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  1. Excellent conversion and very interesting project ! Wulfman
  2. Lovely build on the old Airfix ! Wulfman
  3. I believe the above is a trainer, not a drone . Wulfman
  4. Academy, easy to build, good selection of WW2 kits still available and very reasonably priced ! Wulfman
  5. Excellent build, you’ve made the “SLUF” look beautiful ! Wulfman
  6. Excellent build and choice of scheme, great stuff ! Wulfman
  7. Wow, an Airfix Battle which actually looks like a Battle, superb modelling ! Wulfman
  8. Great work on the Airfix, and a lovely little collection ! Wulfman
  9. Beautiful builds in your diorama, excellent modelling ! Wulfman
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