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  1. From the pictures you post here on the RP Toolz cutter, it looks like you made the right choice. Like Matt, I also have the Chopper you considered, and from what I can tell, the RP thingy is superior. Makes me want one, actually. One thing that "worries" me, though, is your plan to cut metal wire. Unless this is very soft wire, I would expect the cutter blades to be dulled and dented rather quickly, but only you are in a position to tell. Arild
  2. Good to see somebody in here tackling this beast of a kit ("beast" in the sense of it being bit, not poor!). Can't see any pics, though (except Scaley's.) For those interested, here's a good resource with a review, info on the many many aftermarket items available (the aftermarket rabbit hole for this kit is very deep, and expensive...) etc.: https://sites.google.com/site/theageofplastic3d/moebius-models-2001-a-space-odyssey-eva-pod Also, the FB group "Building the 2001 Discovery EVA Pod model building Tips N Tricks ONLY" has actually proven quite useful, although I'm n
  3. Great results! Molow sells chrome refill bottles, which is what I used when airbrushing, but it still looks like Mirror is the better option for brushwork. Now I only wonder when I'll get mine, with the holiday season and the covid situation being what it is in the UK. Hope Red Iron Models restock their rovers soon. I picked up the Lunakhood-1 a couple of months ago, and it looks great (and quite a bit more work than the Sputnik, of course )!
  4. I sprayed the Liquid Chrome on my Sputnik, but I see what you mean about keeping it wet. The fact that this mirror thingie seems to work well with a brush and can be applied on bigger areas, is intriguing. If it works out the way I hope, it could be used for re-chroming automotive parts. I've yet to find a chrome paint I really like for that, and which can be handled afterwards without rubbing off or being fragile in general. I'll be watching this space
  5. I ordered some of this stuff yesterday along with some black and silver, and it'll fun to try it out, and see how this mirror stuff compares to the Liquid Chrome I used on my Sputnik. Molotow Liquid Chrome is the mirroriest stuff I've tried to date. Is the mirror finish fragile, or can you handle the parts without marring it?
  6. They share name with astronauts (even if spelling can be slightly off). Have only figured out four of them yet, but pretty sure the name is the common thing. "Director of several James Bond films": John Glen "Author of the Doctor books": Richard Gordon "Keyboard player with Marillion": Mark Kelly "A Green Lantern": Guy Gardner
  7. Hehe, I know how to Google It isn't hard, really. I did this by selecting the text "Story Musgrave", right-click and choose 'Search Google for "Story Musgrave"', and read the Wikipedia-entry on him. Judging by some of the questions people ask on forums and FB, one would think Google still is an obscure and little known service, though. That said, keep the questions coming. They're good fun!
  8. Only one to have flown all five shuttles.
  9. Hmmm... he's one of five two launch on three different launch systems, so it must be something else.
  10. Thanks! Its the best chrome I've had thus far (and I've tried a bunch). I don't know how well it will respond to being handled. I've avoided touching it on this model, so I need to run some tests, but given enough drying time, I guess it should be OK. I want to use it on an Apollo Command module at some stage, and if so it will need to be handled, decaled, etc. The stand was just bombed with Citadel Chaos Black from a can, and then I just scraped/sanded the paint off the letters to reveal the resin. The model seen on Red Iron Model's home page looks more like a CAD rendering to me?
  11. Hi! Highly inspired by a post by @bgire a while back, where he presented some Russian probes by Red Iron Models, I promptly ordered Sputnik 1 and Vostok 1. (And recently also Lunokhood 1.) Of these I have now finished Sputnik 1. This is the first time I tried Molotow Liquid Chrome in the airbrush, and this could easily be my favourite chrome for future projects. Just have a bit of it in the airbrush from a refill bottle, and lay it down wet on the model. There's no primer, no base coat, just resin under this. Left it to dry for a couple of days and have avoided handling it as much as poss
  12. Hope your shoulder mends without having to cut it! And that is mends as fast as possible. Now, interesting to see this Wagner method employed, but do you control for temperature of the paint, and how well the paint is mixed? Do you have a way of ensuring that you drop paint from the exact same height every time, and that the same amount of paint is dropped? I guess I'm just saying that one can take the very scientific approach, or one can just try things out until it works for you.
  13. Hehe, I doubt that Vallejo has fiddled much with their formula, but you never now! Some manufactureres also struggle with inconsistent batches, ie that one bottle/jar can be just fine and the next can be fiddly to use. I also find that there's variation between how easy different colours are to use and spray. Another thing with Vallejo is that it needs to be mixed/shaked well. You'll also suffer it the paint is "cold", that is, it will be beneficial to warm the bottle a bit (like in luke varm water, not boiling!). I sold off my Vallejo Air collection six years ago, after moving hou
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