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  1. I must be mad, but just ordered ‘Sir Gareth’. Although I have a couple of modern warships in the ‘pile’ so might do one of those before it. Jon
  2. David. I didn’t realise I was making such quick progress.it feels longer. This being my first resin build, I inevitably made a few mistakes, but they were correctable. There isn’t as much building to do, as the hull and deck and some of the superstructure are in one moulding, which, for me made masking and painting a fiddle. Needed a bit more planning. Once I’d built the bridge and assembled the masts, funnel etc, it was really a case of fitting either tiny resin or PE parts to their correct places. I did find that it was worth drilling very shallow holes to fit the ventilators and other deck fittings, this made them much more secure. Also, of course, the type of glue is different, I’m allergic to CA, so have to use Epoxy, PVA or UV, which of course, for the first two take time to set. So if you can use CA, I guess it would make assembly a bit easier. I have to say though, I am enjoying building this ship, despite its size and will definitely be looking to build more resin kits. I sort of tempted by this https://starling-models.co.uk/collections/1-350-resin-kits-royal-navy-1919-1946/products/hms-sir-gareth I do like the slightly unusual and get away from the glamour of Battleships etc. If I have one criticism of resin kits, it’s the cost, they do seem to be more expensive. But, considering you don’t have the added expense of adding PE and 3D detail sets, I guess this evens it out. So, if you haven’t built a resin kit, I highly recommend the experience. It’s a nice challenge. Jon
  3. I forgot to mention, what is a very impressive collection of plastic. VeryFire do seem quite good at doing detailed moulding. For a brief time, before I sold it after realising it was too small for me to make, I had a 1/700 kit by them. The detail on that was stunning. Looking forward to this build. I also forgot to ask, where did you get it ? Jon
  4. I had the same question on a Japanese Destroyer and @Adm Lord De Univers supplied the answer. It is a type 93 Hydrophone. Jon
  5. A little bit of rigging, just finished but not tidied up yet. The Twin Vickers and paravanes added. On a different note, I see Starling Models do HMT Sir Gareth.....................temptation get thee behind me. I think I really need to do something a bit bigger. Jon
  6. Mike. Thanks. I was a bit dubious at first, as I’ve never built a resin kit. But I’m enjoying the experience and I doubt it’ll be my last. It’s so nice to build a ship, without having to add extra detail sets. Jon
  7. Starting to look like a ship. Funnel and bridge in place, not sure when I'll fir the masts. Probably when I've finished all the deck fittings, guns, paravanes and railings etc. Knowing me if I put the masts on now I'll bend them. Jon
  8. I shall give it a coat of gloss varnish, which if I'm lucky will pool in the troughs. Jon
  9. From across ‘the pond’. Enjoy your retirement, it does wonders for kit building. Jon
  10. Seems to me, not painting a model, means you have to be EXTREMELY tidy during the build. Way beyond me, I admit I use paint to try to cover my build skills short comings. However @Gisbod I reckon with this build, you could do it. Jon
  11. @Gisbod stunning work. Those photos almost look like the computer rendering for 3D parts. Jon
  12. @beefy66 when I started, the base had much more blue and green, but I think I over did the grey and white. Not thinking this out too well, I added white but in hindsight, the white would not be there on a swell. So, I’ll add blue and green and then gloss varnish. I’ll post the next version soon. Thanks for your help, this water stuff is difficult, init. Jon
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