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  1. IIRC it is - and a little on the crude side at that... I reviewed it for SAM when it first appeared in the early 80's - best avoided IMHO. Iain
  2. Cheers Andy, Not given a lot of thought to the rigging yet... Probably won't use the supplied thread - and I suspect I'll be re-modelling some of the insulators - if I get that far I will post some pix Want to clear the decks over the next week, or so, and crack on with the Ju-52... Iain
  3. Read this and shot up to the stash cave... Holy styrene Batman - all my fuselages are there Phewwww.... Erm - I have a 'few' Hunters in the pile - topped up from some recent ModelZone acquisitions - but they were un-opened - bought and converted to instant insulation - so, for a minute there I thought I might have acquired some duffers! Now - where did I put that pile of Sea Venoms that are still sealed? Iain
  4. That's amazing for a 1:48 AFV! Superb weathering - I like it In the dim recesses of my brain I seem to recall some nice 1:48 armour from Bandai when I was still at school - with full interiors - is my brain playing tricks? I think I had a Panzer III (could have been a IV) - not very good knowledge of 'targets'... Iain
  5. Really nice - like that! Wish I had the patience to crack rigging... Iain
  6. Mutter, mutter, mutter... Can't find the Eduard sets on stock anywhere - did they do the same thing fot the JU-52 in 1:48? The cells on the '52 look a similar design - but smaller... They seem to have done a detail set for the Bomber at some time - but no bomb cells? Clicky Page two.. Iain
  7. Thanks Blimp - looks like I need to get that photo-etch set - can scan and scale up on the PC and transfer to plastic sheet... Thanks FalkeEins - great pics Iain
  8. It's very simple... I use a plant sprayer to wet the area I want to salt mask with water - then sprinkle on table salt granules. If too much water the salt dissolves and you get more of a splotchy, rather than scratched, effect - and that is what I went for on the hull. Let everything dry thoroughly - then simply airbrush over the top in very thin layers. Once paint has properly dried - it's off to the bathroom for a dip in the bath (warm water) and a good scrub with a toothbrush. Salt should all dissolve away - but worth giving it a good going over and thorough rinse as the salt can leave a residue... Let the water dry and you're ready fo the next stage On the deck I've concentrated on 'salting' the areas that would get most wear - and have a wood colour and the mid grey showing through the dunkelblugrau. Others around these parts have been using Marmite - haven't tried it yet - but looks like a very similar effect. HTH? Have fun... Iain
  9. OK - a little further... Decks sprayed and salt washed off the hull - and hand railing knocked off whilst scrubbing in the bath with a tooth brush now replaced Conning tower glossed and decals applied - 2 x home made swordfish and 1 snorting cow from the ULAD sheet. Decals now soaked in setting solution - the marks you see on the black of the swordfish in the pics won't be visible. Nearly ready for the real fun - some detail painting first - then out with the oil paints for some serious weathering!! More soon! Iain
  10. BTW - If anyone wants some 'corrected' U96 Swordfish decals I might be persuaded to print some more off for a small fee to cover materials... Iain
  11. Hi Mike, Resin 'keel' was for strength - for such a large model the plastic used is quite thin and with the deep, straight, draw of plastic into the female mould it's paper thin. Exhibit A. M'Lud (note the tear in the plastic): This will also give a solid base for the wing spars. Normally for airframes like this I'd use a two pack foam - but as the JU-52 has such an open and visible interior that's not an option here. Kit includes some white metal for the engines and upper gun section (I think there are gear struts as well). Engines will be replaced with Williams Bro's Pratt and Witney Wasps that were included in the Combat Models copy of the Modelbau Schmitt kit (which I also have in the stash)... What I really need is more info on the bomb aimers/gunners dustbin and the bomb cells - piccies anyone?? Span - erm - about 3 feet - so pretty compact and bijou really! Iain
  12. Thanks Carl - she's turning out OK I think - hopefully now I have the decals done we're on the home straight... Iain
  13. Apologies for delay - a little busy of late... Interior floor made from styrene sheet - usinf a scanned and blown-up image of the Revell 1:48 part as a pattern. And a cockpit bulkhead - again - scanned and scaled-up from the Revell kit: Seat cushions: Throttle box: Will try and get some better pix shortly. Iain
  14. OK - Been a bit slow whilst I sorted badges ad got everything together to have the ALPS printer running again... Now have decals (on white - that doesn't show in picture) in black with red tongue - which is the most educated guess I have on the originals... Graphics created in CorelDRaw - from scans of the ULAD decals and tweaks according to photos. Have been tidying up the paint and tonight added more salt 'weathering mask' prior to spraying the decks in the darker blue grey - maybe tomorrow... More soon... Iain
  15. Blimp - those dustbin pics are great - have one in a book - but not the others - it's the main area of info I'm lacking for my 1:32 bird... Iain
  16. Very nice... I do rather like the lines of the Scimitar - one day I'll have a go in 1:32 - a boy can dream...
  17. Very nice Was wondering how to finish my Trumpy kit - problem solved!
  18. wOOt!!!! This was news to me - a Bristol Fighter even - 1920's - silver - I can see it now! Just when I thought it was safe to start reducing the stash - not growing it! And a Gotha - stunning! And figures... Me very happy bunny Iain
  19. Thanks - I'll need it! Pictures of new progress over the weekend Iain
  20. Thanks Tony - Watts were first port of call I believe - but no dice on that size... Iain
  21. Sorted - two tyres inbound from an aero supplies company in Havant. Just need some blue skies now...
  22. Thanks Kirk, We're putting feelers out through those kind of sources now... Even found a mobility scooter tyre that looks like it may do the trick! Iain
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