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  1. That’s a pretty convincing black finish! Superb work there!
  2. Just picked up the kit from the Scottish nationals in Perth today. Wish I’d checked the box before leaving... decal sheet has been misprinted, so keep an eye out. Hopefully SH will get back to me and be able to offer a replacement ....
  3. No, I think they are different beast.
  4. Thanks for the tips..... looking for 540lb, it seems the 540’s in the airfix buck maybe a good option. Next question, does anyone want to part with the bombs?
  5. Hi all, i’m building a GR7 that operated in Herrick. ZD404 ‘Lucy’. The pilot who flew her wants a payload which includes 500lb free fall (dumb) bombs on the outers. I’m struggling to find any modern 500lbers. Any ideas?
  6. My 2 arrived this morning. Both main canopies have prominent integral bubbles/defects that won’t polish out..... hoping this isn’t another bubble canopy mess up (1/24 typhoon anyone?) other than that, the kit looks superb....
  7. Kit manufacture: Eduard Profipack Scale: 1/48 Type: BF 109G-6 Extras used: Eduard Brassin prop and spinner. Spiral mask Paints and colours used: All MRP, apart from detail and another that made its way into the photo booth. Again, MRP used throughout. I wouldn’t bother buying the spinner and prop as aftermarket again, but the spiral mask was superb. Model depicts W.Nr. 411960, flown by Hptm. Franz Dörr, the CO of III./JG 5, Gossen, Norway, May, 1945 109 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 8 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 7 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 6 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 5 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 4 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 3 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr 109 2 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr
  8. Kit manufacture: New Tool Tamiya Scale: 1/48 Type: F-14A Extras used: Eduard seatbelts, RBF tags, Master pitots. Furball Decals and walkways Paints and colours used: All MRP, apart from detail Well, its been a few months and i've finally decided to haul all the photography equipment out to photograph some recent builds. Here is the new tool tamiya F-14, and i can only echo how absolutely sublime the kit is. OutstandingI used this as a canvas to play with MRP paints as i really wanted to achieve that worn line jet look without going OTT. They performed flawlessly, and hold no real vices. Needless to say, since this build, the MRP collection has grown rather exponentially! Decals are from Furball, as are the stiffening plates for the fins. I also tried a new technique to me to achieve the scuffs under the wing sweep collars. I carved off some pencil lead into fine shards, and trapped them between the wing and wing collars. Carefully swing the wings too and fro, and you will be left with an accurate curve appropriate to the geometry of the sweep. I think it works rather well Finally, another first try was to buy some headlight tinting film from eBay. this is a very thin self adhesive film that some like to adhere to their cars to pimp them up. I found that its works great to tint the forward canopy visor. Optically clear, its much more uniform than applying a clear paint. A thoroughly enjoyable project I hope you like and can take some inspiration!F-14 4 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 1 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 5 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 2 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 12 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 3 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 6 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 11 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 7 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 8 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 9 by Chris Fleet, on FlickrF-14 10 by Chris Fleet, on Flickr
  9. My two arrived today... eventually! Brechin, Edinburgh, back up past Brechin to Aberdeen then Ellon. Kits all fine! Sea camel seems to have a sprue slightly wider than the box, so it's curved slightly, but no issue with the parts. £11 delivery sent post free!? Duncan, you'll go bankrupt!
  10. The question is do you have enough to fulfil all the orders!!?
  11. Well I'm stocked up on bobs buckles and rigging, just need the kits Duncan! Chris
  12. Thanks all. I'm actually contemplating painting the uppers dark ghost grey and the rest light ghost grey. As said, with heavy weathering and fading, all the tones effectively seem to step down one. I will have a play
  13. Hi all, Hoping someone with more knowledge on the topic than me can chip in. I'm building the Tamiya 1:48 F-14A and want to build it in the low vis TPS scheme. I've finally decided on the scheme from VF-32 Swordsman, when a pair of Mig 23 were shot down in a January 1989. Furball call for FS35237 Medium Grey over FS36320 Dark a ghost grey, without any Light ghost on the undersides. Now, FS35237 looks WAAAY too blue to my ref pics. Would I be better going dark ghost over light ghost?
  14. Nah, that would have been Mr William's build he built concurrently with mine..... I finished mine first though Good taste though
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