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  1. Payday today....I bought lots of hobby bits. Ultimate primer grey Mission models thinner Swann morton retractaway and blades 3x zvezda 1/72 maus kits (one for me, my daughter and missus) PCB drill bits for making TINY holes! New brush soap. I was VERY close to buying an Academy 1/35 Jagdpanzer late version, but I have to pay for a school trip. Responsible parent nonsense and all that.
  2. Huge thanks to @Bozothenutter for the help! I am both impressed and terrified in equal measure at the prospect of building them!!!
  3. The Robotech T Rex kit!! I started building one but hated the upper half, so it's in a box somewhere. The legs will be used for a warhammer 40k ork dreadnought of some kind.
  4. Welcome from Wales!
  5. ProjeKtWEREWOLF


    Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here and have found this lot to be very welcoming and helpful.
  6. I had a head scratching time last night. Dismantled it to lube and deep clean. Could I get it back together?! Haha. I managed it, but the trigger to air valve connection is tricky. Clumsy fingers. I was going to spray some more this morning, but got distracted building my first 1/35 tank (Tamiya Chieftain xmas gift).
  7. It's a bit of a shock how different the 105 is compared to my budget airbrush. The HUGE needle size (0.5!) Compared to the 0.3; it just throws paint out. I'm having a hard time getting the thinning ratio correct (never a problem before), and the finesse required is a new experience. Needless to say I will be practicing this weekend.
  8. That's really nice! Who makes the mini?
  9. Looking good. I'm tempted by some of the Zvezda kits.
  10. The difference between the Badger and the no name Chinese AB is night and day. I've ordered a 0.3 needle and nozzle set, as well as one of the new guarded tips. I am very clumsy, but also hoping I can back flush with my finger rather than the rubber cap (less hassle). I'm happy overall.
  11. Is anyone here buying the new partwork series Warhammer Mortal Realms? https://www.fauxhammer.com/news/warhammer-mortal-realms-magazine-issues-1-12-content-confirmed/ I picked up the first issue for £2.99...well 2 copies; one for me, and one for my daughter. It comes with 13 Age of Sigmar minis, as well as bits to learn the game. £35 worth of stuff. The plastic minis seem really well sculpted and cast. We are both looking forward to doing them. I will be picking up occasional issues e.g Thorns of the Briar Queen in issue 6. £7 vs £15 for a GW exclusive set?! Easy choice.
  12. I've just bought a Revell king tiger 1/35, and don't really like the look of the rubber tracks (2 piece jobbies). I am a proper novice at building and need some advice. Any idea where or even if I can get decent replacement tracks for reasonable money, that will fit the Revell Tiger 2 1/35? This is a really cheap kit so I don't want to be spendy. Thanks in advance H.
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