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  1. update to this. I have nearly finished in the insides of the cabin. as you can see I have also made the Spitfire Radio Compartment (eduard 648120). I tried some weathering but not sure i like to look. Any recomendations on the colour of wash to use for green? Ofcourse i still need to paint the other inner side!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am building a Eduard Spitfire Viii 1/48th in as much detail as possible. I got alot of good feedback on my engine so will try and do an upto date build log. I am a beginner and have not built models for over 25 years so any help or advice is much appreciated. PART 1: Eduard surface detail kit and Gun bay kit. This is the first time I am using a surface detail kit. Below are some photos of the swiss cheese fuselage ready for the PE. I have attached a photo of of the instruction but does any one know if i am doing this right? Do you kno
  3. @Troy Smith thanks for those images! super helpful. I have edited my post, but this is a 1/48 eduard spitfire MkViii kit, with the Eduard engine detail kit. The finest wire is 0.1mm copper.
  4. Hi, This is the first time i modelling after about 20 years. I have been concentrating on the engine for a spitfire MVIII and I think i am coming towards the end. Would appreciate anyones opinion on how i could make it better. I still need to finish the exhaust, PE frame and final weathering. Edit: Base kit is the Eduard Spitfire mk vIII 1/48 kit
  5. Hi Everyone, I am building a challenger 2 which has 4 grates around the top turret. These have some photo etch that needs to be bent in a zig zag shape, part A2 in the image below. I have the trumpeter PE bender (M) which only bends to 90deg. I am finding it really hard to make this shape on the bender. What is the correct technique (so i dont keep over bending and destroying the part) ?
  6. i think it looks like he uses the new tool A-5 kit with the decals from the A-6 kit?
  7. I think mystery solved! In the PLASMO video, he uses the Eduard FW190A-5 kit, but it seems he has used parts from the A-6 kit. The A-6 is near impossible to get a hold of now!
  8. Agreed I think painting would be easier but I’m interested in the decal in this case. In the video he has painted the white base and then transfers over the black grid (with a number 19) .
  9. Yes probably but I can’t seem to find any.
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know which decal set i can use to get the front black and white grid pattern. I am following the PLASMO youtube video which looks like he built an A6 using an eduard A5 kit and used the HGW Decals, but I am not sure this includes the front grid.
  11. I want to scratch build some handles for 1/35 tanks. Does anyone know what size wire should work best for scale? 0.3mm? 0.4mm or 0.5mm and will normal copper wire work?
  12. I was having a look at those. Which one do you suggest for seam line removal etc?
  13. Hi, I need some sanding sticks that are foam backed for sanding out seam lines and smoothing out areas. I bought some from amazon but they are way too fine. I need some so i can cut them to my own shapes etc. Do I need medium? or which grit for this kind of task? Could someone recommend some "go to" sticks i can buy? I keep buying either too fine to too course.
  14. To all the Abrams experts out there, i have spent far too long digging myself into an internet hole and would appreciate some advice. I am looking to build an M12A SEP which as much detail as possible and I have the following options: 1) Tamiya M12A with the Eduard PE parts or the Voyager (but they are hard to get) 2) Dragon 3536 with the Voyager parts (basic set, the bins, side skirts) Are they any other options worth exploring? I have looked at the E.T Model detail kits but the kit is £100 (over my budget!) I am particularly interested in the d
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