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  1. They have replied to the instgram post saying their 'first shipment lands within the month'
  2. Well Airfix tease once more it seems Their latest mail shot promoting Fathers Day gifts link the Vulcan in pride of place, where it still has it on pre-order and a release of Spring 2021 So there are either going to be a few disappointed fathers who get a receipt given to them, or can we dare to hope a release in the next couple of weeks? Mark
  3. I'm still getting used to my airbrush after a year or so so take this with a pinch of the amateur also, but i got the best results by using a black primer and the panels mottled in white or a light grey depending on what i fancied at the time, leaving the panels lines showing through black I did the same the first time though, put so many top coat layers down I couldn't see them anyway
  4. I cant even buy paint for my house from 2 different batches from the same manufacturer without having them a different shade, so the thought that some of the many thousands of tanks produced may be in a slightly different colour doesn't really surprise me if I'm honest
  5. Always good to use camelcamelcamel for things like this, it will track the prices on Amazon and send you alerts when they drop below the price point you set So for this one - https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B00187MR78?context=search shows £39 was a pretty good deal Mark
  6. Fantastic build Dan and WIP was a joy to follow Picked up some great tips along the way too, so thanks for that Mark
  7. Much easier on the pocket and is even down the road from me for click and collect, bonus cheers Dan
  8. Have I read this right that delivery starts at £20, seems to push the price of a rod up somewhat Price to mainland England & Wales is £20.00 for orders under 15kg, and £0.50 per kg thereafter; mainland Scotland £27.00 for orders under 15kg, and £0.50 per kg thereafter (excluding VAT).
  9. Looks great, how is the switch operated? does the whole intake move?
  10. Have you twisted bare copper wires there or are they insulated?
  11. Had to read this 3 times to get it straight in my head, but really useful, Thanks Jamie
  12. I've realised where i'm going wrong now, I thought they looked great a couple of posts ago Dan - 'just a few more layers' That'll be it then
  13. Loving this thread Dan, its practically a figure painting step by step tutorial with copious hints and tips along the way , costing me a fortune mind Excellent work
  14. well first thoughts are, it actually seems responsive They must have bought a new hamster
  15. Hi Reg I had the same problems as you when i started again about 2 years ago. 30 years ago (well more like 35 but who's counting) reference material and advice was hard to come by, but now there is the exact opposite and trying to wade through this soup of advice has led me to some very odd purchases that I wonder what I was thinking , I think the difference between now and then is that Im now not saving pocket money to buy things from Beatties on a Saturday, I have the internet and a credit card So, my advice is that for every specialised product from
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