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  1. No problem, Ill give it a go anyway sometime this week hopefully and let you know how i get on if you havent started yet
  2. How did you get on with this in the end @Vinster? I was just about to use x22 thinned with X20A thinners - so not the lacquer type, and was about to try out the humbrol washes over the top? Did a days drying solve the problem?
  3. Yep, exactly this. I have had my H&S Ultra 2in1 since November which I'm really pleased with, but saying that, also have nothing to compare it to. I got used to switching needles for primer and top coats and give a good cleaning between, which as @Mike says isn't ever a good enough routine for a while, but with practice it gets quicker. Although not having worked out pressure versus paint thickness properly yet, I still have to decide whether its a cleaning issue or not when i get poor flow results What I have worked out though, is flushing through properly when switching between enamels and acrylics ( and all the differences in between). This was after i got instant gunk after I added acrylic paints to a spotlessly clean airbrush - or so I thought, but it still had some type of enamel thinners in the airbrush from the cleanup
  4. Also 40% off at the moment, so down to £15 https://www.vulcantotheskystore.co.uk/the-vulcan-bmk2---from-a-different-angle---2nd-edition-192-p.asp
  5. It does indeed seem a stretch as you say, there are a couple of Heller ones i've seen online which look like a re-boxing and they are going for about £50 or £60 which seems more accurate going on the box size to £ ratio Looks like a return trip is on the cards to check its all sealed
  6. I've stumbled across an Airfix Queen Mary 2 (12250) in 1:600 at a bric-a-brac shop for £38 but I cant find anything out about the kit other than the Scalemates listing and a positive review on the Dutch IPMS site EvilBay has one listed for £85 so it looks a decent enough buy at first glance, but I would buy this to build, so I am more interested if anyone has already completed, and if so, is it a decent moulding or an absolute pig, not to mention, is it at a decent price point? Thanks folks
  7. It would be interesting to see what external factors are impacting them, the oil price must certainly hit them that's for sure, but if its to help get them back in the black to keep the company running then so be it, The online retailers usually have the kits at least a few pounds cheaper anyway, so it will be good to see what the market price levels out at too rather than the RRP
  8. Fantastic thread Ced, great job I have the same kit waiting on my airbrushing to improve a bit before i wade in, but its great to see the warts an' all in the process and that things can go wrong, not just when you are still low down on this never ending learning curve like I am Its really does help to know that a lot of the things that can go wrong are 'normal' and are not the end of the world Mark
  9. HI Andy I am getting used to airbrushing too and had some of the same clogging issues you have had. What i found was that after thoroughly cleaning one type of paint (e.g. Tamiya or enamel) i needed to flush again with the Vallejo thinners before trying to paint with them I am guessing that the remains of the previous thinners or cleaners was causing it to gunk up It is only a guess though so could be wrong.......and could well be Mark
  10. Now the British winter has descended on us, will the colder temperatures have too much of an adverse effect to both trying to airbrush in the garage? The last attempts have meant I've had to thin more as i'm guessing the paint has thickens as the temperature lowered In the mean time, I've moved in the paint storage to the house to keep them in the warm until i use them and even the airbrush as that was cold itself and will try again at the weekend, any other things i should consider? I have a mixture of paints that I am trying out while i get used to spraying, which are Humbrol enamel and acrylic, Tamiya acrylic and a few Model Colour, are any better than other in the colder temperatures? Mark
  11. HI Simon I use the Hobby colour converter app (free with ads ) I've found it useful to track what I've already got and where they are compatible and also track a shopping list Came in handy at Telford to see what i already had against the OOTB paint guides on the kits i picked up so managed to pick up a couple of colours where i needed them Mark
  12. That's the cheap one i was looking at, the rear vent means i couldn't push it all the way to the wall and the desk is only about a metre wide so i can't really lose the end of it for the booth I am considering how i can maybe use a trolley to move it in and out from by the side of me, Ill get a photo posted when i can as it will make more sense I suppose, anything to avoid the big bucks
  13. HI Peter I'm still looking at extraction, and whether to buy a cooker hood (cheapest Ive found is on Amazon) or a 'proper' system, so I'll be interested on what you put in place If you vent out the open window though, would you have problems when the weather turns for the worst with either rain or wind by having your bench directly underneath - do love the natural light it gives you though Mark
  14. Thanks Steve, just the info I was after and like the idea of of the glass shelf at the top The top vent is what drew me to this kit as the cheap ones available all vent from the back so will push the unit further into the desk area I just need to get my head around paying more than my compressor and airbrush put together on a box with a fan in it compared to a £50 kitchen unit Mark
  15. The new compressor has just arrived so now looking at extraction The problem being I haven't the widest desk set up (basically MDF board in the corner of the garage) but its big enough and doesn't need packing away, meaning that an extractor will take up some of the precious space so I don't want it to come out too far from the wall I am considering 2 options - a DIY one using a slim cooker hood (Amazon) on its back venting out or a BenchVent BV300S-D Airbrush Spray Booth (GraphicAir) Ive read all the threads about DIY ones and the risks involved, but still would rather not lose the space - but if anyone has the BV300s, what the depth of the unit without the shroud? As I can still use the area under the shroud I am happy with that, but I would need to see how far it will come out of the wall If anyone can recommend another slimline unit as well, that would be great too
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