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  1. Good to know it wasn't just me. Judging by the response in the far from sold out venue, I wasn't the only one left unimpressed. Like you said, chord changes and noise. With such a massive catalogue of brilliant stuff, one would think they could pull off something better. Or are they under the delusion that people go to see something "new" from TD? Now I'm looking forward to see Saga again in February. Saw them last year (also a first for me), and it was one of the best shows ever. Helps to have most of the original band intact, I guess.
  2. But seriously, the HobbyBoss Tiger I is a toy. Despite what Scalemates says (they say "New tool"), I'm pretty confident that this is a rebox of a R/C kit without the R/C stuff. Can't beat the price, though. Spending a bunch on aftermarket would make more sense if you're using the Tamiya kit as a project base, but that one can be hard to find these days. I've never quite understood why Trumpeter has avoided doing the Tiger I w/interior thus far. Perhaps something will happen now that they've finally made Tiger kits in 1/35 (sans interior)?
  3. Cool! I'm having the Froese-Franke-Baumann period on high rotation on Spotify at the moment ("Coldwater Canyon" while I type this). Went to see TD live a week and a half ago for the first time, and must admit I was actually bored in the end. According to setlist.fm they opened with Monolight, but I could not remember a single note or chord that reminded me ever slightly of that tune (which I've listened to for 40 years).
  4. Hi! My brother in law who lives in the rural South of Norway claims that his neighbour is having old Spitfire wheels on a cart of his. I'd say I think he could be right, but if would be fun with a more precise ID. Arild
  5. Hi! Finished this model this evening. Its been augmented with Greenstrawberry's Fruit Pack, which consists of a photo etched cockpit kit, a resin and photo etch hangar and resin EVA pods. In addition I've used VoodooFX's lighting kit to spice things up a bit. My first adventure into lighting a kit, and it will happen again. The kit itself went together without incident, parts fits well, nothing particular. Assembling all the cargo canisters were tedious though. I haven't put a tremendous amount of effort into making the shades of grey match that of the original, not least because the panel lines on the model seems to have little in common with what is seen in the movie. But, it rather looks like the Discovery, and that was good enough for me on this project. Sorry about not getting a full, un-hindered, view of the model, but such is my display cabinet and so long is this beast, it couldn't be helped. And in some of the photos, the containers along the spine aren't aligned properly. I haven't glued down everything on this model, as I'd rather be able to disassemble it if need be. It sits well on its display base as it is. The Mercury-Redstone to the right, is in the same scale (New Ware resin kit, btw) Difficult to get decent photos of the hangar, with the different colour temperature of the LEDs, depth of focus and all. Arild
  6. Beware of sink marks on the exterior of the Stuka kit, also. Mine had plenty in all sorts of visible places. I found fit to be excellent and I really liked the decals though. Cool project, this!
  7. https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=2063
  8. Hi! Late to the game for input on how to display the interior, but on my Tiger II I've done the same as David Parker, Liejon Schoot et al have done, which is to cut loose the roof, so that it can be lifted off. It is not really very difficult to do, and the Panther and the Tiger II are rather similar looking vehicles, so my below images should be instructive enough. There's one caveat, and that is that you will need to increase the side wall thickness towards scale thickness for the roof to have something to rest on. This may cause problems if the ammo racks get in the way of the turret basket etc. That aside the basic idea is to cut the roof along the weld, remove the plastic weld, glue strips of styrene to the bottom edge of the roof, insert the roof after having lubricated the edges slightly, and then replacing the weld using Magic Sculpt or something similar. You will then have a tight fitting roof with weld along its edge, and all this can be lifted free from the model. At least on the Tiger II this is a safer option than to remove the entire upper hull. I used my Trumpeter panel scriber to cut the plastic. Easy but time consuming. Added styrene sheets to the side walls and had to fill the gap in the front armour Here you can see the strips along the edges of the roof before replacing the weld Weld in place (there are minor gaps mainly due to the rest of the upper hull not being glued to the lower hull yet) Good luck whichever way you decide to take your Panther project!
  9. Got mine in the mail today. And yes, this will take up some space in the display cabinet...
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