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  1. Thanks all for the feed back, I really do appreciate it
  2. I built this one eons ago and really enjoyed it, I originally painted it with Polyscale acrylics and used the kit decals. Unfortunately it lost one of the landing gear during a move so it sat on the shelf as 'ole peg leg for many years, however a little while ago I thought I'd see if somebody had a spare landing gear and, amazingly enough, someone did. With that, and lookin at how it was showing it's age I decided to give it an update with some new paint and decals. Things didn't go as well as I'd hoped, suffering from some broken bits and a bit of a disaster cleaning the rear canopy. Despite the few setbacks I managed to finish it up and I'm quite pleased with the results. Finished with Mr.Hobby paints and a combination of Brengun and Airfix decals. And here's how things started out
  3. Everybody sux at building models at some point Chris, looks like you got enough of those old crap kits to last a life time so, Mr. Rivet counter, dig one out and start slathering some glue and paint on it. Oh, and don't forget the obligatory finger print on the canopy while you are at it......
  4. That's absolutely marvelous, I'd say your skills are shinning through with this one.
  5. I was experimenting with various aluminum paints and a fine brush, but honestly I find it to bright for my taste so now I'm trying out silver a pencil on a Typhoon I'm wor
  6. I used SuperScale Decal's 72-830, 61st & 63 FS/56th FG, which only had enough stencils for 1 plane so I didn't use any. Despite all the nigglies I quite happy with how they turned out.
  7. That is some lovely work on older kits, thanks for sharing those.
  8. If I were to hazard a guess it sound to me like first, Acrylics are finicky to start with, so combination of not thoroughly mixed with the thinner and/or not thin enough, also I wouldn't doubt tip dry being a major factor. Vallejo can be a touch tricky to get used to but it does spray nicely if you use it's thinner once you get the hang of it. The art of acrylics I find is to keep a Qtip and some open IPA (both the beer and isopropyl) handy, when it seems to struggle slightly aim it at something like a paper towel and give a full blast after which dip the QTip in the IPA and use it to clean the nozzle and needle off. The trick is to catch it before it spits, and you will know that is about to happen as you will start to have to pull the needle back farther to get the paint to move. On the other hand there are some damn good hairy stick manipulators out there..........
  9. Thanks for all the compliments, I really do appreciate them. Thanks for posting. I haven't really looked at the etch included in the expert kit, but honestly the only thing this kit *needs* is a decent set of seat belts, anything else would be just frivolous fiddlyness that that you would at the very least 'know is there'. With the canopy closed you can't see the IP, and with that comes my only niggle with this kit, the canopy is way to thick and as a result the area behind the canopy doesn't look right, I think the open canopy really detracts from the kit more then the closed one, which in my view is not all that good, but good enough, if you look you can see how proud it sits from the fuselage, and what is showing is only half the thickness of it. If one wants an open canopy it would be worth it in my mind to fix the area behind the canopy and use a vac.
  10. been working on these for ever, finally managed to finish them off. the one ended up in sorry state for a while and had to be patched up a bit but I'm happy with the results.
  11. My picture taking leaves a bit to be desired, anyway I'm happy with how it turned out despite the missing piece.......sigh, build thread can be found here at ww2aircaft.net Arma Hurricane build.
  12. nsmekanik

    Best RLM 02?

    I agree that Vallejo's is to green, that said I can say that WE Color Coats, both Mr.Hobby and Gunze, as well as Life Color are all so close to one another that you could use all 4 on the same model and not notice any difference and match well with Merrick's and Eagle editions chips, at least all mine do any way.
  13. nsmekanik

    BIG brass ones!

    I guess I should have added "nudge nudge wink wink" not taking this at all to seriously then....... so in good ole Canuck tradition........I'm sorry
  14. nsmekanik

    BIG brass ones!

    Kinda comes across like you think it's amazing a Canadian did something amazing, which kinda amazes a Canadian that you would think that, since, as Canadians, we know we do things all the time that you might think are amazing.
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