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  1. Brilliant job. Always loved that scheme on RAF Phantoms. Somehow just look properly "RAF-ey" if you follow.
  2. Under wing numbers wrong way round? Mere irrelevance as a lovely build. Well done. Top work with that rigging. Think I'd have given up with that long before and deployed copious amounts of industrial language instead!
  3. Brilliant job. Really nice looking 'heavy'. However, having seen your finished model, you've now crowbarred this kit into my already crowded wishlist!
  4. The brace in the last picture leaves me wanting to emulate it. Lovely finish for such an iconic plane. Top work.
  5. Thanks for feedback. Yep brush painting this one. As I say first build in many a year so there's a distinct lack of kit as well. Hoping my next build will be a SAR type thingy, undecided which as yet. I'm looking to paint that in part with rattle cans, again to get eye in and remember how to do it all again if you follow. Ultimately if I'm a good boy Santa might get me an airbrush at Christmas. Ok ok, scrap that last bit. Be good? I'll probably have to buy it myself! Paul
  6. Mike, You're right. Italeri not Revell. Been trawling t'internet for new projects and mind was, clearly, elsewhere. Updated topic accordingly. Paul
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Definitely thinking of my next model. Want to start with some smaller models and expand/improve my skillset. Ultimately hoping to do the justice to a 1/48 GR1 Tonka. Never built one.
  8. Be gentle with me. First model built in over 20 years. Baby footsteps up to the stirrups at the momentn let alone getting back in the saddle. Look forward to your input. Colours not perfect. Be it in reality or through the camera lens.
  9. Siggypaul


    Been away from the pastime for 20 odd years. Decided to get myself back into it. Hoping to re-learn my old skills and pick up some new ones along the way. Prefer aviation as a rule. Cold War in particular.
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