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  1. Payday today!! I bought: Vallejo airbrush cleaner and Liquitex yellow ink (online) Citadel Daemonette Hide and Citadel Ratskin Flesh paints (local game shop) Warhammer Mortal Realms issue 6 (Thorns of the Briar Queen minis!)
  2. Really good! I bought my missus a Warhawk egg plane; she will probably build it this week.
  3. 1914 'Blind Leading The Blind' World War 1 themed metal from Ukraine. Superb album. My favourite album of the past few years.
  4. Really nice work. I was just watching videos of M1s stuck in mud.
  5. That's really nice work. I've not seen prismatic film before. This is very timely. I was just watching YouTube videos of M1s stuck in mud.
  6. I'm a real modelling newbie so I may be really off here, but I've been doing warhammer 40k for a while. I find that a brown (with a warm orangey tint to it) base coat is good for yellow. I've recently seen pink acrylic ink used as a pre shade for yellow. It seems to create an orange tone in the recesses.
  7. Paint viscosity to air pressure ratio is a real struggle for me.
  8. Tamiya Mk5...xmas gift from the missus, and my first scale model in 30 years; I've done a few aircraft which were real drinkers. I've never done AFV before.
  9. Really nice work so far. It is giving me the kick up the backside I need to finish my Chieftain.
  10. The rule of cool. I have zero interest in civilian vehicles, aircraft (other than a few specific helicopters), so it leaves me with AFVs and sci fi stuff. I paint Warhammer 40k stuff mainly so I am the same there. I buy what looks cool.
  11. May I please be added to the group build? It would be my first. I'm a real novice but I'd like to have a bash. Thanks.
  12. I'm super new to scale modelling, and decided to try both 1/35 AND 1/72 scale models to see how I liked them. From a building point of view I really struggle with the delicacy and precision involved in 1/72. 1/35 is a lot easier to build with my fat sausagefingers. I'm still part way through painting 3 or 4 1/72 tanks (Cromwell, Jagdpanzer, Maus in 1/100 but same size) and one 1/35 Chieftain.
  13. Thanks for the walkthrough! I too am rubbish at documenting my work. I intend to, but then I don't. But my work sucks.
  14. I don't know if I missed it, but what was the process involved in creating the shell splash?
  15. Really impressive work. It is dynamic and captures movement/action really well.
  16. Pixnor Tweezers as recommended by loads of people. My pound shop tweezers have gone now. What a difference! I also bought an Armourfast Cromwell set (1/72 pack of 2). Looks like a fun little build to practice weathering and maybe make a diorama.
  17. Given all he bad thing I've heard about Picard, I will be avoiding.
  18. Acrylic paint tends to dry super quickly, so it needs a retarder or flow improver (for vallejo, citadel and army painter at least...never done Tamiya).
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