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  1. Certainly looks like an earlier version then mine of the 150 to me, I picked mine up in the late 90's. and came in a wooden case with three needle/tip combinations, 2 different paint pots and the cup. Whats interesting is how the needle lock nut is designed differently from the later models. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say that the "L" on the regulator was for Large, if your airbrush came with only 2 medium needles, one being the spare, I doubt that would be correct. This is a 100 but the internals are the same as the 150. A couple of things to watch for, Ba
  2. Lookin good Chris, nice to see you picking this up. Badger lists their tips as Fine, Medium and Large, when you are changing needles around be sure you also change the tips to match otherwise the performance of the airbrush may suffer and this may very well be why the first attempt didn't go very well. I never thought about that until you mentioned that you didn't know what size the needles were. If you look at the butt end of the needles you'll see groves cut into them, 1 groove is Fine, 2 is medium, and 3 Large. The spray regulator, at the end of the head assembly, should have an F,M,or L
  3. I think the seepage may be more a case of the paint getting wicked in where the tape hasn't or can't get a good grip on the paint then just leaking. You'd probably end up with the same issue with enamels as the acrylics which would be even more difficult to clean up. Burnishing the edges helps alot but then the coarser the surface the less surface to stick to, and semi gloss is still a bit coarse, add to that thin wet paint and the results are in. I'm just suggesting that you would get a better result if you glossed before masking, burnished down the edge of the tape, and then misted in a coup
  4. Lovely job Tony , if I may suggest I don't think it's so much the Tamiya tape as it's low tack on Matt that may be the problem (Please forgive me if I'm wrong). This is a problem easily avoided with an airbrush by simply spraying over the edge of the tape, but not so much if one is using a hairy stick or aerosol, in which case it may be an idea to gloss coat the first color before masking it, and then burnishing the edges of the tape down with a toothpick or other such similar item. Just a thought.
  5. The trick to vinyl masks is a hair dryer. A little heat makes a big difference in how they perform.
  6. never mind, had an oppsie moment
  7. Lovely work Heather I can vouch for the Pasche H as well, being cheap, robust, easy to maintain and does a good job. The problem I had with it was it's size, I prefer something a bit more dainty, I did use a Badger 155 for quite a while but now I've found my comfort zone with the Badger 100's and a Sotar 2020, medium, fine and extra fine as I'm to lazy to change needles. When choosing an airbrush one way to look at it is that it's a hairy stick with out the hair, and a hairy stick is just a glorified pencil, so how you hold your pencil will help you decide on a longer or shorter b
  8. Thanks all for the feed back, I really do appreciate it
  9. I built this one eons ago and really enjoyed it, I originally painted it with Polyscale acrylics and used the kit decals. Unfortunately it lost one of the landing gear during a move so it sat on the shelf as 'ole peg leg for many years, however a little while ago I thought I'd see if somebody had a spare landing gear and, amazingly enough, someone did. With that, and lookin at how it was showing it's age I decided to give it an update with some new paint and decals. Things didn't go as well as I'd hoped, suffering from some broken bits and a bit of a disaster cleaning the rear canopy. Despite
  10. Everybody sux at building models at some point Chris, looks like you got enough of those old crap kits to last a life time so, Mr. Rivet counter, dig one out and start slathering some glue and paint on it. Oh, and don't forget the obligatory finger print on the canopy while you are at it......
  11. That's absolutely marvelous, I'd say your skills are shinning through with this one.
  12. I was experimenting with various aluminum paints and a fine brush, but honestly I find it to bright for my taste so now I'm trying out silver a pencil on a Typhoon I'm wor
  13. I used SuperScale Decal's 72-830, 61st & 63 FS/56th FG, which only had enough stencils for 1 plane so I didn't use any. Despite all the nigglies I quite happy with how they turned out.
  14. That is some lovely work on older kits, thanks for sharing those.
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