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  1. That's the cheap one i was looking at, the rear vent means i couldn't push it all the way to the wall and the desk is only about a metre wide so i can't really lose the end of it for the booth I am considering how i can maybe use a trolley to move it in and out from by the side of me, Ill get a photo posted when i can as it will make more sense I suppose, anything to avoid the big bucks
  2. HI Peter I'm still looking at extraction, and whether to buy a cooker hood (cheapest Ive found is on Amazon) or a 'proper' system, so I'll be interested on what you put in place If you vent out the open window though, would you have problems when the weather turns for the worst with either rain or wind by having your bench directly underneath - do love the natural light it gives you though Mark
  3. Thanks Steve, just the info I was after and like the idea of of the glass shelf at the top The top vent is what drew me to this kit as the cheap ones available all vent from the back so will push the unit further into the desk area I just need to get my head around paying more than my compressor and airbrush put together on a box with a fan in it compared to a £50 kitchen unit Mark
  4. The new compressor has just arrived so now looking at extraction The problem being I haven't the widest desk set up (basically MDF board in the corner of the garage) but its big enough and doesn't need packing away, meaning that an extractor will take up some of the precious space so I don't want it to come out too far from the wall I am considering 2 options - a DIY one using a slim cooker hood (Amazon) on its back venting out or a BenchVent BV300S-D Airbrush Spray Booth (GraphicAir) Ive read all the threads about DIY ones and the risks involved, but still would rather not lose the space - but if anyone has the BV300s, what the depth of the unit without the shroud? As I can still use the area under the shroud I am happy with that, but I would need to see how far it will come out of the wall If anyone can recommend another slimline unit as well, that would be great too
  5. Some good advice here, thanks The moral of the story seems to be Manufacturers own thinners will work, for anything else, test it and see as it could change from batch to batch even
  6. May have to expand on this a bit like @dnl42mentioned At the minutes i've mostly Humbrol Enamels used with a hairy stick, but will be getting an airbrush in the next few weeks so will give them a go, but will inevitably start looking at other types Everyone will always have their own preference in brands for paint etc, but I was thinking if there was a matrix that would list out say the alcohol based acrylics that would be happy with IPA such as Tamiya, so if I wanted to try out another brand, I could use the same type of thinners rather than stocking up on the manufacturers own for each one as @Space Ranger says, which is what I am using for the Humbrols I say IPA by the way as i've a load of it already used for cleaning electronics etc, so anything happy with IPA would be the ideal starting point as means less cost while i play around with the airbrush
  7. I've found lots of posts on various sites recommending what thinners to use with what paints either off the shelf or home brew, but it there a consolidated list or matrix anywhere that I can reference?
  8. Sparkie

    Telford 2019

    Thanks @Whofan , some more to add to the list, I can see why the floor plans are needed now!!
  9. Sparkie

    Telford 2019

    Cheers Paul Yeah first Telford, getting back in the swing of things after the usual life hiatus I signed up to IPMS as I may pop down again on the Sunday if I don't get around as much as I wanted to, as its not THAT far a drive for me and for the sake of a tenner was worth the punt I thought If you see a tall ginger bloke looking lost, that will be me Mark
  10. Sparkie

    Telford 2019

    Newbie question for Telford, apart from wandering around admiring the great handiwork, and spending more money than household senior management would be happy with, what should I put on my not to miss list?
  11. G'day Jeff Thanks I did eventually, the hull was badly warped so I had to learn how to use filler again, then decided to practice things while i built it, so used all sorts to 'weather' it from rust streaks using oil paints, to charcoal for the panel lines so it looks a mess now but i had fun experimenting and will pick up another ship in the near future to make a decent job of it I've put the Ark Royal down as a steep learning curve
  12. HI folks As seems to be the thing to do, I've been stalking this forum for the most of this year and took the plunge to join eventually I've started up again after 30 years when I was bought a 1:600 Ark Royal by the kids, but sat on it for years before cracking it open in January. The bug then bit, and a couple of Spits and a Tiger later (all Airfix 1:72/76) I was building a stash again and learning new techniques all over again I got sidetracked with a new job in April, but have now finished the cave in the garage to get out from under the family's feet and ready to start up again when i get back off holiday in a couple of weeks You will probably see me pop up on all the other threads as I start asking about compressors, home brew thinners, paints and all the other topics in this little haven of knowledge as I start to get up to speed with all the changes that have happened in the last 30 years Fun times ahead! Mark
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