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  1. Hi My last update, oh, it was long time ago, a year. This project is still alive, but I have no time for updates. Left side wall is ready. Longerons made from soft steel wire, fasteners are photo etched, thank's PART company. Regards Tomasz
  2. Hi! Could you tell something more about Jan Maes, I was wondering who the founder was.
  3. Hi! I visited SMW 2019 at Telford last weekend. I showed my Boeing in the contest. Model received special price, Jan Maes Trophy for the best biplane. Unfortunatly an unpleasant surprise came to me from the judges superdetailed class disqualifying my model. They claimed that it was diorama, not superdetailed model. Sad and terrifying in all this was that, despite the differing opinions of other judges, they did not change their mind. See you on next competition. I invite on model shows to Poland.
  4. Hi I'd like to explain how I plan to build fuselage. I saw film on youtube about Wellington. It shows the construction process at the factory. I have to do the same, separatly both side walls, bottom and upper construction and two fragments with complete fuselage. Tube longerons will stiffen side walls. Geodetic structure will be attachted to the frames and floor. Main problem is the shape of geodetic members, this is sigma shaped section. I had to invite how to imitate this shape and I decided to cut structure from fuselage halves. The maximum width is 0.3 mm. Then I will fix a lit
  5. Hi After the construction of the Boeing F4b-4 I was wondering what to choose as a new project. My choice fell on Wellington from the Brooklands Museum. I thought about it ever since I saw the picture on the cover of the aviation magazine and read the article about this particular aircraft few years ago. I want to do it exactly as it looks in a museum. That's why I flew from Poland to the museum to make my own photographic documentation. I also made contact with the museum, which promised to help in the project. I will use Airfix kit for construction, at least three. My monster in
  6. Hi All! This is my first thread in this forum. Some of you may know me from LSP. I would like to show a model that I finished earlier this year after 8 years and over 2000 hours of work. I never expected that this project can take me eight years. I thought about three or four years. Of course I had breakes, holidays etc. As base I used old Hasegawa kit, but it was only excuse to start this project, the rest is scratchbuilding. Main assumption was to cut all structure of fuselage from kit’s moldings. I showed this model at a competition in Madrid where it won the b
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