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  1. They certainly do! These builds have been ticking over quietly in the background and are now almost complete - here are the two models together: The only remaining jobs are attaching the tailplanes to one model and then the undercarriage doors and probes. The doors are prepped with the nose gear registration decals and ready to be fitted: My next post should finally be an RFI link!
  2. I built one of these a few years ago and it was nowhere as good as this one - yours looks immaculate
  3. Just a placeholder for now, as I need to finish a few other builds before (re)turning my attention to this one! Hopefully making a start before Christmas!
  4. Looking forward to this one - I have one in the stash too, but waiting for a few of my other builds to conclude before start it though…
  5. That sounds particularly appropriate - I hope you find the pictures.
  6. Is that a confession!? Excellent work on these two, I am in awe!
  7. That alone has made me pull up a chair! I will watch with interest and look forward to seeing the results! +1 for this this scheme, although other options are equally attractive!
  8. An unexpected bonus! A real shame about the bubbling. To help prevent this, once rubbed back apply multiple very light coats of paint. If it can dry rapidly, it makes it harder to react with the paint beneath it. Not foolproof, but might work? That masking looks excellent.
  9. Thanks Ray. I'm not planning much weathering on this one - I think the CO's jet would have been kept quite clean! From the reference photos it looks like some panel line enhancements will be quite sufficient for this build. Thanks Terry, it's an attractive jet, a sensible size and very nicely detailed OOB. Looking forward to seeing your other Meteors too - maybe join in with this GB?! The wings are now glued together and awaiting their engines to be built: And here's the underside, showing the rather nice bay detail: Finally the intakes. Airfix supply an inner sleeve, along with narrow and wide bore intakes - plenty of options here for different variants: I have applied a coat of primer to everything that needed it, so painting can begin in earnest when I get the chance.
  10. Six months since my last update! I can only assume my mojo for this build took a hit - I can't imagine why... However, inspired by @Lord Riot's build, I have finally returned to this one and am genuinely looking forward to it once again following the break. Hi Johnny. No treads at all and if there were they would have been sanded away when fixing those seams! The short shot piece has been fixed (photo to follow) and work in general with the undercarriage has begun. I would estimate that the model is 95% complete and just needing a final push! Thanks to @Adam Poultney for a fine set of reference photos, they will be very helpful. Funnily enough, one is on the bench now (1/48 TSR-2, nearing completion) and the 1/72 Concorde is about to make an appearance in the current KUTA GB - something which should appeal to @neilg. Both of these models also had their challenges! I hadn't realised the short shot strut was such a widespread issue... I decided to persevere with the kit wheels, taking on one bogie at a time. The first set of wheels was removed, the seams addressed and then glued together: A bit more sanding required, but I intend to leave a few minor score marks in the rubber plastic to help replicate the wear and tear on real tyres. The wheels for the other bogie never made it off the sprue, getting cleaned up in situ. These, along with the nose gear wheels and other main gear wheels then received a coat of silver: I started to hand paint the tyres then subsequently ordered some MRP paints to try, having read nothing but good comments about these on the forum: I will mask the wheel hubs and spray with the tyre rubber to see how that turns out, before using the other bottles elsewhere on the kit! I need to do some research about this paint before using it for the first time, to see if it needs thinning, etc. Any pointers much appreciated!
  11. Just seen this, whilst doing some research for my own build of this kit. Somehow I missed it the first time around…! Stunning build Terry, she looks excellent. I too have warped fuselage halves, so hoping mine turns out as well as yours!
  12. I’ve voted, but will do so again as I changed my vote to include “small scales” and am not 100% sure that I also clicked on ‘entropy’ at the same time… Better safe than sorry!
  13. That’s coming on nicely!
  14. Sorry I've missed some of your updates on these - life is busy again! Excellent progress Terry, they all look immaculate.
  15. That’s correct, it is the aircraft flown by Sqn Ldr Desmond ‘Dizzy’ de Villiers. His family crest is also painted on the right hand side of the fuselage beneath the canopy - more details here: Airfix Meteor Information. It’s been a very pleasant build so far! Glad you enjoyed the photos.
  16. I've managed a bit more work on this during the past two evenings. The wing has had the exhaust and undercarriage bays added and is now ready to be closed up: I've made a start on the two Derwent engines, by cutting out the pieces - some of these require an extensive clean up to remove the excess plastic: I've also found some pictures on the Airfix website, showing WF714 in service. The following photographs were taken by Russell Adams and his collection is held by the Jet Air Museum, who have given their permission to reproduce the images here. Hopefully they will be of use, showing the crest on the side of the fuselage and the general location of the squadron markings:
  17. No problem at all, I enjoy a bit of creep! @theplasticsurgeon, thanks for the clarification regards the markings. Progress has ground to a halt on this for a while, due to some unexpected DIY requirements… Hopefully the build will resume soon!
  18. Another image from @theplasticsurgeon's reference thread: The squadron markings on the side of the fuselage are different from the ones in the box, even thought the registration is the same: Checks instead of triangles... More research required!
  19. Having looked more closely at the 1/72 decals, I’m now tempted to replicate this aircraft instead: Photo courtesy of @theplasticsurgeon and taken from the BM Meteor GB reference thread. The main advantage is that most of these decals are already supplied in the box as the other scheme option for this kit. The only bit that will need some work is the tail fin and tailplane, as the stripes are not included… It’s an equally eye-catching scheme and as my only other 1/48 RAF NMF jet also has a blue tail, I’m thinking I should vary things slightly! Here’s the other model: Plenty of time still to make up my mind! I just need a weather improvement now so I can do some airbrushing…
  20. A great start so far! It's good to see so many people working on the same kit - I'm curious to see how the similar (or not!) the build experience is for each of us!
  21. I’m building the same kit and have been impressed by the quality so far. Yours is progressing well.
  22. Excellent job so far James, I shall watch for any tips along the way. Some great reference photos too.
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