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  1. WOW!! The bang seat looks great. If the rest of the kit comes as the seat suggests, then it will be a hell of a model! Very good work so far and can't wait to see what comes next.
  2. Yes, they are about 60-650 in lenght and about the same in width, only the Fiddler a bit narrower than the other two. Not larger than a big size 1/32 kit, though.
  3. Yeah!! With the JATO bottles? And who gives a damn about carbon footprint
  4. I voted for the Fiddler but can be easily tempted for this one too
  5. This has been on their website since they launched. It is a good thing they ask people which of their listed three will come as their first kit in 1/48. I voted for the Fiddler, I think it will look great with all this metallic finish and millions of rivets, but I'm also fine for the other contenders, PV2-7 and B-47.
  6. I hope they do not come with decal seat belts this time.
  7. Ready to be induced If that is what you are talking about
  8. That is very good news, made my day!! I wonder if that will be only the C-21A or other versions of the 35 as well
  9. Those fan blades look phenomenal! Very glad to have ordered...
  10. Wow, what a line of X-planes!! Fantastic line up there! Early jet and rocket aircraft are my special field of interest, it is really a delight to see such a shelf here! D-558-1 Skystreak would be a nice next project, if you allow me to say, to add to this lovely collection. It would also add some color with its bright red I build in larger scales and I have a copy of the 1/32 D-558-1 resin kit by Jetmads. It is a very detailed and nicely produced kit, but I have not been able to start the build yet. You may also be interested to know that next Jetmads projects are D-558-2 and X-3 in 1/32 scale, as displayed on their website. I am looking forward to having these, the X-3 in particular as it has been my favourite X-plane ever. I liked your X-29 and X-31 too. I wish some manufacturer did those in 1/32.
  11. What a lovely model and a scheme. Great modeling !
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