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  1. Very beautiful, realistic work! Very nice photos. Best regards, Willy.
  2. Very sorry for late answer, after painting lay of clear and decals. Cheers!
  3. Hello friends! This model of SPG M109A6 Paladin in 72-nd from Riich Models was build by me short time ago. Allmost out of the box with some addings there and here. Anntennas - Orange Hobby. Have a pleasant viewing!
  4. My congratulations to winners, their models were the best, especially thank to Stix who organized this GP and all participants! Kind regards, Willy
  5. Thanks friends! Lebanese markings are in the box of the model. Only thing you need is to build it!:) Background is black paper for pastels. Just you need light not to drop onto the paper and a little bit post processing of pictures.
  6. Willy

    Cruel Lady

    Hi Stix, Merry Christmas! The end of the year and a lot of work to do. But the assembly continues, painting is soon. Best regards, Willy
  7. Hi FrancisGL. For camouflage on AML-90 I used Ammo Mig Camouflage MASKING PUTTY, highly recommend. I make color modulation in two ways: first apply all camouflage and then lighten it with a highly diluted sand color (1 paint to 20-25 thinner at low pressure), I call it post lightening and if necessary, also make post shading. I did so on Panhard. The second way: color modulation for each next color of camouflage and then some sort of sand filter. I did so on CV9040B from the Academy. In every way I lighten small details (nut and bolts etc. with more light paint by brush. Cheers!
  8. Hi FrancisGL, posted Panhard's pictures from another source for you, hope you can see it now! Best regards!
  9. Willy

    Cruel Lady

    Downloaded from another source, hope you can see it. Some work with metal tracks. Changed to Friul OMSh type.
  10. Sd.Kfz.232 (8 rad) Tamiya 1/48 Builded mostly OOB. Very nice and enjoyable assembly kit. I added only the headlights, new "mustaches"))), RB Model barrels and made some changes with gunmask.
  11. You are absolutely right, but sometimes dirt goes like this.
  12. This is Takom 1/35 Panhard AML-90 made 5 months ago, allmost OOB. Enjoy watching & Happy modeling!
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