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  1. That's another tip I'll file for future reference. Thanks @beefy66
  2. People keep saying I build them quickly, perhaps I just have too much time on my hands . But I only spend 2-3 hours at a time and sometimes not every day and never after 4pm. This being retired is very good . Ah, the helicopter. That is a bit of a cheat, after I’d painted it, the prospect of trying to paint the windows on the cockpit just didn’t appeal. Hence it’s halfway in, or out depending on your point of view. And as for the wipers, I won’t be repeating anything like that anytime soon, WHAT an eye strain fiddle that was.
  3. One or two railings added. The end is in sight, once the railings are done, it'll just be a case of decals and covering up the shiny bits. Mind you, I say decals but this is it, #1 on both sides of the bow.
  4. Bloomin’ ‘eck. Absolutely amazing. I really don’t know how you 1/700ers do it. Jon
  5. Hah, I’d forgotten that, damp smelly carpets and on dry days you could watch the road going past, through the holes in the floor.
  6. I could say, it’s not purple, it’s your eyes. But I cannot be dishonest, the photo definitely comes out as purple. I think I’m going to give up this photo milarky, I’m just not very good at it, perhaps I’ll just do them all in black and white. Jon
  7. Ocean Grey, if you please Have a little respect THAT is the ships bell.
  8. Oh, don’t tempt me. I did try to build a 1/700 destroyer, but failed miserably. It was far too small for me. I suppose The Hood, being a battleship is a bigger kit, but still too small for me. Jon
  9. These are the colours I am choosing from.
  10. Well, the wipers survived the journey from 'jig' to ship. Not too bad, I did attach the other bits, but they just made it look a mess, so I removed them. Hardly noticeable with the naked eye. You will note too, that I've started to add railings. The end of this one is going to need a trim, as it blocks a ladder. And I've added to the flight deck.
  11. I think so too, just hope they survive the transition from card ‘jig’ to ship superstructure. I leant a long time ago, in the days when I painted 90mm figures, when to stop fiddle and walk away. Although sometimes it’s hard. Jon
  12. I have the following greys on my shelf. Colourcoats NARN23 WW2 Dark Grey Non-slip Deck Paint AK Interactive AK5034 507B Admiralty Medium Grey AK5035 Admiralty Light Grey Vallejo Model Air 71.055 Black Grey So it’s decision time, we’ll it will be when I start the build. I think I’ll discount AK5035 as being too light. AK5034 is lighter than 71.055 but closer to NARN23 So, I’m favouring NARN23. What are your thoughts @dickrd ?
  13. from the UK. My first car was a Mini, which had been ‘modified’ with wide tyres and a 1275cc engine. Great fun. Jon
  14. Little ship looking good. Get well soon, as they say, ‘there’s a lot of it about’ Jon
  15. @dickrd I don’t doubt what you say, but how do you know all this ? I’ve always been interested in people’s background. Well, that’s sorted then. But what shade ? Jon
  16. @beefy66 your, well mine actually, can of worms is starting to wriggle. Reading the contemporary accounts from @robgizlu and the knowledge of @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, I’m undecided. I’ve read several accounts from WW2 naval personnel and it seems ships were never quite the colour they should have been. What with weather conditions, paint supply problems and individual commanding officers taste, I doubt we’ll ever really know. We need more, unrestored, colour photo’s. But I guess the chaps on board had other things to worry about. But keep the comments coming chaps, no knowledge is ever wasted. Also, I emailed Ben at Black Cat Models, thinking he produced the kit, so he should know what the colour is. And he sent me the following pictures, so at least the colour did exist. Or there are certainly representations of it. I will continue to investigate. The truth is out there. Jon
  17. A warm welcome from a fellow ship builder in the UK. Well, those two look wonderful, I shall be keeping an eye on your future projects. Jon
  18. Absolutely no apologies necessary, given your electrical supply and weather problems, it’s me who should apologise to you, for bothering you with such a trivial problem. Have you any colours in your range that might fit, I was thinking NARN 26 ? Jon
  19. I've added the windscreen wipers to their mounting, as always they don't look so hot in closeup, but with the naked eye not too bad. Next, I think it's agreed that these are some sort of screen wash pipes. So I've attached them to their mounting. See P43 to the right of the wipers. Only another two more of these to do, but not today, they have pushed my patience and eye sight to their limits. Definitely earned my glass (or two) of wine after doing those. See you all tomorrow. Jon
  20. Thanks for the offer. I’ll send you a PM Jon
  21. Good thought. I found a picture which seems to show something similar. Whatever they are, I don’t think they will make the build. Tiny parts like this are why I don’t build 1/700 https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-bridge-of-ship-boat-ships-boats-ferry-ferries-captain-window-windscreen-50116299.html Jon
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