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  1. Very enjoyable build Rob, it’s been a great guide for mine.
  2. So, a 2fer, another GZ builder. Have at it, the Strasser always had huge potential as a helicopter attack ship too!
  3. Really nice start. And even better you can do what you want with it and no rivet counter can complain! Look forward to see yours outstripping mine for details too.
  4. Ok, I’ll go with a tub, it would make sense for tackle etc
  5. So, what is the circular item on the rear deck of Kent? It’s in the Morskie plans as well but it does add any detail or explanation.
  6. So on the original photos of the Kent, there were 2 lines of portholes, was the second (lower) row covered up?
  7. So, whilst in the process of buying up stuff for my Kent, I order up the metaled deck (which got here really quickly from the UK) then I find that Joy yard wooden deck for the Kent has a PE focsle! https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/5cfzg2nkcv9rp5mrtwzf.html
  8. https://modelshipworld.com/gallery/album/1854-hms-king-george-v-1943/ Nice work, I built her a few years ago, your paint work is perfect
  9. Northstar but a post on their FB site that it took 3 weeks for a package to reach their border, so the delays are just silly. It takes 2 months to get to Oz pre Covid.
  10. So can you give me a steer on which product you used for the focsle metal plate?
  11. I don’t know yet. I’m doing Zara at the moment and will consider it when I finish her. I’ll need to etch in some Hull plates by the look of it!
  12. I used to order a bit from North Star but they don’t ship to Oz anymore as their mail service takes about 2 months to get here. The profile Morskie stuff arrives in 2 days (PDF)! really nice work to date, I’ve also ordered up from NZ for my Kent. Looking forward to seeing yours painted up.
  13. The North Star plate may not be big enough to cover the area. I used it on my Emden. It appears that the plating also does not go all the way to the breakwater but to a strait line just behind the capstans. I’m in the same ‘boat’ with micromaster buy have a Borodino and Zara to finish. I’d like to do up an Australia as well with the extras but cannot be sure of the configurations at 1944
  14. I’ve ordered the same kit and upgrade PE. WEM has just released their set but I don’t know if it progresses it any further.
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