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  1. As someone new back to the hobby and so missed out the first time, I will definitely get at least two (to do one in the all-metal and another in anti-flash white) and possibly three. This with the new Vulcan tool will add nicely to my little stash of Victors already secured!
  2. Btw on the Phantom - what is the best option for British Phantoms at 1:72? I gather the Airfix offerings aren't that well received?
  3. Phantoms are good! V-bombers, Lightnings, Harriers and Tornados are better! Actually the more I think about it the more I could add to that list - I love all the Cold War British stuff. If pushed, though, I'd have to go for the Victor as No.1.
  4. In the mid-90s I did work programme thing in Gurnee, Illinois. I was actually living in Kenosha, Wisconsin, but travelled down to Chicago quite a few times and loved it there! I did consider 1/32 for WWI. If Wingnut Wings start up again then I might go with that as their models are clearly something else, but in their absence I will probably stick to 1/48 or 1/72. It's a difficult one because WWII fighters are obviously fairly small in 1:72 scale, but the thought of having everything in the same scale is also hugely appealing to me! I am more tending towards the latter at the moment.
  5. Well as someone new back to the hobby, I'm glad they are re-releasing the Valiant because it means I don't have to get a mortgage to fund the purchase of one from eBay!
  6. I do, though I must admit I mainly play single-player (Test-Flight > Mission Editor) because, well, you know: humans; they can ruin the game! I do have to play the multi-player version every so often, of course, just to unlock more of the tech tree. Mostly play British, though have started on US and German, too. Rob.
  7. Hi all. I've been lurking on here for a while but thought I would properly introduce myself and actually start interacting! I'm Rob, I'm 47, and I'm currently living in Northamptonshire, though that will probably change at some point this year. Like many of you, I'm sure, scale modelling was a big part of my childhood and then about 5 years ago I took it up again for about a year before putting it on hold; this year I intend to get properly back into it again and, indeed, I've already purchased a few models in the last couple of weeks to create a nascent stash! I'm interested in mo
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