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  1. Lovely to see a Thunderjet, great build and choice of colour scheme ! Wufman
  2. A truly remarkable model,great build! Wulfman
  3. Beautiful build and finis , Luft 46 never looked so good ! Wulfman
  4. Excellent work on a very basic kit ! Wulfman
  5. Hurrah for your Hurricane and Gladiator collections, very well done ! Wulfman
  6. Beautiful Banshee, great build on the old Airfix,I agree one of their best at the time ! Wulfman
  7. Lovely build on the DC-2, great addition to your collection ! Wulfman
  8. Excellent Emil, beautiful build and finish ! Wulfman
  9. Very fine build and finish , well done ! Wulfman
  10. Lovely looking Lightning, great job on the old kit ! Wulfman
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