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  1. Hi @Romeo Alpha Yankee Yes it was the kit decals I used on the model.
  2. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 Merlin HC.3 by Italeri. This was a beautifully detailed kit of a beautiful aircraft. The panel line where nice and it had realistic raised rivets covering most of the model apart from the underside. It had a Very nice fit and required barely any filler. The inside was lacking detail, so I created the texture on the walls out of an old metal takeaway container. I created the texture by running the back of the hobby knife to create small lines. I painted it in RC027 Forest green. The decals conformed well to details and where nice and thin. I decided to buy AK panel liner and odourless thinner to try weathering with oil paints. This attempt went better than last time when my thinner removed the pain. I then sealed it in a matt varnish. Thanks for looking
  3. @Work In Progress I might just wait for that then Thanks
  4. @Michael51 I've looked at the xtradecals but I can not find one that includes the decals for 'walk here' and other ones like this. Thanks
  5. Hi I recently bought a Second hand Raf Bomber command which comes with A Lancaster and the resupply set. It came without the decal sheet and while I was looking for a new one for the Lancaster which came with the stencils and I saw this one by Kit world. I have never heard of them before and I was wondering if the where good quality decals. The last decal set I bought disintegrated, so I want to make sure that this one won’t do this. I was also wondering if there is a decal sheet for the resupply vehicles.
  6. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 S-300PMU by Model Collect. This is my First AFV model so sorry if I refer to parts of the vehicle wrong. This was a good kit, but the instructions were a bit unclear and did not have all the parts listed where they would go. The kit came with two small PE parts which was nice even though it did not say where half of them went. The fit was good on most of the parts even though most of it did not have locator pins for example on the missile tube which made it difficult to get parts in the right place. I struggled with putting the cab on as it did not fit but I think that was my fault for putting the control centre at the back too far forward. I painted it in AK’s protective 4BO and preshaded it with MiG us olive drab. I did some small leaks of oil with the Ak weathering pencils. I then mixed Pva, some fine dirt and an acrylic burnt umber to make the mud which I applied with an old paint brush. I strugled with making the tyres look dirty as i wanted to keep the tred but my mud mixture was too thick. Would any one be able to recomend a cheap way to weather the tyres? I wanted to create the metal rope shown on the front of the box and in pictures I had seen. I did this using three bits of copper wire from a motor and spinning them together by putting them in a drill. I then separated the ends and made the loops at the end. Thanks for looking
  7. Hi everyone This is my second su-30sm by Zvezda. I thought I would do a second one so I could correct the mistakes I did on the last one. The kit had nice details and Shallow panel line. I was going to add rivets but I could not find blueprints which h showed them so I only applied some on the metal bit in front of the gun as I could see them clearly in pictures. The kit did not need much filler and went together easily. I saw this camo online and thought that it would be fun to try and recreate. is first sprayed the engine colours before painting the whole model as it was easier than doing it after like I did last time. Then I sprayed the whole plane in AK's Blue Grey. I then masked the white camouflage using blue tac and then the same for the gunship grey part. I then sealed it in a gloss varnish as the plane in the pictures looked gloss. I kept the plane clean as I think it was a prototype which didn’t see much action. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hi This is my 1/72 MI-24P by Zvezda. This kit has great detail for a 1/72 kit as it had the options for the maintenance hatches to be open so you can see the gear box and Engines. The kit had realy good fit but it was a tight fit with the cockpit and front part of the fuselage. It was nice for it to come with the rotor blades pre bent to the shape that they would be when on the ground. The kit had an option for a dark grey scheme and this camoflauge one which i decided to go with. I used the Hataka Russian helicopter paint set. Panel lines where very shallow and didnt hold the wash i made very well. I made a wash out of black poster paint and water as i would be able to remove it if it didnt look good. I heavy weathered it using the wash i made and AK weathering pencils. thanks for looking
  9. @WulfmanHi, the scheme is real but i think they are still testing the plane with different schemes like the other one in this picture.
  10. Hi everyone this is my 1/72 Zvezda Su-57. The kit had a lot of great detail and had the option to have the flaps at the front and elevators down. I used Rc251 Dark ghost grey and Rc234 aggressor blue as the instructions weren't clear on the colours. For the camo, i printed of a picture which i resized to be the same size as the aircraft. I then placed masking tape over the picture to make a mask. The kit fitted well together without the need for a lot of filler. The only problem that i had was tht some of the panel lines needed rescribed as they were very hard to see. I found this a very challenging kit as i had never attempted a camoflage like this but i think it came out well. Thanks for looking
  11. @Harold55for they eggplant colour, i used AK realcolours RC242 Dark Eggplant grey. Hope this helps.
  12. @Flankermanthis was my first Flanker and the paint guide only showed one side of the plane so i suspected it to be the same on the other side. Once i finished, i saw pictures and noticed what i had done wrong and didnt want to risk damaging the decals by painting it again. Next one i do, i will make sure i dont make the same mistake.
  13. Hi everyone This is my 1/72 SU-30SM by Zvezda. I have built it all from the box without extra parts. The kit had amazing detail and the option for the flaps to be down. I had a bit of a problem with the decals where i forgot to apply the gloss varnish so they wouldnt have air bubbles which is visable on a few of th decals. I am planning on doing another one which i should'nt make the same mistake on.I might try washes and weathering next time as it lacking weathering. thanks for looking. Edit: took some different photos i thought are worth adding
  14. @Parrahsthanks for the link to the site, havent seen it before but very nice photos
  15. @Andrewthanks for replying. In the end, i thound out about the hataka russian helicopter paint set which i decided to go with as it had what appered to be the right colours and was in a local model store. sorry for the late reply, my internet had gone down for a few weeks.
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