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  1. Here is the finished article. The kit was pretty good for its age. The only real problem areas I had were the canopy, which was a bit thick, (my ham fistedness didn't really help) and the fit of the langing gear. Otherwise all pretty good. The decals had suffered over time. A couple broke up and the white of the stars and stripes lost there opaqueness (opacity?) and allowed the red underneath to show through as a slight pinkish tinge. Oh, and they didn't like setting solution either. I'm reasonably happy with the fishing line rigging as a first attempt - should be better next time. Still don't know which method I prefer and I must get to the bottom of the vagaries of CA glue. Thanks for your comments and there are a few more pics in the finished models thread. Bob
  2. Well done, the A-40 is a beauty. Bob
  3. Good spot ! I hadn't noticed the radiator pipes were shown on the painting guide. (didn't even realise the fuel pipes existed!) If they are in the profipack would they be resin? Why not include them as injected ? Don't get it. Anyway, could your paint issue be due to a slightly greasy surface. Bob
  4. Looking good Steve, Just another thing that may be useful. On the upper wing there is a radiator panel with a sliding shutter arrangement. I looked at this a few times during my build wondering how it worked, but carried on assuming it just did. But this bugged me a bit. Yesterday I visited the RAF Museum at Hendon here in London where thay have a beautiful replica Albatross. This aircraft also uses the wing mounted radiator. It then became clear - the radiator plumbing is missing from the Eduard kit ! Of course the radiator should have a feed and return pipe (just like a car) but these are not modelled. As you can imagine these are quite large, about 2" dia and quite prominant. (we're not talking a small hydraulic line here) If I'm correct, and the radiator is not fed by another means, then I feel this is quit an ommision by Eduard. Sorry i've no pics but a quick Google will show what I mean. You might like to add these to your build, I think its a bit late for mine! Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge can shed more light on this. Thanks, Bob.
  5. I've now got some painting done and rigging added to the upper wing. Bob
  6. Quick update on progress. Main assemblies together and most of the very prominant rivets sanded back a bit. I've also drilled all of the holes needed for the rigging. I'm planning on trying fishing line this time so blind holes have been drilled in the underside of the upper wing and through holes in the lower wing. Once attached the excess line will be trimmed and the lower wing underside tidied up. Thats the plan anyway! Rigging that goes through the fuselage I haven't figured out yet..... Cheers
  7. In other words, basically the same as yours, Jaime !
  8. A quick update. Main parts de-sprued and primed. Thanks for all your colour scheme suggestions. I think i'm going for the silver & red arctic rescue 1948 scheme (red outer wings ,fin and lower hull) Out of interest I tried one of the kit decals and it was fine. Not bad after 51 years! Bob
  9. So here is my second Group Build entry. This time an Airfix Grumman Duck J2F6. The kit dates from 1968 - so I don't give the decals much hope. I might hunt around for a few different schemes - any suggestions would be gratefully received. Anyway, here goes.
  10. Hi Steve, Bit of a coincidence here. I've just finished one of these and have posted some pics in the Ready for Inspection thread. I enjoyed the build and am reasonably happy with the result. I'm impressed by what you have done so far. The interior looks great. (but not much of it will be seen on the finished model I'm afraid) One area that I struggled with was adding the upper wing (no surprises there!) The interplane struts are moulded flat but are fitted angled so the locating pins need to be carefully bent to suit. (same for the undercarriage struts). I added rigging to the upper wing first before attaching - does get in the way a bit but worth it I think and just make sure you have nice positive locating points for the struts in the upper wing. I didn't and struggled. Anyway, I'll be watching with interest to see how you get on. Cheers Bob
  11. Here is my recently completed Eduard Pfalz DIIIa. It's my first WW1 subject and was an enjoyable build. I have rigged a couple of other models before ( Gladiator and Swordfish) and used EZ line fine which I thought might look a bit under scale in 1:48 so I bought EZ line the next size up - thick. Oh dear, the stuff I got is terrible. It's almost a flat elasticated tape - not round in section at all. But I used it non the less. Does anybody else have any experience with this. Might resort to fishing line next time. This build comes off the back of a Swordfish Mk1 Floatplane for the Sea/Floatplane Group Build so I'm a bit 'rigged out' at the moment. A bit of heavy metal next I think! Anyway, enjoy the pics. Cheers, Bob
  12. A couple of absolutely fantastic models. The T4 in that Norwegian/Arctic camo is a gem. I have a copy of the Sword T4 awaiting and I am planning on the same scheme - I now have a high bar to aim at! The Harrier has a special place for me as I spent a lot of my career at BAe Kingston/ Farnborough/ Dunsfold designing bits and fixing others. The T birds, I think, are very pretty aircraft. Well done
  13. Thanks for all your comments, Bob
  14. Just seen your Walrus in the gallery, Paul, lovely neat job. The rigging looks very well done, Bob
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