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  1. Very nice work on the Mustang, that paint gives a lovely worn looking finish ! Wulfman
  2. Lovely looking Lightning, excellent work. Love those faded invasion stripes ! Wulfman
  3. Why the Thunderflash and not the Thunderstreak.? Woe is me ! Wulfman
  4. A beautiful build and finish, I could never achieve the immaculate finish that is required by these airliner kits ! Wulfman
  5. Magnificent MiG, great build and finish, first class work ! Wulfman
  6. A lovely looking Spit, great build and finish ! Wulfman
  7. A lovely build, especially the subtle weathering , great work ! Wulfman
  8. Excellent build on the old Heller ! Wulfman
  9. A lovely collection , great year's work ! Wulfman
  10. Magnificent Marauder, superb modelling,a masterclass ! Wulfman
  11. A lovely collection , all great builds ! Wulfman
  12. There’s excellent stuff here, your mum’s better than me ! Wulfman
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