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  1. Thanks I'll give it a respray in satin. Think it certainly looks the part in FAA colours. To me it looks better than in USN colours. Currently working on a F-15C and toying with doing it in DSG/DG over LAG as a RAF whiff although do wonder what it would look like with HSS instead of LAG. Now just need to think of a good reason for them to be in British colours other than they just look much cooler on the shelf than in plain grey!
  2. https://flic.kr/p/2hydWUN First post on Britmodeller. Found some of the WIP and tips on painting invaluable. Only started modelling again a month ago and this is the first I think is good enough to show. Wanted to do something a bit different to the usual Tomcats so did as a FAA whiff. Might have put the wings on upside down and not sure whether it would be better in a satin finish than a gloss Paint is a combination of xtracrylix EDSG brushed, Humbrol white spray paint on the underside, Tamiya XF-85 brushed for the blacks. Decals are from xtrad
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