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  1. Thanks for the HumbleBundle tip, it looks interesting. When I get to the stage of actually sculpting some figures in Blender I’ll be sure to share how things go on the forum.
  2. Thanks for this comprehensive over-view Schwarz-Brot. I have just started to learn Blender with the aim of creating some interesting figures in 1/72 scale. I haven’t purchased a printer yet but hope to get a resin printer such as the Mars Elegoo Pro. This forum has arrived at just the right time for me.
  3. Really inspiring build ! I recently ordered the Flyhawk FT-17 in 1/72. I thought that might be a challenging build but compared to your ‘little un’ the Flyhawk model now seems very manageable.
  4. Yes please. Saw this reviewed on Florymodels, and it looks fascinating.
  5. Wow, thanks for the heads up on this, looks great.
  6. Hi All Jan here, just thought I'd say hello. I used to make Airfix kits when I was a kid, but then other things came along... and before you know it 45 years have gone by! So a lot of catching up to do! Kits have got a lot better and its great to see lots of people on this forum and YouTube sharing tips and techniques. I'm mainly into 1/72 aircraft and 1/35 vehicles from 1914 to the end of WW2. Although I've only been back modelling again for about six months, already I seem to have built up a small stash, its very compulsive isn't it...
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