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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marooned_(1969_film) It seems that the story was written by Martin Caidin, who by coincidence wrote The Six Million Dollar Man.
  2. HL-10 There are no seperate parts for the gear bays on the resin kits. The instrument panels and consoles are a nicely cast component. The centre fin is simply intended to be a butt fit to the fuselage. That never ends well, so I have frilled a hole to accomodate a pin. M2F2 Again, a similar process to the HL-10.
  3. X-24B The same process applies to the X-24B The X-24B was actually the rebuilt X-24A. The National Museum of the United States Air Force has an X-24A replica displayed next to the X-24B. The replica is a slightly rebuilt SV-5J. The SV-5J was a jet powered version which was intended for training. However none of the Martin Marietta test pilots were willing to fly it, even when offered a $20,000 bonus! The SV-5J was never flown.
  4. ... and why does the main body of the craft have an undercarriage? That's just extra weight that they are going to haul all the way to Mars and back. Totally pointless when the lifting bodies have an undercarriage. It makes about as much sense as putting in a heavy geared turbine that will only be used at the start and end of the mission. Yes, F-35B... I am looking at you! And how about the rear lifting body taxing towards the assembly area in afterburner!!! Why not just assemble the whole thing in orbit and do away with the need for an undercarriage entirely?
  5. It's about time that I started work on these. One thing that I didn't realise is that The Mach2 X-24 kit only has one set of resin and one canopy. The resin isn't too much of a problem as there are some dreadful plastic moulded bits for the cockpit which can be used. The single canopy is an issue however. It may be possible to use a canopy from a Tempest so I'll just crack on and see how things pan out. X-24A The first step was to fit the undercarriage bays. And then use the resin part for the cockpit. I used a Yahu pre-painted PE instrument intended for an Me 262. The fuselage has been closed up. The control surfaces fit where they touch... The leading and trailing edges are like planks!
  6. The orange areas have been masked off. I followed the decal instruction sheet for the lines of the intake side areas. It was only after I had sprayed the blue that saw a photo of the real thing. The orange area is somewhat shorter, so I will need to rectify that. Not a difficult job. The Air Superiority Blue is Lifecolor UA-037
  7. Got my project sorted and sat on The Ledge. They are: Brake third, all third, composite and brake composite. They make a nice self contained rake.
  8. Here's my choice. It's the Revell kit first issued in 1962. It doesn't look like a sixty year old kit though. It's fared a lot better in those sixty years than I have!
  9. I built a different boxing of the Valom kit earlier this year in the Bomber GB. It takes a bit of work but it's very worthwhile.
  10. Be very very careful how you google for this. You may well end up visiting some websites which can never be unseen. It's probably better to use the word "respirator".
  11. My three chosen kits are now comfortably sat on The Ledge, awaiting their moment. Are we there yet?
  12. Hi Ettore, welcome back. It's good to hear that you are on the mend.
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