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  1. Beautiful work Tom! Brilliant Gustav. Well done! Best, Nikola
  2. Hi Shogun, You can just look at the colour wheel. The complementary colours are opposite each other. Best, Nikola
  3. Hi gents, Very slow progress and I now think that I chose a wrong project which will take a lot of time which I definitely don't have at the moment. I dry fitted the wings and this is what I get if I follow the locator pins:
  4. Simply A M A Z I N G work! You got me fooled into thinking those are real birds. Well done man! Best, Nikola
  5. Amazing work! Well done man! Brilliant model. Best, Nikola
  6. I'll use the engine for practice and try and make something decent out of it. If it still looks like s@#t I'll just cover it.
  7. Also, initial engine assembly done. Molding quality is far from great.
  8. Hi gents, I finally started working on it. This is my first Italeri kit and to my surprise the plastic is very very soft. OK for cleaning, sanding and scraping, but it feels so thin and fragile. Also very bendable. The quality of molding and fit don't seem that great as well. I started with wing and wheel well parts and in my opinion this is a very strange way to break up the parts. It's going to be a pain in the a$$ to make it right: Best, Nikola
  9. Possibly, no doubt about that. However, I found this photo while searching for Malta Hurricanes and from what I can see (I might be wrong) these birds, especially the closer one, have camo on their rudder which is different from the rest of the plane. Correct me if I am wrong. But again, they have letter markings. Not sure if Malta birds had them. Best, Nikola
  10. Brilliant work Andy! Well done man! I love it. Plus my favorite 109 scheme. Did you use Prismacolor Silver or similar for chipping? Best, Nikola
  11. All invasion stripes done, with some test weathering just for fun at the wing and horizontal stabilizer tips.
  12. Simply amazing model! Brilliant work! Well done man! Best, Nikola
  13. Yes, they are way too clean, for now, and as I used gloss for them they even look cleaner than clean. Don't worry, they will get weathered with the rest when the time comes.:) Best, Nikola
  14. That is B E A U T I F U L ! Amazing work! And in 1/72! Hats off. The wooden elements look amazing. What is your technique? Best, Nikola
  15. "Among the many problems that turned up in operational F4U-1 Corsairs was a leaky fuel tank, which was located between the pilot and the engine for the most favorable center of gravity. Corsair pilots I spoke to said that a virtually universal practice to keep the windshield clean was to seal the fuselage panels with strips of white tape".
  16. Wow! That is one brilliant Hog! Paintwork, weathering and details are excellent. Well done! Two observations if I may: 1) If I remember correctly the thin white stripes around the tank lid were actually tapes which prevented fuel leak through panel seams. 2) The cockpit was interior green. The hue in the photos looks more like a P47 cockpit colour. Correct me if I am wrong though. Again, beautiful model! Well done. Best, Nikola
  17. I know that I might be boring you but as this is a very slow progress I am posting every little step. Invasion fuselage stripes done. Next are the wing and horizontal stabilizer white stripes. Then the clear coat and on to the decals. Yay! Ah, yes, and the red checkers on the yellow...
  18. Very nice Hog with nice paint work and weathering. Well done man! Two comments if I may - maybe the decals should receive a filter of yellowish colour to slightly fade the white as they stand out from the rest of the very dirty plane. Also, some YZC primer could be added to the chipping effect as they usually had uneven chipping where both bare aluminium and YZC primer were exposed. Just my thoughts. Again, great model! Best, Nikola
  19. OK? OK? That looks brilliant my friend! Well done! The only ''correction'' I would make is on the black, since it looks too clean and shiny when compared to the rest of the model. Might be the photos though. Best, Nikola
  20. Great Stuka Cris. Lovely paintwork. Well done! I built one relatively recently and it is as you say a delight to build. Which Italeri Hurricane did you build? I am just starting their Malta Mk.1. Best, Nikola
  21. This is I think as close to reality as I could get with phone camera. I guess we'll have to wait until proper photos in the end.
  22. This is I think as close to reality as I could get with phone camera. I guess we'll have to wait until proper photos in the end.
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