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  1. Excellent build and vignette, first class ! Wulfman
  2. A cracking Crusader, you’re turning out some great builds ! Wulfman
  3. Lovely builds and weathering , first class ! Wulfman
  4. An excellent and interesting build ! Wulfman
  5. As usual an excellent build and and presentation ! Wulfman
  6. Lovely job on the Helldiver, I will attempt to match your blue on my French Bearcat ! Wulfman
  7. Lovely build on the old Heller, a very fine kit for it’s time ! Wulfman
  8. Many thanks for the heads up, I’ll probably use the front of the engine too. Haven’t decided on the colour scheme yet, maybe overall RLM 02 ! Wulfman
  9. Lovely looking Spitfire with very nicely done weathering ! Wulfman
  10. An excellent year’s work ! Wulfman
  11. Meteor Mk.8 is a great release. but are Airfix to abandon the gentleman’s scale ? Meteor and P-80 will be my only purchase . Disapointed, Wulfman
  12. A lovely build, I’m looking forward to doing mine ! Wulfman
  13. Excellent build on the Skyraider , nice work ! Wulfman
  14. I agree, Westland should have built the Spad under licence, maybe they could have called it the Westland Wyoming . Wulfman
  15. Very nice build, very well done ! Wulfman
  16. A fabulous collection , every one a winner ! Wulfman
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