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  1. Hello, I have been reading quite a few threads in the decal section however I still not much the wiser. I have seen people offering out a free (basic) art creation service, people recommending various peoples work and a fair few going the DIY avenue, only to see plenty of complaint threads later about wrinkling, fading, peeling etc. This alone has told me not to even consider the DIY route. What I am looking for is a sizable amount of decals for numerous aircraft in both 1/72 & 1/48, about 50-55 aircraft in total. 70% will be letters, numbers and roundels
  2. As you say, its a small workshop style compressor instead of the conventional scale modelling airbrush compressor. Simply because I also like my cars and I can now use some air tools and can do a bit of shot blasting rather than sending to companies and paying for it. I did see a video on youtube before buying where someone used a similar system and for the two minutes of noise to fill, it gave him his day worth of painting from it. It does go up to about 115PSI, I know, far too much, but I believe 20PSI is suitable for airbrushing, give or take? The compressor I bought w
  3. I'm completely new to all of this and so I have bought myself a 50 litre compressor and an Iwata HP-CS Airbrush. The little problem I have is that there is nothing in between to connect the two...! I went onto the Iwata website and was just bamboozled with all sorts of connections and fitments, and with nothing actually in the paperwork regarding thread sizes or internal or external diameters, I'm just left wondering, "What the hell do I need!" Does anyone has some insight into making this as simple as possible?
  4. A very splendid job you have done on this! The efforts over the years have clearly paid off.
  5. On the 24th of August 1944, this aircraft along with 11 others from 158 Squadron took off from RAF Lissett to deliver their payloads at targets in Brest, France. Exert from the Pilots logbook: ‘Just because we were knocking poo-poo out of the German submarine pens in Brest, they took umbrage and decided to knock poo-poo out of us. They did to a certain extent but with much reference to Jesus, God and a lot of sweat, we were seen by two Mustang fighters who were in the area and saw we were having a problem. They escorted us back across the Channel to the English coast an
  6. This looks absolutely superb! As an A-6 fan you get a big ole thumbs up!
  7. They're all good examples of different levels of complexity. Certainly useful and food for thought.
  8. This is a little checklist for what I have and what I want for the shelves. I'm sure we all have something similar and just getting back into this I thought I would start somewhere with a wee list. There obviously is included a couple of very large projects, and no helicopters added yet, but hopefully this list will alter over time. OWNED 1:48 4 x Handley Page Halifax B.III B-17 - 'Memphis Belle' B25 Mitchell - 'Doolittle Raider' 3 x A-6E Grumman Intruder - 'Flight of the Intruder - VA-196' Gladiator Sea Gladiator Se
  9. Let me clear this up... Truly if it was a case of "how hard can it be" then I don't presume I would have had a need to ask for advice or assistance initially and create this thread. The poor insult of "truly spoken as a home handy man who has watched a youtube video" was pretty uncalled for given that you know nothing about me and degrading to those who produce their youtube video guides to assist others, of which you will find many with suitable step by step guides producing very impressive works of art, and they are works of art. You may find that you're inadvertently causing offen
  10. Well this is the problem with reading text, you read it in the manner that you choose, and not the manner in which it was written.
  11. Hence the respirator, but we all die sometime, you might as well go doing something you enjoy. "Bob died today making a scale model" Heard on the evening news... never.
  12. I would say that I've never made dioramas before, but "how hard can it be". That site is much cheaper than the Coastalkits boards you can buy, the only thing I would say is that it's a little limited on types of surface and for me, since accuracy is important for me, I couldn't use the generic stuff they have on there. I will have a look around for some of those other sites you mention to see if they have the surface type that I need.
  13. I was just thinking about getting one, but when I saw they were £80.00 and over, I thought, A cardboard box is pretty cheap. Buy a respirator for £15.00 and Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your Aunt!
  14. It may have to be those CoastalKits, though at £25.00 each for a flat dispersal pan, plus whatever extra, this could turn out to be quite expensive. I really like how you've used fine grit sand paper for concrete! The dioramas I need will not be so overwhelming with so many intricacies, but I wonder if there's a diy way to produce many from bulk material.
  15. Hi, I assume you’re talking about snap VCPs, so everything for them, you would have to take with you. In NI you would have a sign in either direction ‘Checkpoint Ahead’ or words to that effect. But you would literally have just your two or three vehicles and a section or multiple of eight or twelve men respectively dismounted. You might also consider a stinger hidden behind the controlling vehicle for fast movers running the CP and a cone or two. For the Middle East, let’s say Iraq, HESCO arrived much later on during the conflict, by which point, WMIKs were
  16. So much detail in such a small space, and to occupy five and a half years, that's dedication to the cause.
  17. Dioramas! Never made one but I've seen a couple of short videos on YouTube about them, and the seem quite involved to say the least. I'm going to be looking for a few, and specifically a circular RAF dispersal pan from WW2 for a Heavy Bomber in 1/72 and 1/48 scales. I was wondering, what is available out there, made and ready to go? I have seen the sort of flat rectangular cardboard types (not really a fan of these), but what do people know about others with texture, foliage and a little bit of undulation etc? I was also wondering if there are comp
  18. Thank you very much. I have a few outbuildings, one of which I can renovate in to a display building. We have a selection of military history throughout the generations so it would be a fine idea for the family to have our own museum as such.
  19. Thank you for the heads up. If that's the route to go, I'll need to find an artist to do the pre leg work as that's beyond my skills.
  20. Thank you very much. I only started on this forum yesterday and already people have stepped forward and offering to lend a hand and doing some research for me to get things moving. Humbling Sir, humbling.
  21. Oh I've collected old and new, Airfix and Revell. I have considered doing what i've been doing, picking them up for £10 a piece on eBay, or just placing an order somewhere for the remaining 30 of a new kit that may be better made. Do you have any thoughts on that? I didn't originally start out with this as the plan in mind. I have a terrible eBay addiction and so from buying one, it turned into many, and with so many, I thought I would put them to use rather than sell or leave in the vault of stuff. I actually have a tonne of other models too that I have no idea when I'll
  22. Thank you, and that's a great momento to remember their time there.
  23. Thank you very much. They certainly will take up a wee bit of space, but now i have an excuse to renovate one of the outbuildings. I will give that place a buzz and see what they say.
  24. Thanks very much! I tend to get over ambitious but I'm determined on this front.
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