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  1. Isn't it about putting down a few different coats with an airbrush starting with a base darker colour then over spraying with less pressure a slightly lighter shade finished of with a slight highlight shade? I might be wrong as I have neve rdone it. Erk.
  2. Evening all, some more progress - after cutting the basses off (very carefully not to cut their feet off) I then placed the next batch in my dio, there is Forty KGL in LHS now with more to come. Erk.
  3. Excellent, I built one of the TES vesions and tried to do a partial interior based off interior photos. Erk.
  4. Hi all, I have been working on another batch of 2nd KGL. Erk.
  5. A bit more progress - starting to populate LHS with some figures - they are charging through the front gates after they were opened, to chase and attack the French who where retreating due to an attack by the British Hussars. Erk.
  6. Evening all - some more progress - the main comlex is now fitted together, the main floors are still in need of a few washes and dust dry brushng, and an extrior garden building needs assembling. Erk.
  7. Evening all - some more progress - more details and KGL have been added around the pond, I have also fitted the main floor piece and started detailing it including a section of rough lawn that was near the stables. Erk.
  8. Evening all, more progress - I have added a couple of firing stages made from the kitchen tables and benches, and it would be rude not to add a few 2nd KGL firing from behind the wall - its a start. Erk.
  9. Next and bringing my build up to date - the pond, this has a cardboard cutout of the edging slabs - but to give the pond some depth I cut out the shape of the pond in the MDF base then trimmed it so the slabs slighty over hang the pond. So I have my pond shape then glued the slab area then when set - I glued a sheet of paper underneath to act as a bottom to the pond, this was then painted to represent a dirty pond, next comes the interesting bit - I decided to have a go at that Acrylic Water Gel medium (I have never tried this before) it comes in a pot and is like PVA in consistency, it can be diluted with water though toget a better flow. So I poured some into to the pond to roughly the level I wanted and it was put away in the unit for a day as 24hrs is recommended. It had set nicely (I Foregot - I had even put some bricks in to simulate some that had fell into the pond from the wall). Next job was to paint and detail not only the edging slabs but the pond base area then wash and dust it using my dry brush technique. This is the current state of play. Erk.
  10. Next on my build plan is the duck pond and walled area - first the brick cut outs (that the 2nd KGL had hacked out using thier bayonets) these were painted the same way as my other brick work except I was able to detail the bricks inside the wall, then the walls were painted/detalied and weathered. Erk.
  11. Hi all, a bit more progress - after finishing the barn - next stage was the front of the wall containing the dovecoat entrance/duck pond and side wall with cut out brick sections firing holes. The gates are being displayed open to show the KGL rushing the French in a counter attack, So here is the dovecoat entrance. Erk.
  12. Started work on the barn and a small piece of the groundworks - Erk.
  13. Farmhouse and stables now finished - next the rather large barn. Erk.
  14. Hi all, work is still continuing on this - I have so far completed the Farmhouse with a partial interior and Three KGL 5th firing from the dormer windows, it was then buttoned up - flashing was added to the roof joint and around the chimney stacks - it was then weathered a little before I moved on to the Piggery. After finishing the house I have now moved on to the stables. Erk.
  15. Thank you Jamie for all the research (and everyone else) its an interesting subject not so much if the bottom was Dark Grey - but why? as all the other ships in RN had anti fouling Red - why was Hood different - what motivated the difference. Erk.
  16. Give this a try - you just need to scroll through the different pages for Armies/Units/Regiments/etc, its been very useful to me with my Waterloo dio. Erk. http://centjours.mont-saint-jean.com/detail_uniformes_uniteBR.php?rubrique=U&uniformes=112&drapeau=
  17. Current status after some detail painting - Erk.
  18. Thank you kindly, its all falling in to place - bit by bit, will take some time though as I want to make it look ok. Erk.
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