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  1. Fantastic news! Love the rivets, love the raised rivets! Long waited model! If the fit is as good as previous Eduard Spitfires - I guarantee this will be the best selling spit mk1 kit across the market
  2. Many thanks! I have done video on my progress so far, link on my signature if anyone interested
  3. Yeah, it is nicely shiny: I have also updated new video on my youtube channel if anyone interested
  4. Long time no see I had to slow down on progress since pandemic start. I work in ecommerce so it is mad busy for us, no days off, nothing. But still have few pics from a while back for update: CMK resin fuel tanks with some added wiring. I love models that show the internal much, so trying to build one this way, need to touch up few bits with brush: Dry fit looks like this:
  5. Some dry brushing of grey and silver, highlights on few details. Dry fit result:
  6. Hey, long time no see So a bit of progress update: Plastic surgery marks: Plastic surgery in progress: Dry fit: decided that it will to be empty: So some scratch built improvements. I am aware that it is not 100% accurate, however looks quite decent and most importantly - I did really enjoy it. Parts made from plastic sheets/rods and some spare parts from other kits:
  7. So bit more of updates for britmodellers: Bit of surgery to fit gun bay: Thought some plumbing would be very nice, work in progress: Some more resin arrived:
  8. Many thanks boys! To be honest, this is my first kit with modifications. I did the gun bays with razor saw, wanted to do something differently on flaps Yes, indeed, manual drilling was very time consuming. There will be more to cut on this model so for sure will use your advises! I also believe that I should buy mini drill, saw for about £8 on ebay, plenty of them Thanks!
  9. So started working on cutting more plastic for flaps: Did bit of work on wings as well. Assembled parts for landing gear bay, when installing bays for guns needed to cut some plastic from wheels bay as well.
  10. Not much of an update, but my polystyrene sheets, rods and Eduard landing flaps have arrived. I am just awaiting for CMK fuel tanks to be finally available in Uk..
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