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  1. @Pete in a shed the only detail was the tail rotor shaft at the top and the frame work on the walls. There are small boxes on the wall next to the door to the cockpit and that is it. I'll try take a picture.
  2. Hi everyone, this is my 1/72 Zvezda MI-26 of the Russian Air force. The kit was great quality with lots of detail. The inside was very detailed with lots of structure and the tail rotor drive shaft visible. Fitting everything in the fuselage halves was easier than I expected and was a quick process. The only fitting problems I had was the two engine air intakes which didn’t align properly with the engine covers. The rotor blades had strong joins to the rotor hub and came pre bent. I did accidently break one of the joins to the hub but managed to glue it on correctly. I sprayed it with a dark e
  3. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 F-15E made from the newly released Academy kit 12568. The kit was incredibly good quality with amazing fit and covered in recessed rivets. The only thing that disappointed me was the exhausts which where simplified and lacking a lot of detail compared to the rest of the kit. I improved them by removing the thick bits of plastic and replacing them with thin bits of wire. The model required a small bit of sanding around the area where the cockpit section connects to the rest of the fuselage but that was it. The Invasion were not included as decals and there was n
  4. Hi everyone This is my Revell 1/72 EH-101 Merlin HM.1 representing the aircraft ZH860. The Kit had incredibly good detail, it had raised rivets along the sides of the aircraft but not the top or bottom. The fit was very good and required minimal filling and sanding. I drilled small holes into the stairs (if that is what they are called) at the side to try copy how it looked in pictures. The decals where good and conformed well to the surface detail. For weathering, I used panel liner to make the rivets more visible and oil paint to add small oil leaks and exhaust stains. I also used it lo
  5. Hi @Tripio Sorry, I dont usually take in progress photos. The only ones I have are before the decals and weathering were applied.
  6. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 Amodel AN-26RT. This kit had the worst fit I have ever dealt with. The fuselage had huge gaps along the top and in between the wings. The inside had a lot of detail, but you cannot see a lot of it. I forgot to add weight to the nose after sealing the fuselage, so I had to open the nose a fill it with weights. The panel lines where very shallow and some needed to be re scribed. I painted it in light ghost grey for the main body and medium sea grey for the nose. The decals did not conform well even after applying micro sol a few times. Thanks for looking
  7. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 AN-12BK-PPs by Roden. This is one of the most challenging kits I have made, due to the bad fit and quality of parts. The inside was well detailed but is difficult to see through the small windows. I had to fit in about a hundred grams of weight to stop it tail sitting. The panel lines were either deep or so shallow you could barley see them. I had to do a lot of sanding and filling between were the fuselage parts and the tail where attached. I painted it in Mig-0208 Dark compass ghost grey. The decals did not conform well even after having micro sol applie
  8. Hi @Romeo Alpha Yankee Yes it was the kit decals I used on the model.
  9. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 Merlin HC.3 by Italeri. This was a beautifully detailed kit of a beautiful aircraft. The panel line where nice and it had realistic raised rivets covering most of the model apart from the underside. It had a Very nice fit and required barely any filler. The inside was lacking detail, so I created the texture on the walls out of an old metal takeaway container. I created the texture by running the back of the hobby knife to create small lines. I painted it in RC027 Forest green. The decals conformed well to details and where nice and thin. I decided
  10. @Work In Progress I might just wait for that then Thanks
  11. @Michael51 I've looked at the xtradecals but I can not find one that includes the decals for 'walk here' and other ones like this. Thanks
  12. Hi I recently bought a Second hand Raf Bomber command which comes with A Lancaster and the resupply set. It came without the decal sheet and while I was looking for a new one for the Lancaster which came with the stencils and I saw this one by Kit world. I have never heard of them before and I was wondering if the where good quality decals. The last decal set I bought disintegrated, so I want to make sure that this one won’t do this. I was also wondering if there is a decal sheet for the resupply vehicles.
  13. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 S-300PMU by Model Collect. This is my First AFV model so sorry if I refer to parts of the vehicle wrong. This was a good kit, but the instructions were a bit unclear and did not have all the parts listed where they would go. The kit came with two small PE parts which was nice even though it did not say where half of them went. The fit was good on most of the parts even though most of it did not have locator pins for example on the missile tube which made it difficult to get parts in the right place. I struggled with putting the cab on as it did not fit but I th
  14. Hi everyone This is my second su-30sm by Zvezda. I thought I would do a second one so I could correct the mistakes I did on the last one. The kit had nice details and Shallow panel line. I was going to add rivets but I could not find blueprints which h showed them so I only applied some on the metal bit in front of the gun as I could see them clearly in pictures. The kit did not need much filler and went together easily. I saw this camo online and thought that it would be fun to try and recreate. is first sprayed the engine colours before painting the whole model as it was easier than doi
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