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  1. Some good taste in music there mate, models not bad either !!!
  2. Hmmmm Hmm 92 Sqn Vulcan ... Blue tail.......
  3. Use a Flex pad triple grit sanding pad getting progressively smoother. Can also use a nail polishing pad. Then dip in Klear or Tamiya gloss clear to get the clarity back
  4. Excellent build, number of times I said I was getting the full set of Paragon parts to build just what you have .... We need you Neil......
  5. Very nice work, I take it you rate this kit then.....
  6. Excellent work, those windows really make it. Must get some out of the stash and get some old builds redone
  7. Very nice, don't think I've seen a Tucano built with the cowlings off. Must get on with my stalled build just trying to find stencils for the Black colour scheme
  8. That's not a "real" Lightning !!! Fabulous work on those reheats, they will be extremely eye-catching. Not that you will want to hear it but you won't see much of the cockpit with the canopy and pilot in place but the seat makes a massive difference over the kit's rendition.
  9. That's a cracking result, think the Revell one has the edge with the surface detail. How can you have a Shackleton and no rivets !! I have a built up vac form one somewhere
  10. On masking I've used free hand, blu tack and paper mask methods. The sharpness of the demarcation will depend on the angle that the spray gun was held at as rubber matts were used as masks on the real A/C and no doubt it was get em painted as quick as possible and out once built. This is an example of the blu tac method Regards Paul
  11. Very Nice, I have one of theses boxings but hope to finish it as the one in the entrance to the Christchurch Air museum which is in the SEA colours. Visited with my best mate , way back in 2007 !!!
  12. That's great reference material you have, you can never argue with a picture do like the sundowners one .....
  13. Can recommend the Quickboost ones, as they do the correct FGR 2 seats.
  14. Another of my favourite A/C, always wonder why the F20 never found favour as an aggressor. I too thought how clean the original photo looked but, and I know some will want to differ. I always model to a photo so if its really clean and I have to say that first photo seems too clean , then it existed like that so its not wrong. Its just what some people accept as 'right' and yours defiantly looks right. Be good if you could get it with the same background as the first photo.
  15. As an Irish lad that's 'criac ing' Always lots of dispute over the green but that looks spot on
  16. That's a great finish, a Mustang and a shark mouth , what s not to like
  17. That's a fantastic finish on a classic scheme. Another one I've got in the stash ....
  18. That's an excellent hard working toom.... Might like to treat it to some resin seats....
  19. Super work, have one of these in the stash am tempted away from the naval types now....
  20. Have to agree Tom, what a great kit, I have one I built up whilst away on a course as there was no evening entertainment ( Pub's shut). You have done a great job, inspiring me to get on with mine , which is the do-little boxing.
  21. Love the F5's in aggressor Schemes very nicely done. Just need one of the Airfix Brown Tan and green ones to go with them.....
  22. I could seriously fall out with you Pete, That's another machine I have often looked at whilst at Duxford and thought I must do one of those. Greats job. Harrier to follow......
  23. Stunner, Neville Duke of Hunter fame no doubt.........
  24. Stunning build of one of the most capable machines to ever grace the sky's. Hope you can get some pictures outside when the weather allows.
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