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  1. Mike_

    Hello hello

    Thank you - I spotted the group build, I think it may take me a bit longer than everyone else to get turned around though, so I'll give it a miss this time. Thanks, having opened the box yesterday and already making a mistake on the engine I think I might need the luck!
  2. Mike_

    Hello hello

    Hello everyone, I'm Mike, I'm in my first year of civvy street (yay!) after 13 years of being in the army. I've got a particular interest in Cold War Soviet armour, I'm currently building an SA-9 Gaskin, a BMD-1, and a Miniart T-55 mod 1963. I look forwards to sucking up everyone's knowledge and experience!
  3. Does anyone know of good references for T-55s used in Operation Danube, the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in1968?
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