19. Thanks both - am a bit proud of this one - captured the look of the original nicely - although there is some debate as to whether Mickey appeared on both sides, or not... Iain
  20. Another 'Late Night Modeller'! Looking good Bex! I *really* want to do an Ark Royal F-4K in 1:32 - I must extract a digit... Iain
  21. Looks like an excellent idea - I want one!!
  22. Hi Tony, Noted - but as a quick Google will provide the reg no I thought there no harm. Have edited original post Iain
  23. Wow - I remember these (from the dim recesses of my two remaining brain cells) - didn't realise they were still available. What a brilliant cure for AMS! <makes note to look out for one> Iain
  24. Thanks for the info Phil - my spares box is pretty huge - but no ship items (last ship model I built when I was about 7!) - so I'll be scanning the WEM catalogue Need to finish my U-Boat first - then I might have a go at Hood - as a buddy of mine, Bill Stone - WWI vet that died last month - served on her in the twenties and at least that's a full kit and gives me something to cut my teeth on before scratchbuilding. Iain
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