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  1. Closing the gap was a simple matter of distorting the image slightly by stretching it up at the front. I then turned my attention to the general quality of the design. It looks pretty rough when you zoom right in, but not too bad when viewed normally - the last image on the above post is the current quality of the graphic; when zoomed in it looks like this: Obviously room for improvement, which will make the final decal look much sharper. Unfortunately this is a very labour intensive process, which is why things have slowed down! However, the work on this stage is now almost done - here's the same section after being tidied up: In case you're curious, this is a magnified view of the section of decal which goes around the centre intake. I'm much happier with it now. I still have a bit more to do, then another test print will be required to check that everything looks as intended. If so, decal printing will be next!
  2. Things are slightly less busy at work now, with just a couple more training flights still to go before getting signed off on my new aircraft. That means I have had some bench time again - something which has been noticeably absent for a few weeks! The two fuselages have been filled and sanded, revealing a some more blemishes requiring attention. I will attend to these, then once the weather warms up a coat of white primer will be applied.
  3. After two months of neglect, my attention has once again returned to Avro's mighty delta... Not a huge update, but any progress is still progress! The splitter plates were attached and unsurprisingly needed some filler: Note the unprimed areas around the side windows on the fuselage. Masking tape was applied (very roughly!) to protect the transparencies. I will mask them properly when the time comes. Sanding and filling awaits... Still, it's good to be back at the bench!
  4. Sounds like an interesting project, I’ll watch this one with interest! Merry Christmas to you too!
  5. Great model and an essential addition to your collection of centrifugal engine powered jets!
  6. It’s all been a bit quiet on the model front recently, due to the aforementioned 787 type rating (which itself was slightly delayed as I caught COVID and had 10 days away from work). However, I had my first flight yesterday and as @Alan P said, the aircraft is an absolute dream to fly. I have three more training flights scheduled for this month and six more in January. After these the course will be complete and I should be able to get back into this hobby again and resume my builds! Sadly not - if it’s an aircraft I actually flew then I will be keeping it authentic. I will save the ‘what if’ Utopia schemes for other kits, such as the 747-8 and A380’s.
  7. It certainly is - unless you have small windows! Great job so far, I've enjoyed following this build.
  8. Great work so far Alan, those engines look amazing. Shame about the quality issues on the plastic… at least you could fix it relatively easily!
  9. Time for a long overdue update! I have played around with some potential designs by printing them out onto plain paper and then comparing these to the model to see if they look correct when in situ. If there was any aspect that looked odd, I simply tweaked the master design slightly until things looked correct. This is (hopefully!) the finalised version of the artwork, with the shape of the tail fin super-imposed: The excess material around the fin was then discarded. The areas marked below in blue are sections that need to wrap around the model, so I deliberately did not trim too closely here. The area on the underside marked in orange has to wrap around the entire bottom of the fuselage, so I left plenty of material to work with: The next job was to separate the decals into two sections - one for the fin and one to wrap around the rear fuselage. I added some tiny black dots using the super-imposed fin outline as a guide, so I knew where to cut the image. These dots can be seen below if you look closely. Once split into two sections I distorted the lower one slightly along the top to create a curve that would fit around the base of the fin - you can see the size of the gap between the sections is larger in the middle: These were then printed out and offered up to the model. It looked generally good, but the curvature around the lower rear fuselage caused the decal to veer away from vertical stripes. My solution was to distort the design, to try to counteract this problem. This is very much a 'trial and error' process! I crossed my fingers and dragged the bottom of the design in the direction shown by the arrow. When printed (or viewed on a screen) it looks wrong, as the straight lines are curved. However, when wrapped around the model it should hopefully look OK. The corrective curvature at the rear on the cyan stripe is much more pronounced than the gentle curvature of the yellow stripe at the front: At this stage it was time to print out the design and see if it worked! The fin was obviously more straight-forward, being relatively flat. The geometry and general fit looked good: Then it was time to evaluate the more complicated fuselage section: The back looks good, but there is a gap at the front near the top where the two decals meet: A little more editing on Photoshop should rectify that. I'm now feeling more confident that this design will work, although it did throw every challenge it could my way!
  10. That is an incredible project and very well constructed. Did you design the plans from scratch?
  11. Thanks Terry. Funnily enough, I did some work on this one last night. I’m still working on the engines and flap track fairings, blending and filling. Hopefully I’ll get them primed later today. The plan is to glue the completed engines onto the model as one of the final stages of the build. @Abandoned Project I guess the warped fuselages were more widespread than I realised! It is a relatively simple fix though and once done, the Revell and Zvezda fuselages look almost identical - the main difference being the antenna bulges on top of the cabin. Your models look to be coming along well! I completely agree!
  12. Thanks John, very useful! I will try to source a second RJ-85 kit…
  13. I think I’ll tag along too - I want to get this kit at some point, so I might as well see what you make of it!
  14. Cheers Johnny. Still affected by very mild symptoms and it's lingering a bit... At least I can come out of the spare room next week as my 10 days of isolation will be over. I glued the gear doors into place earlier: Again, not the best fitting components but filler and sanding will rescue this quite easily. I should get a better finish on this model (compared with the first one), simply as I can sand it without the fragile gear getting in the way! @Skodadriver - I will try and get the "Avignon" design onto this one. No guarantees, as I've not started to tweak it on Photoshop yet, but if I can amend the graphics to my satisfaction it will happen.
  15. Very nice RJ John! I used to fly the RJ-100 and have this kit in the stash. I wonder if it is easy to stretch...?
  16. As I mentioned on @Terry1954's glider build thread the other day, I'm off work for a while due to catching Covid... I can't really complain as it's a relatively mild case, but the enforced self-isolation means I'm currently living in the spare bedroom and avoiding the family as much as possible! To try to keep boredom at bay, I have grabbed another A380 from the stash as my next project. I am looking for a relatively simple model and I've obviously built one of these already, so I know what to expect. To make it even simpler (and give me some different display options!), I am building this one with the gear retracted - that will save hours of work! Rather than starting a new thread and documenting the entire build, I thought I would add a few updates to this one which show the main differences in construction when building the 'gear up' option. The Revell instructions are a bit lacking in this regard... Also, as I cannot access the room where I usually build models, I am a bit limited as to what I can actually achieve at the moment. I have glue, a scalpel and a cutting mat, so whilst I can construct, I am unable to fill and sand (I usually do this under a running tap, to keep the dust down). Consequently it all looks a bit rough for now, until I can access sandpaper and the kitchen sink again - that should be sometime next week! Anyway, onto the build itself. The fuselage construction was the same as before, only without the nose gear bay. On reflection this would have been useful to add, purely to support the gear doors - I had to insert a couple of support tabs to do this job: Having learnt from that omission(!), I built the gear bays to support the belly panel and glued them into place: All a bit rough for now, but I will trim flash and other excess plastic later. Time to offer up the belly panel: The belly panel was wider than the opening in the fuselage - compare the overlap by the top red dot compared with the bottom one. However, the belly panel has a tapered shape, so it could be slid into position and force the opening apart - here's a dry test fit, which looks OK: Nothing that some filler won't fix! My final job before attaching the panel was to make an anchoring support for a display rod. I glued some scrap sprue together to form a block: I can drill into that and insert a support rod at a later stage.
  17. I know that feeling… I’ve had a month away from the bench due to work and it’s definitely more pleasurable now when I get some building time. That will be worth waiting for! I shall keep an eye open for them…
  18. It looks very faithful to the film version. I’m impressed by the scale drawing too - that looks very useful for getting things in the right place. Presumably you designed that yourself, using the film images as references?
  19. Apologies for not replying to some of the later comments - I didn’t get any notifications that there were more replies on this thread… @neilg and @desert falcon - I think between you you’ve worked out what those lines are for. Thanks for that, as I had no idea! I’ve looked at the decal sheet for this kit, as I’ve just started another one (but I’m not documenting the build this time, it will just get an RFI when it’s done). The BA instructions show the silver band, but misses out the four curved black lines even though the decal sheet still has these printed on it. I must admit, I assumed they were surplus during the last build and binned them, but if they should go on the wing roots I’ll incorporate them into my next builds. Cheers Steve! Glad you like them - I seem to have a eclectic mixture of kits at the moment. Airliners are more colourful (especially the Utopia designs!) but the military hardware is generally more interesting. I’m even toying with building a vehicle at some point, just to give it a try. Maybe a VW camper?
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