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  1. Hi, This is a 120mm figure from Andrea Miniatures painted in acrylics. Joseph
  2. Hi Badder, Apologies for the late reply. Glad you like my diorama even though I can point many problems looking at it now. I did seal the model with varnish (TS-80), then hairspray, then white with 24 hours between each application. What took some time was removing the white paint. I actually left everything for two years before doing so; didn't think the white paint would come off! Regards
  3. Somewhere in the Soviet Union... This started as a build of an old Tamiya T-34 kit to test the hairspray technique. The model was left for two years before I found the inspiration to complete it again a couple of months ago. Figures are Miniart.
  4. The CER conflict, also known as the Sino-Soviet war of 1929 was an armed conflict opposing the Chinese Northeastern Army and the Soviet Army in Manchuria. The conflict saw the use in battle of the first fully Soviet developed tank, the MS-1 (or T-18), although it was heavily inspired by the Renault FT-17. The diorama is a recreation of a contemporary picture from the front. The tank is from Hobbyboss. The figures are from Alpine Miniatures and Stalingrad (I think), reposed and with small modifications. The dog is from Reality in Scale. 1/35. Sino-Soviet conflict - 1929
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Joseph from Beirut, Lebanon. I've been into modelling for about 35 years now. Started with AFVs then gravitated towards figures which I've been doing for the last 8~10 years. Now I'm partially back to AFVs, mostly dioramas. Nice and varied content on this forum, looking forward to contributing and benefiting from everyone's help. Joseph
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