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  1. Excellent finish Roger, you can be proud of this one!
  2. I started to spray the wings a few days ago, but had a slight issue with some light drizzle starting at just the wrong time... It was enough to ruin the finish, which consequently needed to be sanded back: The second attempt was much better, although if you look very closely the blemishes can still be seen: I like the finish on the leading edges; it just needs a Flory wash to weather it slightly and pick out the panel lines.
  3. Great looking model Tom and I’m glad yours was easier than mine to build!
  4. Hi Paul. That is lazy, but certainly effective! Too late for me unfortunately, as the slats are already sprayed. However, I might try using some corogard decals in the future, they look like a great addition. The grey is now sprayed and the masking tape removed: A close up of the tailplanes: Corogard next, then these are done except for some weathering. I've also had a play around with the decals, to make something more usable than Revell's offering. This is my attempt at the decals for door 1 left, with correct colours and placement around the door outline, a revised door handle and enhanced colours on the 'Speedmarque' logo. Since taking this screenshot I have also added a door sill, Oneworld logo and darkened the porthole. V1 decal also shown, as I used this as a basis for getting the size correct: Door 2 received a few modifications too, with enhanced door handles and 'British Airways' titles. The rear doors are also shown here - note the darker portholes and door sills in these later shots: Finally the emergency exits (doors 3) were tidied up, with my effort on the left and the V1 decal on the right, which was used again as a template: They good on the screen, but I needed to do a test fit to check if they looked OK in situ. Starting at the front, the decal was cut down the middle of the door to check it matched the panel lines on the model: Door 2L was also put into position: And finally the rear door was checked: I was very happy with the fit on all of these, so decal production will commence soon. I just need to design some corogard panels first...!
  5. About the same time - the beginning of July last year! Spare time for builds is lacking at the moment but I will resume this one again soon!
  6. Again, not sure what colours are correct for the interior, but red certainly does not look wrong! Maybe not an original colour, but I’m sure some would have been reupholstered over the decades and I bet red ones exist. Following this one, as I have another VFR Models AA-5 kit waiting in the wings designed and printed by @Bangseat. Looking forward to starting once I have some space on the bench!
  7. Thanks Paul. That would have been so much easier...! I am working away on the decals and will post more about those another day. In the meantime, I decided to get organised to paint the wings and tailplanes. The initial job was masking the anti-icing panels on their leading edges. For some reason the masking tape did not like sticking to the Alclad and kept peeling away: A firm burnish with a finger immediately before painting will be required! I tried using liquid mask in the corners, but this also seemed to reluctant to stay in place, running back from the corner slightly: In the end I cut tape to the correct size and will push it down before applying paint! Here is everything ready for spraying: Hopefully another update soon!
  8. Life has been busy lately, hence the delay in progress... I finally managed to mask the leading edge anti-icing panels: With these areas safely protected, I can paint the main surfaces of the wings and tailplanes. I will be using Halford's Racking Grey for this job, as it is a great approximation for Boeing Grey. Having said that, I'm not sure if this colour would even have been an option on the 747-8, as many of these aircraft appear to have white wings...? However, as these models are both in 'what if' liveries, I have a bit more freedom. This option matches the scheme on the BA 747-436's wings, and I think it looks suitable.
  9. It’s certainly worth the effort Mike and your doing a great job with a very complex livery. I struggle just to get a neat demarcation line between two colours!
  10. Ditto! Really enjoying this thread and looking forward to seeing what you produce at the end.
  11. Great work so fair. I guess the file used to print the second model was designed to a higher resolution, resulting in a smoother finish than the more blocky ‘Sofia 1’? Will follow these two with interest!
  12. Thanks Geoff. It is a geometry issue regarding the main wheel struts. These are angled slightly rearwards and as they retract they rotate very slightly forwards as well as inwards. The bogie tilt is to accommodate this angle and enable the wheels to fit into the wheel wells without hitting the sides… It probably sounds more complicated than it actually is! The downside to this arrangement is that landings in the 767 tend to feel quite firm. The front of the bogie touches the runway first, pivoting the rear of the bogie which slams into the tarmac. Coupled with very rapid (automatic) spoiler deployment, lift is dumped immediately and the aircraft is on the ground! Thank you Mike. My initial sideline of designing decals for just one model has grown arms and legs! On the basis that I will be making at least three versions of BA ‘Utopia’ 767’s (and probably a few more in the future!), I think it’s worth the effort to get them looking correct. The new decals provided by Revell and the two different aftermarket sheets all have different issues, so this build is on hold until I’ve designed some new decals that look more appropriate. Talking of which, here a few of the things I am fixing. The first problem occurred when I applied the Revell doors. They are printed beautifully, but once on the fuselage they looked wrong: I reverted to Photoshop to take a closer look and highlight the issues. The main decal below is the V1 product, with the door in the centre of the screen and the outline of the Revell door to the right: The Revell door is much too deep and for some strange reason was drawn with a sloping top… The V1 door is the correct size, but the outline should vary in colour (grey and white), depending on the background colour of the “Speedmarque” logo - in this picture the outline is just grey. Finally the V1 colours looked a little dull. Here’s an image of the real thing, showing how it should look: Time to crank up Photoshop to redesign the doors! Here is my initial attempt, fixing the issues described above: The Revell kit also had the impossible task of trying to position the “Speedmarque” correctly - it simply can’t be done, as there are no reference points to use as an anchor: This decal also obscured the incorrect door decals. They then required a white decal to be applied over the top, replicating the white outline around the door: I think the home brew decals will be a huge improvement over these!
  13. Beautiful work on these two, especially if you’re a relative beginner! Always good to see more airliners in the RFI section.
  14. Great build, good weathering and the flaps elevate it to another level.
  15. Brilliant! It’s great to see what you’re doing with a 3d printer
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