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  1. Lovely work and excellent details. For the sniper girl may I suggest a more natural pose with the gun horizontal and the magazine against her hand in that way
  2. Great work Kristjan, coming along nicely.
  3. Looks to be an interesting build. I will pull up a chair if I may. P.S - Its a nice background story you have given, such people are always interesting
  4. I suppose you could do a post war version with th MiniArt one
  5. Interesting subject mate. I did this particular model last year for the Journey's End GB and my build can be found here if it is of any interest to you. Also point to note about the DShK, The kit supplied one depicts a DShK mod. 1938, the original one with the rotary feed system but has the muzzle brake from a DShKM which has a shuttle feed system (which wasn't introduced until 1946 and therefore not found on any WW2 vehicle.) The MiniArt set depicts a DShKM which as stated above is later. Sorry for being long winded, but this is one of those little things that irk me in a model. Reference for both Dushkas attached Mod. 1938 DShKM
  6. Excellent work. Very neat
  7. Great work John. The turret is study in scratchbuilding in its own right.
  8. This is another one of the 'strange bedfellows' machines produced by our ordnance factories and only existent on paper. This is the initial MBT EX idea (mating the turret of the Arjun (inspired from the Leo) to an existing chassis) Bad idea and didn't work. They tried again by putting the turret on a T-72 lower hull, but the turret being so outsize led to stability issues when traversed either side, therefore again only a prototype. Picture below:
  9. Initially when they were purchased, they used the D10-T and a dummy fume extractor was put for differentiation purposes (see the T-54 picture posted by me). Subsequent to the wars, we also looked at our Vijayant tanks (Vickers Mk. 1 locally produced) and the Centurions we had been using and given that the tank crews like the L7 gun a lot more than the D-10T (was mainly because the FCS was more primitive etc etc.) and it made sense logistically to have all the tanks firing a common ammunition, the transition was made to L7s on the T-55s.
  10. They are all basically T-55s but the units all add their own touches and odds and ends. I look forward to seeing your rendition. Should you be in requirement of any further tips, photos etc. please do ask.
  11. Hi Ben. I do have some reference photos handy which I attach below. A clear picture of the L7 and FN MAG. A busy vehicle. A picture of one on exercise way back when. I will look in my collection for more if you are interested. Also, as an interesting aside, here is a picture of one of the few T-54s we used (they were used to fill up shortfalls in the T-55 order) and it has the original 100mm gun, but with a dummy fume extractor to aid identification as the Pakistanis were using Type 59s and our crews found the differentiation at a glance to be indistinct. The machine gun is a Browning M1919 as we had a whole lot left over from various things.
  12. Wow John. The scratchbuilding is something else entirely. Looks to be an excellent result coming up.
  13. Coming along well my friend. Are the Lee-Enfields the only weapons provided?
  14. Just went through the whole thread Badger. Excellent work mate. Might I suggest an Indian T-55 with the Royal Ordnance L7.... Plus we didn't put DShKs on them, but rather FN MAGs
  15. Ok everyone, I've figured out the plot for World Domination. He's building this missile in the guise of a model but when it's done he'll point it at the nearest government building and demand a transfer of power to him. You've been rumbled, now we know the reason for such ultra detailing. Great work mate, keep it up
  16. Great work Keith, the weathering sets off the vehicle very nicely. I plan to do the Zvezda one in Indian colours later
  17. Hi all, sorry if I have not been too active on here as I was busy. However, I did make this T-72A from Trumpeter in Indian Army colours. Comments and critique welcome. Pre-weathering Post weathering:
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