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  1. Chris, Warren, thank you. I don't have an airbrush so that's that idea gone unfortunately. I'll have another look in GW or on their website. It's a pain in the bum really considering that colour is quite prominent on the Mercedes F1 cars. I'll just keep on searching unless someone has a mega brainwave Thanks again guys. Appreciate it
  2. I'm hoping to build a Yamaha TZ250 kit for someone and not really having much luck finding any Petronas Green paint for the bodywork. I've only ever seen it as part of a decal for the Revell Mercedes F1 car. Does anyone know where I can find said colour, or do you know what the % composition may be from a number of paints and what colours they are? Any help would be appreciated as I haven't got a clue, plus this is my first attempt at bike building. Should be interesting.
  3. What a gorgeous aircraft! Really unusual as well. I've got this kit gathering dust and it really needs building to go with the other 3 Hunters of varying scales I have. Congrats Silverburn. Brilliant stuff.
  4. GoonerChris

    tamiya spit

    Geoffrey Wellum was in K-King 'Pancho' Villa had QJ-N in October 1940 Possible pilots are: Ronnie Fokes Sebastian Maitland-Thompson Trevor Wade Tommy Lund Sam Saunders plus others. The sqn was based at Biggin Hill so there is another avenue to explore.
  5. GoonerChris

    tamiya spit

    Goose, will check out a couple of places along with Geoffrey Wellum's 'First Light' book. Hopefully I'll find out for you.
  6. Haven't done much recently as the girls are on Easter holiday but here are a couple of pics of the figure that will represent Lt. David Wood: The legs have been glued together and the head onto the torso. I've left these parts seperate in order to make painting easier. As you can see there is still a bit more clean up to do but these figures are quite well moulded. Hopefully the painting will bring it out.
  7. Just a small note: Reported in The Times obituary section (27 March 2009), the last officer from the Pegasus Bridge coup-de-main operation, Colonel David Wood, died on the 12th March, aged 86. David Wood was a figure I always intended to feature in this diorama. The sad news of his death has only renewed my resolve to finish it.
  8. Hey, cool Antoine. Never seen one of them before. I'll get the popcorn out and watch how this turns out.
  9. I'll assume you've read Richard Morris' book on Gibson and, yes, he is a completely different animal to the one portayed on film. Hopefully we will see Gibson 'warts and all' and if Peter Jackson does with this material as he did with LOTR, then that should be what we will get. He likes to be as true to the original as possible. Maybe this is why the film is taking so long to get going? PJ is having a barny with the money men as they want the Americans to have breached the dams and the Limeys/Australians/NZ'ers only flew spoof raids to draw away the thousands of nightfighters intent on shooting down 'our boys'? Nothing would surprise me. Hopefully it will be completed soon, then I can watch it and give my verdict.
  10. Nothing wrong with calling the dog, Nigger, in my opinion. It is a word of its time and the time was the 1940's. Having worked with quite a few black people in my working life, they tend to call each other 'nigger' anyway. If you watch films featuring black actors, it's written into the script as a matter of course. For realism or basically because they damn well can and get away with it. I don't think that many people would actually give a about the use of the word in the new film as most normal, non-anally retentive human beings know that it's the name of a f*****g dog! Also if they were really that worried about it, surely they would have had it removed from the original 50's film. Jeez these people are so chuffing thick it frightens me. And we allow them to roam free in our society. PCism has gone too far now and if anyone starts to give me the 3rd degree about being a bit non-PC, well, get knotted (that's polite) and go very far away. I don't want to be infected by your stupidity. Get a grip.
  11. You absolute beauty!!!! Crack on ol' chap. I've got the popcorn and beers handy.
  12. If I had the time, space and money, I'd build the lot. As you're asking for one, it's a toss up between Dinghy Young or John Hopgood aircraft. As said before, a tribute to those who didn't return. I didn't know Dave Maltby was buried near Canterbury? Not too far away from me. I'll have to pay a visit.
  13. You could always try a small drinking straw cut lengthways? It works for making building ridge tiles so why not exhaust covers? PS: They were the only pics I could get other that lying on my back to photograph the underside, which I should have done. I just didn't want to look a prat in front of half a dozen Japanese tourists.
  14. Superb effort Howard and a worthwhile build. What I find strange though is that the Sally B owners won't allow decals to be produced. Surely that would be another avenue for much needed funds to keep the beautiful bird flying? Anyway, that's off topic and a discussion for another day. Keep it up and make sure we get pics of the day. I'll bung these up if I may? Sally B at Duxford a couple of weeks ago undergoing a service in the hanger: Even half dressed, she is one beautiful machine.
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