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  1. You can see the Italian design in her, such pretty lines.
  2. No, put a little bit on a cue tip, rub it on the ‘wVy area’ then with super fine sand paper smoothly rub it. It works quite well on a big surface. I needed to do it on the big guns on my Strasbourg.
  3. Try a tiny bit of Tamiya lacquer thinner on the flat surfaces to get rid of the flow lines.it works .
  4. They do look like a yardarm brace. Because I used another upgrade set I can’t be sure, Trumpy will sometimes do generic PE for a series of ships (they may be required on the next Italian ship perhaps?) if you look at the mainmast here.
  5. The Trumpy and Hobby boss PE is horrible to work with as it is nowhere near the standards of the upgrade companies like Flyhawk Pontos Infini Big Blue Boy MK1 etc. Their PE is not a good representation of what is available and doable.
  6. Big Blue Boy does a comprehensive upgrade set.
  7. I’d actually consider using figures if they did that, Bukit it’s have to be a small ship as they ain’t cheap
  8. Just a Tamiya dark grey with some graduated lighter grey overspray plus a grey filter.
  9. I built this last year, the kit is kinda a as built and as ended. The bow hangar is wrong, and some of the masts needs work but it’s a very pretty ship. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/23382-heavy-cruiser-zara-by-rgl-trumpeter-1350-finished/ sorry I can’t do photos as so just can’t figure it out
  10. Looking really good, it looks like it’s 1/700 beside those paints! Well played.
  11. Great build. Makes it a very tempting possibility
  12. Love it. As one of my future builds, you are using the plans for the Topdrawing series and not Morskie? I have Morskie, is it that different?
  13. Why did the roof of the hangar deck change from the curved windbreaks to smooth?
  14. So reading over the last 50 or so pages, I’d love to know where the builder’s plans are from and wondering what the Fit out would have been! Might be worth a try .
  15. Well I finished mine thanks to your build, a few differences, a few vents added amidships according to the photos. The Micromaster stuff is lovely isn’t it? https://modelshipworld.com/topic/25589-hms-kent-1942-by-rgl-trumpeter-1350-finished-heavy-cruiser/#comments
  16. The ships launches really are worth their own display. Coming along really nicely. I’ve nearly finished my Kent but no where as tidy as yours
  17. Very enjoyable build Rob, it’s been a great guide for mine.
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