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  1. nsmekanik

    Need Help with missing part

    Much easier then using pics, glad it all worked out for you. Tim
  2. nsmekanik

    Need Help with missing part

    Depending on your preferred form of measurement, I hope this is of some use. 20180102_193606 by nsmekanik, on Flickr 20180102_193630 by nsmekanik, on Flickr 20180102_193840 by nsmekanik, on Flickr 20180102_193940 by nsmekanik, on Flickr
  3. nsmekanik

    IBG's 1/72 Bedford QLB Camo question

    Thanks John, I was afraid of that, but one can always hope. Tim
  4. nsmekanik

    IBG's 1/72 Bedford QLB Camo question

    I'm building IBG's 1/72 QLB and the decal option I want to do is for a vehicle of the 1st Battery of the 54 light AA Artillery Regiment, 11 Armoured Division, France, 1944, truck # H5467123. The question I have is is it possible to tell whether this vehicle was delivered in SCC 2 or SCC 15? Or is it just a best guess situation?
  5. nsmekanik

    Luftwaffe Mistel

    I have the Mistel book by Robert Forsythe, and in it are some vague photos of the warhead and an ME 109 being lifted and attached to the JU 88, all of this was done in a hanger. The caption is "By means of a 4 ton crane, the Bf 109 fighter is carefully hoisted towards the Ju 88 lower component."
  6. nsmekanik

    Yet to be announced.....

    I'm Assuming it's a misprint and more likely for the Hasegawa kit, still though it would be a nice addition to the Airfix lineup I think.
  7. nsmekanik

    Yet to be announced.....

    I'll just leave this here Hannants .......
  8. nsmekanik

    RAF camoflage color matches

    Have you ever thought of doing up a line of Acrylics? I do have a stock of the Old WEM Luftwaffe and the now unfortunately discredited VVS line piants. Alternatively PM Hobbycraft I know does import some enamels, such as Humbrol and ModelMaster, so maybe? It's unfortunate the way things have gone....... I do have some of the Humbrol colors, but I have not had the best of luck in spraying them, and I am trying to go the acrylic route whenever possible.
  9. nsmekanik

    RAF camoflage color matches

    To reopen an old Actually the last time I've painted anything Raf was with the old Pollyscale line and now it's time for an upgrade of the old paint stocks. Sssssoooooooo while this subject has been discussed at various times in many ways and I've read through much of it and do take Nick Millman's well researched opinions seriously, however I think the discussion is a bit dated as newer products have come to market. At the moment I'm trying to decide on whether to buy a boxed set, and if so, whose, or if I'd be better of picking different colors from different manufacturers. So far I've acquired Lifecolor Sky and dark green, which I understand are reasonable matches, so I'm curious how their line stacks up, and how well the others, such as AK interactive and Hataka's line fare.
  10. nsmekanik

    Bristol Bolingbroke

    do these links work ? http://s20.photobucket.com/user/nsmekanik/library/Nanton Lancaster http://s20.photobucket.com/user/nsmekanik/library/Nanton Lancaster/Bolingbroke from Nanton and Brandon http://s20.photobucket.com/user/nsmekanik/library/Nanton Lancaster/Mosquito
  11. nsmekanik

    Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    Thanks Mike, in lieu of any accessible pictures and now knowing that the serial is wrong for the code I've decided to follow your advice, unfortunately I'm stuck with the kit decals but I haven't had any real issues (knock on wood) with any of the previous Academy kit decals I've used and these ones "appear" to be ok. Tim
  12. nsmekanik

    Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    serial 43-25514 P-47D-21-RA 56th FS 61 FG HV-? 366 FS 390 FG B2 ? Damaged on the ground on 30/04/44 in Bovingdon GB Pilot H.Perry Damaged on takeoff on 18/11/44 Boxted GB Pilot Thomas I. Carmicheal Crashed on 17/12/44 between asch and Ophoven Pilot Stanley S. Sobek Parachute Everything else confirms this information about that serial number.......no Mention of Lt. Rainbow So i would guess that the serial in incorrect for this plane
  13. nsmekanik

    Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    Having just got this kit I want to do the one of Lt. rainbows A8 P. According to the instructions the front half of the cowling, every second cowl flap and the canopy frames are all natural metal with the rest being olive drab over nuetral grey. Having done all the Google searches I can think of and not found a thing, I'm wondering if there is an accessible picture out there and if there are any opinions as to whether this was factory or field painted as per the canopy frames. I have asked this on Hyperscale and so far what I have been told is that there are three pictures of it in David Weatherill's book; Aces, Pilots & Aircraft of the 9th,12th, & 15th USAAF , which I do not have access to, and they show the zero length rockets which are a rarity on the razor back apparently, and do not come in the kit. I am completely clueless when it come to P-47's.......
  14. Thanks Guys, all is much appreciated and when work is not interfering with my life I'll be able to respond in a better way