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  1. That has always been the way, anyway. As I mentioned, GB hosts have always had a wide latitude in the way that they wish to run their groupbuilds.
  2. The radiator fairing section of the nose was crudely snipped off. The nose was then built u with some plastic card spacers to give it a bit of structural integrity. Then a large ball of Milliput was pushed in there and roughly shaped. It will need more Milliput later on. On to the wings. These were assembled in accorance with the kit instructions, allowing the wheel wells to provide the structural integrity. The radiator cores were then added with plastic card laminated to about 80thou. I used some strip to represent the radiator structure with 20thou plastc card to represent the fairing sides. The cockpit interior was painted and detaled as normal. Back to the radiators. The upper and lower wing leading edge parts were cemented into place against the radiator cores. They are simply positioned about 4mm forwards. This leaves a gap which was filled with plastic card shims. Ready for main assembly.
  3. The tail fin needs to be cut down to match thatof a Typhoon. Here you can see the KP tail matched up with an Airfix Typhoon tail. The relevant part of the port wing leading edge was then cut out to match that of the starboard wing. The bottom edge of the Tempest rudder has been built up with a sliver of plastic card to match the shape of the Typhoon rudder.
  4. Way waaaay back at the beginning of the year, we had the Matchbox Classic Groupbuild. In that GB I built the Matchbox Bowing P-12E. I vowed that I would built its US Navy equivalent, the Bowing F4B-4, in this GB. So I'd better get cracking.
  5. I'm afraid that I can't. As Group Build Moderator I can only sign up for a GB once it has cleared the bunfight. But if it gets through, then I'm in.
  6. Remind me of that when we come to allocate dates so we can make sure they don't run concurrently.
  7. My spreadsheet allows me to set limits for the number of daily tasks and the number of concurrent builds - although it just gives me a warning if I exceed those limits. It will also look at the limits and tell me when is the best time to start another unplanned project. Saturday, by the way.
  8. There are few hard and fast rules with regard to Groupbuilds. Groupbuild hosts have a wide scope and flexibility when laying down the rules for their particular GB. Some of the GB rules have become accepted as custom. One of these rules is the 25% rule. This came about because it was deemed unfair that someone could take a mostly completed model from the Shelf of Shame and just add a few final touches and then claim it completed within the GB. Others who had started a new kit from the box would have to put in a lot more work. However, recently @Col. came up with an amendment which serves to greatly increas the flexibility of groupbuilds. This is taken from his rules section in the Prototypes GB: You may wish to consider something similar for any forthcoming groupbuild which you may host. Just for information, one rule which is definitely set in stone is the rule about no buying and selling in the Groupbuild area. However, this is a Britmodeller rule, not a groupbuild rule.
  9. You are a member of the BM GB Massive. That status is always in question...
  10. Yes. That's the whole point of an STGB. The Avia 199 and Hispano Buchon were eligible in the last Bf109 STGB. This is a similar situation.
  11. I'm sure that there will be someone who would be willing. And it doesn't have to be a solo job.
  12. Sadly, I'm not sure that we can bend the rules enough to class the 35(t) and 38(t) as a single type. The 35(t) was designed by Skoda while the 38(t) was designed by CKD. There was no design connection between them. However, if you were to redefine the GB as 38(t) only, then it would definitely qualify as an STGB.
  13. We have two slots allocated for Classic groupbuilds in 2023. These are slightly longer than a standard GB. This year we have only had one proposal for a Classic GB - @JOCKNEY 's Japanese Kits GB. This has now gained enough votes for the Bunfight, but I am proposing to give it one of the Classic slots. We are awaiting a proposal for the second classic slot. Given that in the past couple of years we have had Heller, Airfix, Matchbox, Revell and Monogram, these are not eligible for 2023. I think I viable option would be an Italian Kits Classic GB. This would give us the choice of building Esci, Itaeri, Supermodel, Tauro... Do you remember when Italeri was Italaerei? Or even Aliplast? What do you think?
  14. I have just cleaned up the Bunfight area and have got rid of all the proposals which didn't make it through last year's bunfight. It seems that we have 20 GBs and 5 STGBs vying for places next year There are nine slots available in each category so there is some very good news for those of you who have your hearts set on building a Fortress, Draken, Crusader, Corsair, Foxbat or Leopard. Your STGB is through! As for standard GBs, if we don't get the STGB slots filled in the next five weeks, those spare slots will be used for standard GBs. This should relieve the pressure slightly with 20 GBs chasing 13 slots rather than 9. Remember that the Bunfight is only two weeks, commencing on 1 November.
  15. Indeed! The KP wing would be perfect for it. However, note that Ventura have shown the aircraft with Typhoon-style fishplates around the rear fuselage. I have seen quite a few photos of the aircraft and none of them show fishplates.
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