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  1. Sparkie

    Which paints to use?

    Without trying to hijack somebody else's thread, this is sort of related What about oil paints? Would I be right in saying that the more expensive Windsor and Newton type ones are much better than the cheap ones from the paint sets in B&M etc? Given that we are not painting on canvas as they are meant, but mostly thinning right down for highlights and washes, does it make much of a difference for our needs?
  2. Sparkie

    Airfix 2021...

    If I remember correctly from the James May programme on Airfix, they shockingly skipped a load of molds when they originally emptied the Margate site. Is it known what they actually have left to re-issue as a vintage classic, or are they keeping that a secret?
  3. WHO have been saying since May that this will probably become an endemic disease anyway, even with the vaccine, so its a very sensible call looking that far ahead Hopefully the treatment will become successful enough in the future so as to not be to concerned about it and we can get back to 'normal'
  4. Sparkie


    Exactly, and conditions that are not 'fatal' such as asthma which when mixed with Covid are extremely threatening. Covid should rightly be the cause of death, but the resultant actions taken give us an indeterminate number of secondary deaths that are not directly due to Covid, but the measures in place, everything from cancelled treatments, not going the doctors early enough and the mental health side of things also. Covid caused excess deaths , but not directly in these cases The most accurate numbers I've seen, and using data from other countries, show the expected death rate; the Covid attributed deaths and the excess deaths. This gives a much clearer picture of the extent of the impact and also show the discrepancies in other countries reporting methods. Only then do we see through the bluster much like what @iang mentioned The statistics mess was made worse from day one, for which I blame the press, for by constantly saying '....but what about this, you haven't included them'. For them to say the figures are never consistent, no wonder I am also hoping the inevitable inquiry doesn't get too political, as whatever side of the fence you are on, I don't think anyone could have handled this 'well' as even the countries that did 'well', we will never know what the infection rates where truly like when they went into lock-down and a whole multitude of other reasons. We just need to learn for the next one and not find a scapegoat All that aside though, we are a communal species, and some of the 'future world' visions I've seen are not a nice place. We need events like Telford, music gigs, sporting events etc because we need a sense of community. I just hope that people continue to wash their hands as I am still perplexed by the increase in soap buying - didn't people do this before???
  5. Sparkie


    Catching up on this thread, and that's what I was wondering the most. In general and giving the outlay that has been mentioned previously by @Duncan B, just how much a money spinner is it for the traders? I suppose there is the free advertising and spreading awareness that comes off the interaction on the stands, and I for one have subsequently bought online off traders that I first encountered at 2019 SMW, but with a footfall guaranteed to be down, how much will the cost of the stands have to be reduced to entice the traders to attend? We then go into a spiral of less traders->less buyers->less traders etc Mark
  6. Hi Richard You could get a USB Display adaptor, they don't cost that much There are different ones available for USB 2 and 3 and for VGA or HDMI etc depending what you connecting to, this 'should' work Amazon looks to have them between £20 and £40 depending on the sort This sort of thing -Link Mark
  7. Thanks for that @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies will give it a go
  8. Is Copydex more or less a strong PVA? I'm guessing it would have the same effect as the Humbrol Maskol ive got in theory
  9. I am about to close up my Sunderland build and start on the outer painting, given its a Sunderland there is quite a bit of chipping around the waterline I am using the Colourcoats FAA temperate scheme paints from Sovereign's range which are obviously enamels, so what is the best method to produce the chipping effect as i don't suppose the hairspray and wet brush will get through the top coat, or will it? So far I have thought of the painting on with scouring pad or brush method or using blobs of masking fluid and removing afterwards Any help gladly appreciated Mark
  10. Sparkie

    Lock Down.

    Eventually catching up with BM after being laid low myself with 'just like the flu', which is all i can say it was as I was never tested. I only had a mild case and was out of bed (as far as the sofa with 2 naps a day) after 3 days and back to working from home after a week, SWMBO had it bad though, she has been off from work for the last 3 weeks, half of that time not leaving her bed. Again, we are pretty confident she had it as she had all the symptoms, and colleagues who work closely with her all tested positive (she works for the NHS) but we will never show up on a statistic (which is why the UK recovery rate is so low) So there are positive stories out of this, but we are reasonably fit healthy and a dose of antibiotics that SWMBO got prescribed from her GP, that is after struggling to get through to someone, sorted her out. But its a nasty bugger and takes a while to shift. Our two teenagers didn't even get a sniff out of it, so again. we don't know where that leaves them in the statistics or if you can get it twice Got back at the bench at the weekend though which was good as i never felt like over the last couple of weeks, so things are looking up Things I noticed though over the weekend on our first walk out empty roads and people still cycling on the pavement being stared at by people and them scurrying away when you get too close (they need to know how far 2 or even 4m is), we live in a small friendly town and the atmosphere has definitely changed and not for the better, people walking towards you 2 abreast, making you walk in the road to get out of their way - i think I'm just going to start coughing next time and stand my ground Lastly, decided to cancel the summer holiday and forfeit the £250 deposit, rather than pay the remaining £3k and risk it falling through anyway and have to fight to get it back, the idea being if we are all good come the summer and we want to go away, we would probably save it on re-booking Stay safe everyone, Mark
  11. This is quite possibly the most incredible build I've seen, and the amount scratch build is amazing, fantastic work!
  12. Just to add to the One Drive costs I pay for Microsoft Office 365 Home (6 users version) for the family, as well as the Office suite, each user gets 1TB of One drive storage included You can get it for about £50 usually (just checked Amazon now and its at £56) which is less than I use to pay for that much storage alone Mark (who is not sponsored by Microsoft )
  13. No problem, Ill give it a go anyway sometime this week hopefully and let you know how i get on if you havent started yet
  14. How did you get on with this in the end @Vinster? I was just about to use x22 thinned with X20A thinners - so not the lacquer type, and was about to try out the humbrol washes over the top? Did a days drying solve the problem?
  15. Yep, exactly this. I have had my H&S Ultra 2in1 since November which I'm really pleased with, but saying that, also have nothing to compare it to. I got used to switching needles for primer and top coats and give a good cleaning between, which as @Mike says isn't ever a good enough routine for a while, but with practice it gets quicker. Although not having worked out pressure versus paint thickness properly yet, I still have to decide whether its a cleaning issue or not when i get poor flow results What I have worked out though, is flushing through properly when switching between enamels and acrylics ( and all the differences in between). This was after i got instant gunk after I added acrylic paints to a spotlessly clean airbrush - or so I thought, but it still had some type of enamel thinners in the airbrush from the cleanup
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