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  1. I do not know why ... but I like those old English aircraft. They were never the most beautiful, but still great to look at. Your model shows this British style superbly, very well done model. Best regards Peter
  2. I have never seen before this "criss cross camouflage".... outstanding job you do on your model, fantastic. Best regards Peter
  3. I built the first kit in 1974 at the age of 7 years, the Matchbox F4U-4 Corsair. What followed it was like a virus, a disease ... incurable ...infected to this day ... Best regards Peter
  4. There were some Japanese planes with kill marks. Here e.g. Takeo Tanimizu, Picture of Takeo Tanimizu and his Zero .
  5. Inspired by the model 1/144 Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Revell (built by Columbia20713) I also show a weathered "airliner". It is the Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation (Revell 1/144), to me the most beautiful airliner ever. I painted the metal finish with model master (testors) "steel", "aluminum" and "chrome". Decals of the '' Fuerza Aérea de Chile '' are my own production. This original photograph of a Connie parked somewhere on an airfield, apparently forgotten, had caused me to make my model worn out. But I did not want to make my model look broken, just worn and dirty. That's the result Best regards Peter
  6. A wonderfully built and weathered airliner! Most Airliner models are very clean and brand new, but yours is just like it is in "nature"! Likewise I love these models. Best regards Peter
  7. Wow...very nice pictures of a very nice model. I'm excited! Best regards Peter
  8. Hello There is another one Japanese aircraft, Mitsubishi A6M5c "Zero" (Tamiya scale 1:48, the old one from 1983). Like my "Betty" with some parts from Eduard and Master Model, and painted and weathered with Testors and Revell colors. The pilot is from Plus Model. Best regards Peter
  9. Hello Here is my first post of finished work, it is the Mitsubishi G4M Hamaki Typ 11 "Betty" in scale 1/48 from Tamiya (with some parts from Eduard and Master Model). Painted and weathered with Testors and Revell colors. Best regards Peter
  10. Servus Lothar....logisch, in Bühl bin ich dabei (wie immer). Thank you for your welcome
  11. Here are the De Havilland DH.60 G Gipsy Moth Amy Johnson, the Fokker F.VIIB-3M ''Southern Cross'' and the Westland Wallace PV-6-Prototyp (Houston-Wallace). I am still looking for the Bleriot XI
  12. You are right... Here are the Ryan NYP ''Spirit of St Louis'' (unfortunately not as a Trail Blazers) and the Vickers Vimy from my collection.
  13. Hello everyone My name is Peter Lepold, I'm from Germany (Durmersheim, Baden-Württemberg). I'm born in 1967 and I'm interested in model kits since the early seventies. For many years I am collecting model kits (mostly old models, for example Airfix, Frog, Matchbox, Revell etc.). This forum was recommended to me by the user "viscount806X", thank you very much. Best regards Peter
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