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  1. Hi, Lovely looking kit there. Checked on the web to see who’s got them in stock!!!. When I found one I couldn’t believe the price.......£269 for the standard kit and £575 for the pre-painted version . That’s off my list now. Brian...
  2. Hi All, Got my Scharnhorst last week and the new book (Anatomy of the ship).well pleased so far I’ve been doing bits and pieces on it, sub assembly’s and that. Obviously I’m waiting for a wooden deck set to come out!!!!. Don’t know how long it will be also a set of metal barrels.Again might be a few weeks yet!!!. I’ve also been looking for a set of Tamiya photo-etch bending pliers, the larger ones but no one has them in stock. (Well not in the UK ). So moving along slowly at the mo!!!. Brian...
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