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  1. Coincidentally Panzermeister36 just released a YouTube video reviewing them! Lol He also covers XF 92 and XF 93, the new DAK colours.
  2. They certainly exist, do a quick Google search for details.
  3. I have been using tamiya XF 89 dark green 2 and XF 64 red brown over XF 60 and XF 88 dark yellow for my German field applied camo patterns. Really happy with those but I noticed that there is a red brown alternative in the form of X90. What the consensus on this colours accuracy , do people use it an like it for their German camo patterns?
  4. I've been airbrushing for a year now and having done all of my US and Soviet 1/72 armour , it's time to take the plunge and have a go at German 3 tone camo. I have also seen improvement over that past year with no major blocking problems as I experienced at the beginning. I have tried tamiya, Vallejo, life color and mission model paints and at the moment, I am having most luck with mig. Especially when I use the recommended mig thinner. I have an iwata revolution, iwata eclipse and H&S infinity. I am most successful with the eclipse at the moment. I seem to have more range and control over air and paint. I use the recommended thinners for all of the paints and a PSI of 15-20. I do have the splutter problem sometimes and difficulty in getting a tight line. Unless it's my imagination brown is harder the airbrush than green or yellow. I try to judge my progress against where I began and avoid trying to compete with the experts as it is demoralising. Still enjoying it though and practice makes perfect , or so that say.
  5. It could be interesting to mix that from scratch and see how it compares with the pre mixed 4bo. I see that AK RC do zinc chromate, ochre and bright blue
  6. Taken on a day out last Tuesday! Good place, got loads of pics but quite expensive. Lots of different colour variations for the Soviet Armour. I plan to recreate the bright colour on the T34.
  7. I have been looking at your DDay Sherman and the SCC15 looks really good, to my eyes, and that is the Real Colours one that you used. Lovely weathing, dust and decals mate. I'll get there one day
  8. Hi Steve, I have heard the same thing as well. I am the same, so long as they look right to me. lol German Camo pattern, Dunkel Gelb, RotBraun and OliveGrun, look pretty good, or they will after I have washed them etc. The Olive Drab, not too sure about. How do you do your OD?
  9. This is the RC024 Faded Khaki base coat on an 1/72 Italeri Sheman. (the photo makes it look less brown that it really is). Again, I plan to see how it compares to the usual Tamiya 62 Olive Drab (3 parts) mixed with 59 Desert Yellow (1 part) to see how they look. Has anyone else been using these AK Real Colours paints at all? By the way, I use the small scale to get more tanks onto the table for war games, while still trying to make them look as good as possible.
  10. Greetings, I though that I would try and share how I'm getting on with a 1/72 Tiger 2 (Pegasus) using AK Real Colours. RC060 Dark Yellow + RC047 Olive Green The colours are a bit washed out in this pic but it does show the basic model prior to adding decals, sealing and shading or weathering. The paints are really good and cover well but I can't compare them Tamiya as I haven't used them yet. I am planning to do a comparison using the Tamiya mix XF55 Deck Tan + XF60 Dark Yellow and I will let you know how that looks. (I am fairly new to airbrushing and appreciate any constructive criticism). Thanks
  11. Hi All, I have just joined the site (thanks Mike) and hope to share knowledge and chat with members. I would classify myself as beginner with an airbrush but I have been a war gamer for almost 40 years, Currently, I am painting lots of 1/72 scale Soviet, US and German AFVs using the AK Real Colours range of lacquer paints, lots to learn, but it seems to be going well. All the best, Joe
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